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Thanks The Boy for your advice ... yep it is  injector 4 the one with the wire just don't want to waste my money buying a set that i will never use.. getting fed up of changing these wired ones and borrowing tools and i've got a good one in my donor car just need to whip it out . going to buy one then it can sit in my tool box till next time.
 i do an omega  its the 5th one i have had i'm  6ft 5" so plenty of legroom   take care ,thanks again,    john.

Omega General Help / what size socket for diesel injector 2.5td
« on: 21 April 2018, 16:45:01 »
just need to know for definite if its a 27mm socket i need to get and i am sure someone here will know

very nice..  and very well packaged no chance of any damage  many thanks john  ( please lock admin )

very nice thank you john. how would like me to make payment bank transfer or paypal
   thanks john.

hi there was hoping someone has N/S exterior front door trim moulding for pf/l   i know they are a pain to remove but it can be done help please   

Omega Gallery / Re: New Print of the New MV6
« on: 23 March 2013, 15:53:56 »
FYI... On saturday this lovely car was smashed into from behind (it was stationary).
The guy hit me at about 30 mph, sending the Omega in 180 degree spin, coming to a stop against the curb.

The entire rear end has been written off and as its a V reg insurance company won't touch it!

:( sad times

Pick up the new Omega tomorrow though!

hi mate ...very sad news about the crash ....  was looking nice ..  love the wheels guess you will be using them on the new mig?   was anything much needed to get them to fit on?  all the best take a good pic too.... that does looks awesome

General Discussion Area / Re: My new Creation!! Thoughts Please
« on: 17 March 2013, 16:35:25 »
what a quality new build ..... very good but wheres the furniture ??     no seriously its brilliant!  well done .....  but what a lucky dog me thinks...almost want to be sent to the dog house myself now.

Newbie Welcome Area / newbie alert
« on: 14 March 2013, 23:02:34 »
Hi to all of you.i've Been reading this forum for quite a while,so a few years Later and  4 migs i thought i would join to say cheers for all i have learned on here that's helped me to keep my motor(s) on the road . over the years i have had a 2.5v6 ,three diesels all pre f/l   
At the moment i have got an auto cd 2.5td with a few little bits done  .. What a cracking car the omega is .Diesel is the way though imho .  did happen to notice a newbie.... Got to be THE drifter  Rosco and he will agree with me for sure   the grey beemer he has is hmmmm tasty. Hopefully we can compare notes    thanks.

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