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General Car Chat / Re: oil filler cap
« on: 05 August 2018, 06:43:07 »
Mine did that too. I just fitted a new o ring into it.the old one had gone a bit hard.all fine since

Omega General Help / Re: Rear disc replacement
« on: 04 August 2018, 18:36:34 »
Yes it sounds like the cable but
Re the adjustment
Make sure the handbrake mechanism lever is fully retracted (ie /hence slack cable)when adjusting the star wheel.and also ensure they both have a pull back spring on them or they will never run free properly.
In a perfect world you would slacken cable off,adjust each wheel then re adjust cable..
Pretty much the same as adjusting any if not all handbrakes.make sure all adjustments are done to mechanism first then take up cable

General Car Chat / Re: Senator A2.
« on: 31 July 2018, 18:47:44 »
Hi steve. Common area on senators there although it usually starts on the bottom section that wraps under.(where the handbrake cable passes by).its a double skinned section so a moisture trap.strangely thou i bet the other side of the car is fine !.
Should be a doddle to someone like you thou especially if it is only the side as its easy to work on .
Realy thou to be 100% safe its a fuel tank out job
Never had any issues with senators on the front chassis rails but seen plenty on later carltons.

General Car Chat / Re: Senator A2.
« on: 29 July 2018, 10:34:05 »
Hi Steve . Yes Iím fine thanks. Glad you are too .
Yes today is a good time to check for water leaks as last nights downpour should have certainly found them if there were any !
Happy hunting !

General Car Chat / Re: Senator A2.
« on: 28 July 2018, 15:16:52 »
Hi Steve. Great to hear both cars are up and running well.
Hope I'm not the bringer of doom here (or more unforeseen work !) but when you mention that the royale responded to an ecu swap I was just wondering !.
The area where the Ecu sits is very prone to getting wet .either from a windscreen corner seal leak (easy fix) or the double skinned area behind the front wing a panel / behind the inner wing reinforcement triangle.this rotted on both my senators and Carlton and was a bugger to reach as it's an inside job and quite high up behind the lower dash.(easier on the passenger side thou)
Can be easily checked with a torch from inside the car if needs be.
Just wondered if this was what caused the original ecu to fail .dont want it to happen again to the new one.
Also worth making sure the ecu has a plastic sheet over the top of it anyway (as original) to stop any water drips be them leaks or just good old condensation.

Omega General Help / Re: Both wipers very slow
« on: 24 July 2018, 08:42:22 »
Hi .this still doesnít really make any sence so I would advise just replacing the whole unit (motor and linkage assembly) for a known good unit .

General Car Chat / Re: 2.5 V6 plastic cam cover
« on: 23 July 2018, 19:14:03 »
We had a long convoluted discussion a few years ago about the merits (or not) of fitting a DIY pressure relief valve on the cam covers.  So if the breathers did clog up, this 'valve' would blow before the gaskets.  :)

Yes .a perfect solution no doubt. We all should keep our breathers clear but if neglected(even not intentionally)a way to release pressure before further damage is dine is a good idea. Mine has a small 5mm hole drilled in the filler tube with a blob of silicone over it. If the breathers ever block then hopefully the 'blob' will blow !.    Visually seen anytime bonnet is open

Omega General Help / Re: Front Tires Wear inside Area
« on: 23 July 2018, 19:09:11 »
Agree 100%. And i think these are the preffered omega reccommendations over the standard original gm settings. 95% of omegas that get set up at a 'normal' ! Tyre place will get too much neg camber ( if they even check it ) and way too much toe.

Omega General Help / Re: Both wipers very slow
« on: 23 July 2018, 17:50:58 »
The thing confusing me about this thread is the talk of passenger and driver motors. And saying that one side has now slowed down the same as the other. As we know there is only one motor and linkages to the two shafts.
If we are definately talking windscreen wipers then yes ,lubricate the output spindles(circlip off ,o ring out and oil the shaft/bore).        Lubricate the main linkage balljoints .   
If this doesnt sort it. Check motor for voltage and remove if voltage found to be ok.
Either replace motor or open yours up (motor /magnet section ) and check brushes for length ,spring tension and freedom of movement. Clean commutator with fine emery ,ligthly oil end bearing and reassemble and test. (Blimey the times ive wrote that on job sheets !)

Omega General Help / Re: Front Tires Wear inside Area
« on: 23 July 2018, 17:37:53 »
Like A. Negative camber meaning leaning in at the top. Chances are yours has too much at the moment .its a common mistake when you have them set up .most unsuspecting places add too much camber and too much toe .

Dont know about that .its listed as used so i would imagine thay are a vauxhall breaker but never used them  myself

General Discussion Area / Re: What is a HOLOX?
« on: 22 July 2018, 18:01:37 »
Ssomeone more up on modern technology may be able to tell you what its for but ive not seen or heard of one. Maybee somethi g to do with a sat nav or something   With it saying gps  ?

Theres one on ebay at the moment.dont know how to do links but you can find it when you put in the bosch number . Only £16 and free postage . Derby vauxhall spares if its any help. Cheers.

General Discussion Area / Re: What is a HOLOX?
« on: 22 July 2018, 17:52:27 »
When you google it .it comes up as a bluetooth gps receiver whatever that may be ?  Never heard of one myself either ?

Omega General Help / Re: 3.2 compression results
« on: 22 July 2018, 08:10:22 »
0131 is bank 1 sensor 1 not working correctly or not at all and 0161 is bank 2 sensor 2 heater circuit fault.
As Dave says check connections first and if necessary you can check continuity of sensor heater through white wires /compare with other sensors.if req
Ive just checked mine for you and it reads 9.8 ohms.
Personally if no obvious faults found I would confirm by swapping your sensors over and if you do find they are definately faulty would it be worth fitting the two new ones pre-cat and having the older ones post-cat.(personal preference or replace all 4!  )
I assume yours has either had the post-cat location mod or you have v good pre-cats as lots of later v6 have the emissions code

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