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Omega General Help / Re: Sunroof Seal
« on: Yesterday at 10:25:53 »
Yup, remove glass completely and clean it up.

Suspect giving you don't wash it properly, its in a poor state, but should be recoverable

Omega General Help / Re: Central locking
« on: Yesterday at 10:23:01 »
Do you get over to Brackley often?  We can plug the diags in.

You likely will need the alarm security code on the 2.6 though.

General Car Chat / Re: Zafira A 2.0 DTi service
« on: Yesterday at 10:19:07 »
Its one of the lowest spec cars I've had for many years, including the leased Rover 400s she used to get.

I shoved a NCDR1100 in mine so at least I can add satnav to the list, purely because I had it laying around, and the cdr500 needed a code ;D

General Discussion Area / The British Public
« on: Yesterday at 10:14:37 »
I see there are no end of protests in Jockular land about Trump paying a private visit to one of his businesses for a quick break.

I also see that the Sir David Attenborough is hopefully being launched today, a boat made famous by the Boaty McBoatface voting saga.

I think we have to accept that the British public are incredibly thick and stupid, and getting orders of magnitude worse with each generation.

General Discussion Area / Re: Happy Birthday OOF
« on: Yesterday at 10:08:07 »
How many people does it take to cut a cake?

In my defence, I had been lead astray, and was hucking fammered.

General Discussion Area / Re: Had a call from EDF yesterday
« on: Yesterday at 10:06:47 »
I need to switch, but npower completely fikked it all up last time, so although my deal for one has ended, need to wait for the other to end.

Nor have the fikkwits sent me a bill, just quarterly letters that I'm one of the few with billing issues that will be sorted really soon.


General Discussion Area / Re: it's raining ....
« on: Yesterday at 10:01:44 »
but got stuck with Travolta and Olivia Newton John!
Welcome to my world, another one of Mrs TB's favourite films :(

But the video with that particular track, well, yes, as a teenage boy....    ....nothing to see here, move along now.

General Car Chat / Re: Zafira A 2.0 DTi service
« on: Yesterday at 09:59:03 »
Oil filter cap should only be something low, like 15Nm from memory - in bath, can't check TIS currently.

It's quite a nice ,well built motor with lots of toys , :)
Zaffy-A Elegance? Toys? Like what?

Have you been drinking heavily this morning, Mr Builder ;D

All the angles are adjustable, Jaguar tend to use cam bolts for this.

So the front/rear camber is adjustable?......Kwik Fit says "computer says no".

They also say X250 and X260 have identical settings for wheel alignment. Not sure about that.
I don't have (easy) access to TOPix for your car to 100% confirm. You could either sign up yourself and pay the fee, or ask that nice Mr DTM reprobate to check for you....

Bloody hell. Part of reason I bought the XJ was to not get drawn in to childish encounters.

But a 7 series clearly fancied his chances, and needed teaching a lesson about making progress around the lanes. Dynamic on, Sport on, Flappy paddles on. The old style TB enabled. Job done.


Can't you just put you clog down any more? ::)
Oh yes, but if you're setting yourself up to educate somebody, makes sense to be prepared ::)

General Car Chat / Re: Hunter Hawkeye Kwik fit.
« on: Yesterday at 09:49:51 » why different before and current measurements when nothing was done?

A 'boffin' amongst you must know. :)
Given the huge difference in front toe, probably worth checking for play before having it sorted.

WIM are the specialist on this sort of thing, might be worth a PM to wheels-inmotion on this site for comment.

General Car Chat / Re: Hunter Hawkeye Kwik fit.
« on: Yesterday at 09:47:40 »
What are they charging these days?


Too much .... 60  ??? but it gets the interior cooler a lot faster  :)

you do know that's much less than the cost of the refrigerant has increased?

Yes,R134 has just about doubled in price :-\
Quadrupled, I'd heard

All the angles are adjustable, Jaguar tend to use cam bolts for this.

General Car Chat / Re: Bmw 3ltr petrol
« on: Yesterday at 09:33:04 »
It had a new battery 2 years ago. It smells from the outside not from inside the cabin.
But if the alternator is shoving in 16v, it will soon knacker it, and make it smell of 1990s eggs.

Get a meter on the battery using Kevin Woods guide to rule it out.

General Car Chat / Re: Zafira A 2.0 DTi service
« on: Yesterday at 09:31:18 »

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