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Cool thanks for advice, will check cat to centre section bolts for rot and give some penetrating fluid. Got a loan of a ramp to do job so want to make sure i dont end up with a problem while doing it.

Going to be changing rear centre sections and back box, just wondering what surprises i'm likely to experience when removing. Obviously not caring about join between back box and centre sections just when it gets to join to front of exhaust. Is the next part of exhaust the cats and studs likey to break?



General Discussion Area / Re: Medium term garage roof fix
« on: 09 January 2018, 22:37:18 »
If you want a cheap repair then do what I have done by adding a layer of shed roofing felt to my front flat roof that actually lasted longer than intended or expected for over 5 years before it started leaking again. I've got to do a complete repair this year with new boards and will use a one piece rubber sheet which is then meant to last 40-50 years. 10m x 1m shed roofing costs £30 at my local hardware store along with £25 for 5L of felt adhesive along with a few £££ss for a couple of boxes of clout nails. I did the same shed roofing felt repair on my newer rear & garage flat roofs last year where the roofing felt had just cracked on the gutter side edge and it is still all fine and leak proof 18 months later.

I've found the paint on repairs don't last very long!

Is that the firestone stuff? My folks got that on their roof, seems a good long-term fix as the felt and corrugated stuff it had before lasted barely 10 years before leaking.

General Discussion Area / Medium term garage roof fix
« on: 09 January 2018, 21:37:37 »
Hi All

Looking for some advice if any builders or roofers on here. I've got a garage (check me!) that has the standard tar felt flat roofing. trouble is it is really overdue for total renewal, and is leaking, but at the moment can't quite stretch to funds to totally repair. Was going to do it myself but going to be busy this year so have heard there is a type of covering/sheeting you can buy that you can put over the roof, I think it is the same thing they use for lorry curtains.

Does anyone know a good source for this or something similar I can put over roof for waterproofing until I get funds to buy material for new roof?

I also would like to add a layer or two of brick to the walls to raise the roof a bit as it is very low, or at least to put more of a run on it for drainage, so I would be a bit hesitant to just take all the old roofing off and not put some extra bricks on while it's all off.

General Discussion Area / Re: Smart meters
« on: 09 January 2018, 21:29:57 »
Power companies are deceiving, they are sending letters saying we are coming to fit a smart meter, but you don't need it and are not obliged to get it fitted, and you certainly don't want to have one from what I have read about them. My power company texted me and said we have arranged to come fit a meter on said date, reply yes or no etc. I replied no. They then phoned me and asked me why. I said I din't want one, he said but you can get cheaper bills etc etc and it means guy doesn't need to come and read meter plus you can tell what you use most power on. Ok I already know what I use power on, I don't need someone to tell me a kettle uses a lot of juice.

I said well I can add my meter readings online, I don't care about the guy that comes out, not my concern. Plus I read most of the savings are 'dangle berries', that we are actually paying through our bills for the installation roll out, and they are not accurate at best.

Some interesting reading here:

Omega General Help / Re: Code 0150
« on: 09 January 2018, 20:37:11 »
Been out in the snow/ice?

A quid bets ten that the sensor is either missing or knackered...

New ones are less than a fiver and fitting takes less time than typing this post ;)

Not really been out in snow or ice but roads were loaded with grit and I had been washing the underneath to clean the grit off. Strange how temp reading not working now either, coincidence?

Omega General Help / Re: Code 0150
« on: 31 December 2017, 11:18:23 »
Also noticed my temp reading is showing that famous f__oC display. Either the water leak got into, or at least dampened, circuits, or something related to code perhaps? There was a wedge shaped slab of ice on passenger floor after heavy rain then froze. Car seems to be going downhill without me really doing anything lol. Lets hope i can get this all sorted in NY as im in total cant be bothered with anything right now mood!

Being an estate, the amplifier is probably buried in a soggy spot in a rear quarter  ;)

It's a saloon

From personal experience I cant say I have noticed the electronics being a common cause, the few I have seen were either a loose ground connection or an element fault.

With the heated rear screen on, are all bar showing signs of heating/clearing and all to a similar level?

I think so but will double check

I suppose it goes without saying a full geometry check after all the work

Omega General Help / Re: Code 0150
« on: 20 December 2017, 10:44:23 »
if the exhaust is so bad remove the o2 sensor on bank 2 and check its not blocked. but if the exhaust is as bad as you say it is then its no good it will have rust build up in the boxes limiting exhaust gases and building up in the exhaust this will make the sensor unable to adjust fuel etc. and be out of range of the sensor to adjust, and if the back box is the type with the webbing in side the rust build up will be stuck around the pipe. but you really need a new exhaust fitting. its not good on the engine with a damaged exhaust it can do damage to the cats.

What i've been thinking myself, backbox is full of crap, and centre sections holed. Am goin to replace as soon as i can.

Omega General Help / Re: Code 0150
« on: 19 December 2017, 22:01:57 »
How do I tell which one it is out of the 4, or is it all 4?

Omega General Help / Re: Code 0150
« on: 19 December 2017, 13:31:24 »
I've heard this could be caused by maf sensor, do i need to get a code reader and check what's happening?

Omega General Help / Code 0150
« on: 18 December 2017, 18:09:47 »
I got this after filling up with fuel the other day, not sure if worth mentioning it was costco fuel, car seems to be running fine. however could it be my exhaust as it has been blowing for some time but not got round to fixing it yet as don't use much.

When I shake exhaust you can hear it is full of crap, maybe partially blocked. Will be fixing as soon as however likely not until NY. It's an 02 2.6 and no work has been done on anything recently so light has just come on.

Omega Gallery / Re: Omega 24v Work in Progress
« on: 18 December 2017, 06:41:09 »
Noticed tonight on my drive home the EML was on. Whether filling it with costco fuel made any difference IDK but happened soon after that I'm guessing.

How much is Costco fuel out of interest?

say vs your local supermarket or Shell garage.

Costco was about 1.07 for regular, whereas supermarket stuff is about 1.16 thereabouts.

Thatís really good, Costco Farnborough really, really needs to start selling fuel.

It is, not ran my car on it before seemed to run fine although bit of a fly in the ointment with that light coming on! probably a huge coincidence i hope.

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