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Omega General Help / Re: stalled
« on: Yesterday at 19:28:52 »
2.6/3.2 should all be the same... Plug is easy enough to check, being at the top and all.

Is it not buried down in the bay somewhere? Not seeing it after having a look top down there. A bit concerned it's not showing crank sensor code as mentioned by user fuse 19 above. I tried starting it there, not been run for about 3 weeks, and it ran for 2 secs then just stopped dead with flashing spanner light. Started up and ran ok afterwards tho.

Omega General Help / Re: stalled
« on: Yesterday at 17:49:19 »
Would anyone know the part number for the crank sensor as there is apparently a number of different versions? Could I tell from chassis number or something like?

General Discussion Area / Re: Can you do this other role too?
« on: 12 March 2018, 10:43:19 »
Who would do your current work? If it is you then you clearly have a good case for increased money. Maybe you could ask your director in a roundabout way if that would be the case. Dont forget he/she is saving the whole salary of the person who left.

If you are going to be expected to do both then you may want to lay down what it is that you wont be able to do going forward e.g monthly returns just once a quarter. Drop this project.

As far as i can tell no one, just taken up by existing team members. My manager said you could bargain for stil doing say 2 days at my old role and 3 at new one, as i like what i am doing, but i cant see how that would be practical as of something needed finished the next day i couldn't very well drop it till the next week.

General Discussion Area / Can you do this other role too?
« on: 12 March 2018, 07:46:14 »
Had the director of our department approach me and in a roundabout waffly way, ask me if i can fill a role that someone just left, because i already have experience in that team. Claims it will mean that they wont have to advertise and train someone up (cheapskates) and that their budget is "challenging".

Im happy in the role i do and this role is more a information analyst building reports, my current role is more techy, which i like. Apparently i wont have a say in it because contract hasn't changed, and it says any other work deemed necessary for the organisation (public sector, healthcare) guess who?

Anyone been in a similar situation and how to approach this? My manager said they found it a bit of a shock as they never knew until last minute but said they got to work with resources they got. Boss said you probably notice when someone retires or leaves they dont replace, as they got cack all money left.

General Car Chat / Re: Vauxhall owned Omega's
« on: 08 March 2018, 10:46:15 »
Mine's registered in luton prefix is KE. Not sure if first registereby vx

General Car Chat / Omega morphed into a monza!
« on: 28 February 2018, 15:32:59 »
With the snow lol, check it out.

Starting to get a spoiler on the bootlid now too!

Omega General Help / Re: Test Drove an Omega, advice please?
« on: 27 February 2018, 07:42:06 »
When i test drove mine the steering was a bit wooly and felt light then heavy, turned out that the worn bushes and tracking caused this. I kind of guessed these were gubbed. Also steering resevoir pipe had a slight leak so all that was needed was jubilee tightened.

Addy sent you pm, not sure if it went through. Just to say i got locking kit if you need it and help advice as done mine last year.

General Car Chat / Re: condensation
« on: 17 February 2018, 10:40:07 »
A dehumidifier is a good investment to keep car dry. Run it with all windows and vents shut. Have seen me empty about a pint or more of water in around 2 hours from it. You need to be able to shut door over mains cable so make sure cable is about middle of door shut and the cable will take up the shape of the door shut. Feels a bit tight at first but that is it being shoved into gap of door and sill.

General Car Chat / Re: Shunted on the way home .....
« on: 14 February 2018, 07:42:29 »
I was hit by uninsured driver years ago i was driving an old rover 216. Polis told me to submit claim to motor insurance bureau, sent damage estimate and police report, got 280 back for a creased bumper, which i never bothered to fix.

Omega General Help / Re: Water loss
« on: 13 February 2018, 20:50:40 »
Same thing happened to my senator, water pump impeller split into 3 bits, car still ran great though just loads and loads of boiling water really quickly, cup of T vicar?  :)

As I suspected I had to drill out the 2 bolts on both sides. Started out with a pack of silverline cobolt drills and used smallest to start a pilot hole. One of the holes was a bit offset, due to not getting the pilot started exactly in the middle, so the hole was getting bigger towards the pipe to flange section, and it would have worked out that the bolt head would have been resting on the flange to pipe weld join when I started tightening, so, after making a big ding in the remaining bit of thread with a chisel, had to drill the remaining thread with drill pointing up towards floor then grind it away with the side of the drill. Eventually got to a point where the bolt head is sitting flat on the flange face not jammed on to the weld join.

Everything looks like it's about ready to be assembled up; I just need another 54mm clamp for back box, and another 48mm clamp for the long bracket that holds the 2 centre sections in check.

Omega General Help / Re: meg tank does it fit senator?
« on: 08 February 2018, 07:37:47 »
Senny b it is

Omega General Help / Re: meg tank does it fit senator?
« on: 07 February 2018, 18:04:00 »
Easy to read here.....

Replacement senator ones are expensive and metal. He is asking if Omega plastic fuel tanks fit a senator.

Would imagine they are different as in the straps and mounting points? Perhaps need custom version of them?

Will ask at ABS too as it's more likely someone there done it.

Omega General Help / meg tank does it fit senator?
« on: 07 February 2018, 10:45:58 »
As above, new teplacements are really expensive, and metal so thinking plastic meg one would be beter option

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