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Please play nicely.  No one wants to listen/read a keyboard warriors rants....

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 on: Today at 00:10:39 
Started by Zirfeld - Last post by Migv6
Enjoy the trip Rolf.  :y

 on: Today at 00:09:52 
Started by Varche - Last post by Migv6
When the Irish sea decides to get rough, it gets really rough. I well remember one overnight crossing Belfast - Liverpool when I had several pints and then it got stormy. I was trying to get some kip lying in a corridor with rivers of vomit running up and down it.  ;D
I haven't been by sea for a long time, but last time was cairnryan - Belfast on some big superfast thing which shot huge plumes of water out the back. Iirc it only took an hour and a half, so no matter how rough it gets, you wont be on there long.

 on: Yesterday at 23:07:42 
Started by Zirfeld - Last post by tunnie
Have a good trip  :y

Some years back I took my trusty steed, 2.2 LPG Omega from London to Austria. Did it no problems, not bad for at the time 14 year old barge, with 160k miles.

 on: Yesterday at 22:09:00 
Started by Varche - Last post by Doctor Gollum
Irish Ferries have form for not chaining stuff down properly...

I wonder if my old black Elite made it over to Ireland in one piece... The chap collected it Easter Sunday 2016... Plenty of vids on You tube of the crossing and aftermath... Several hours in the Irish sea trying to survive a hurricane  ;D

 on: Yesterday at 22:05:00 
Started by Joshmo295 - Last post by Joshmo295
Thank you all 🤗

 on: Yesterday at 22:04:18 
Started by bomberdeluxe - Last post by Doctor Gollum
Both ;)

 on: Yesterday at 22:03:40 
Started by Joshmo295 - Last post by flyer 0712
Hi and welcome  :y

 on: Yesterday at 21:51:14 
Started by pscocoa - Last post by pscocoa
Any changes at all?

No new facias etc?

Its clearly poorly ventilated (not good)

No nothing apart from new loft hatch and ladder system. Will get ventilation improved.

Thanks for the advice all.

 on: Yesterday at 21:30:04 
Started by ronnyd - Last post by Sir Tigger QC
I did consider a very tidy L reg C220 to replace it if it had failed the MoT, although the later C Class is a better looking car, especially in metallic burgundy or dark blue 8)

My old C250 TD estate was great.  :y

 on: Yesterday at 21:28:20 
Started by Joshmo295 - Last post by migiestate
Hello and welcome to the forum  :y.

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