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Omega General Help / Re: Airbags self deployment
« on: Today at 09:52:07 »
Nope, never seen that (outside of a real accident).

IIRC, the seat ones are only triggered by the door sensors, so has anyone been pissing around in the doors, either around the sensor, or the riveted plate that the sensor uses?

If driving, its probably possible bumps might set up, especially if the car is rock hard.

Omega General Help / Re: Air con question
« on: Today at 09:48:53 »
Guessing I need a proper thermometer to measure vent temp, all I have is an IR one...

Omega General Help / Re: torque convertor lock up
« on: Today at 09:47:33 »
Or about 130mph if your ragging it.  :-X
Which you won't reach in Sport mode on a pre V5 of a GS820 TCM, as it will not go into top, just bounces along the rev limiter at about 128mph.

Apparently. Obviously I wouldn't know such things.

General Discussion Area / Re: Sky Q hub
« on: Today at 09:45:59 »
*Grabs popcorn and awaits the inevitable feedback from Jamie about the efficacy of ISP provided WiFi hubs*
You know, I know, my Mum's dog knows, they are all universally shite. End of.

The latest of the best of the current crop are, at best, adequate for now.

Whats a tumble dryer? Do I own one?

Sounds suspiciously pink to me...

Probably not with your record as they are commonly used as a firelighter. Ideal in winter. Turn on, go out for half an hour and come home to a real fire. The best are allegedly the Hotpoint Ronson range, where they ignite first time, every time. :o :o :o
Cheers Rods2, that gives me the ammo I need should she say she wants one :y

She's not got over "the incident" yet, so any mention of the fire word scares the bejesus out of her ;D

Whats a tumble dryer? Do I own one?

Sounds suspiciously pink to me...
Ask Sue when she brings you your tea in the bath...
She says no. Apparently its one of those things she says would be useful, but I won't let her buy.

I had choco chip shortbread delivered to me as well :)

General Car Chat / Re: Ins renewal
« on: Today at 09:37:50 »
300 for the Tata
I'm jealous. My diesel is nearer 400 than 300 IIRC

160 for the mighty Signum.
Hmmm, maybe I'm not jealous after all ;D

General Car Chat / Re: On the A303......
« on: Today at 09:36:17 »
And here's me thinking all us OOFers were fine upstanding law abiding citizens ::) That'll learn ya to drive a bit more sedately like what that TB fella does :o :o ;D
Aye, I'm a model citizen.  I've always had a clean licence, and not been on a speed awareness course.  Just call me Mr Perfect.

//TB goes off and touches wood

I've done SFA to mine. Mainly because I'm waiting for the bits promised to be delivered by this weekend.

Oh well, I need to get another quadcopter's flight controller configured, and then sent out on its maiden flight...

Omega General Help / Re: torque convertor lock up
« on: Yesterday at 18:41:22 »
At a light cruise, Omega 3.0/3.2 and 2.5TD lock up at just under 50mph.

Whats a tumble dryer? Do I own one?

Sounds suspiciously pink to me...

General Discussion Area / Re: Dale Winton Dead
« on: Yesterday at 18:36:06 »
I seem to recall he was bankrupt following the demise of his career.

The fact they have not said does imply he took his life, or accidentally popped too many pills. Either way, very sad for those he left behind.

Can't say he was ever my cup of tea, but an unoffensive entertainer who came across as warm and caring.

General Car Chat / Re: Car Parts 4 Less
« on: Yesterday at 18:31:59 »
but at least it looks like its resolved :)

I didn't have you down for blind optimism...
Silly me, you are absolutely correct, those useless, lying oppswits at euroshite have stitched me up again.

How hard is it to post a oppsing spring. oppswits.

General Car Chat / Re: And now .....
« on: Yesterday at 18:29:58 »
Still, a cheap repair as things go .... 50 for the springs
That's what I thought when I ordered springs from that shit outfit Euroshiteparts. 3 weeks and *STILL* waiting for one, meanwhile the car is off the road.

Sorned it for now... Really looking forward to my train journey to work...
Oh dear.

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