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Omega General Help / what size socket for diesel injector 2.5td
« on: 21 April 2018, 16:45:01 »
just need to know for definite if its a 27mm socket i need to get and i am sure someone here will know

hi there was hoping someone has N/S exterior front door trim moulding for pf/l   i know they are a pain to remove but it can be done help please   

Newbie Welcome Area / newbie alert
« on: 14 March 2013, 23:02:34 »
Hi to all of you.i've Been reading this forum for quite a while,so a few years Later and  4 migs i thought i would join to say cheers for all i have learned on here that's helped me to keep my motor(s) on the road . over the years i have had a 2.5v6 ,three diesels all pre f/l   
At the moment i have got an auto cd 2.5td with a few little bits done  .. What a cracking car the omega is .Diesel is the way though imho .  did happen to notice a newbie.... Got to be THE drifter  Rosco and he will agree with me for sure   the grey beemer he has is hmmmm tasty. Hopefully we can compare notes    thanks.

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