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it is. i have the parts from a 2.5 on my 2.6. the earlier rollers fit on the later cars . not sure if you can use a fixed bottom roller on earlier cars thou. not that it matters in this instance snyway.

Omega General Help / Re: Misfire and White Smoke
« on: Yesterday at 22:34:17 »
i suppose its possible that some condensation entered the engine from the inlet plenum ?  or is there any chance any water got into the air intake at all ? never looked to see if they have a drain hole at the bottom of the front black plastic bagpipes .water (or brakefluid ) will cause white smoke. if no other issues or ANY fluid loss it could just be a one off albeit a strange one !

Omega General Help / Re: Keeping brake discs from going rusty
« on: Yesterday at 10:53:43 »
Some come already painted/coated and the ones that dont (not always the cheaper ones) are definately worth painting before fitting as they do look so much better but like the op says its a pity theres not a way to stop the actual braking surface from rusting.
Yes we know they clean up but only within reason. If a car is left parked for over a certain time then the rust starts to eat in and will never clean up. For those who have a few cars or ones that are used infrequently and dont have them undercover it is a problem.

Looks like its the 3rd belt kit option if you are wanting the correct fit kit .

Omega General Help / Re: Spark plugs
« on: 22 February 2018, 15:58:34 »
I just ordered  6 Bosch single electrode plugs for my v6 for £11

They will be just fine for the service interval.

Itís not a racing car  ::) :y
That's where I buy mine; just checked, had to scroll on to page 4 to find them; 6 Bosch plugs for Omega V6 £10.71, free postage, on e-bay.

I feel violated, I paid £11 something  ;D

So do i !.... I paid over £50 odd for some ngk from a factors. (Hopefully better last a while thou !)

Omega General Help / Re: Keeping brake discs from going rusty
« on: 22 February 2018, 15:56:36 »

For obvious reasons, i am reluctant to WD40 them etc.......

Yeah !    Most definately a no no.....
I have researched this myself and its a problem i think we have to live with .short of carbon fibre or stainless ( which i dont think would be suitable even if you got some made up ? ?)its a feature of steel / cast brake discs unless anyone has any ideas !that weve not thought of ?

Omega General Help / Re: Misfire and White Smoke
« on: 22 February 2018, 15:51:17 »
Silly question maybee but is brake fluid level ok. No recent problems with having to top up recently. .?.. (They can leak out of master cylinder into servo and be drawn into engine)

Otherwise any signs of emulsion in oil ,namely dipstick (ignore filler cap are if short runs) or any water loss ? Any water if there was any in plug wells anyway would cause a missfire but cant get into exhaust thst way unless plug was loose or cracked.

Otherwise clear codes ,check all levels and observe .........

Omega General Help / Re: Keeping brake discs from going rusty
« on: 22 February 2018, 09:15:07 »
even after a few weeks !.    even after a few days i wish mine lasted a few weeks !.  i know what you mean thou. and yes moving them seems the only way to keep them least its only surface rust that hasnt started to eat in. i think part of the reason is the metal quality is not as good as it used to be and some discs will rust worse than others . dont know what make they are because they were on car when i bought it but one of mine has some discs that no matter how long you leave them and how much surface rust seems to appear on first drive they always ckean ip to a perfect 100% mirror shiny finish .they have been on the car for 25 years to my knowledge and were not new then. wish i knew what make they were !

No its not an issue as i said to mr addy its just a little easier with the fixed lower pulley as you only need to adjust the upper of for alignment rather than the lower one as well. The kits seem cheaper too.and like you say the belts are ok although i seem to recall some belts only having lining up marks for one type but again thats not realy an issue as you would be using a locking kit/cam position guage anyway.

Still cheaper using an earlier kit thou

On ebay try

Omega General Help / Re: Starting trouble
« on: 21 February 2018, 12:39:30 »
Yes you would expect more than that even around town but dont expect more than 70 or 80 ish. Its worth sticking your head under the back to see if anything is wet around anywhere especially the fuel filter. Be it a steel one or aluminium they can rot and leak.if the cars a new aquisition worth changing it anyway unless it looks obviously brand new .

wow. its amazing .sometimes the gm parts are very resonable then other times its a joke. you should have said ok but is that including fitting !   even then ?

hi yes it will fit. same as the other thou in that you will need to keep your old backplate and it has the adjustable lower roller in it. when they list them as fitting all v6 models then thats when we know its rubbish!. not the item but the description.!. .still expensive though. if youre gonna do it this way theres a unipart kit on at £62.80

Hi.    Yes and no !.  They list it as being suitable for all the v6 engines whereas there are differences in the later ones in the backplate and the lower roller is a fixed type rather than an eccentric one. You can still use the kit but you will have to put the new top roller and tensioner onto your original backplate and you can use the bottom roller but you will need to go through the full adjustment procedure for earlier cars. (The 2.6 or mine at least ) has a non adjustable /non eccentric bore bottom roller so all the adjustment is just on the top roller .if you google some pictures you will see what i mean.

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