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General Car Chat / Re: Oil
« on: 17 May 2018, 22:35:19 »
Just picked up 20L 5w-30  (ford spec for the Mondy) from local VX stealer. 40 +VAT, not TC but mates rate. Don't know how that compares. :-\

PS Also, after KW's tip, picked up two taps to fit the 20L drums, very handy at a couple of quid each. :y
I missed that one - where did you get the taps?

Took it for an emergency trip to (near) Brent Cross to pick up 50k of servers....

...and, yes, got stuck in that North Circ SNAFU :(

Still, worse ways to spend a Thursday afternoon, as the weather was pleasant, and listening to Steve Wright was better than the usual dross I listen to at work (mongs making stupid decisions based on ego rather than talent).  Only ruined by some idiot in a Galaxy on the M1 who felt the need to brake test me, then swerve towards me every time I attempted to overtake.  Not sure what his issue was, as being on works time, I was cruising along at the speed limit, on a near empty motorway  :-\
It wasn't me (or SWMBO) ;)
I spent the morning topping up the auto transmission fluid in SWMBO's Galaxy. It took about 1/2 litre to get the level right - not sure how significant that is  :-\

General Car Chat / Re: Unusual one with the Zaf this morning
« on: 15 May 2018, 22:45:56 »
res filled, pumped brake and clutch pedal a lot, engine on and off, pedal still sinks straight down?

Sounds like a pipe or seal has given way and all you are doing is pumping fluid, not building up any pressure .... :(
When my manual Omega exhibited the same symptoms it was the flexi hose that had failed. Still had to drop the gearbox to change it  ::) I didn't change the slave cylinder and it was still working fine when I got ride of the car.

I drove that home using clutchless gear changes without too much drama :y

I imagine that a split hydraulic hose might close up tight and prevent fluid escaping under gravity but open up when real pressure is applied :-\

Omega Electrical and Audio Help / Re: Hazards start flashing
« on: 10 May 2018, 18:10:22 »
I would check to see if the powersounder is still fitted.

Low battery volts will trigger an alarm from the powersounder.

Omega General Help / Re: Crank pulley removal
« on: 04 May 2018, 16:47:53 »
Just to add to Mark's last post, I've been writing pulley which suggests I bolted the bar to the aux belt pulley to hold the crank. I actually used the timing belt sprocket, as that reduces the chances of breaking something.
The timing belt sprocket is the bit that breaks....

Omega General Help / Re: Best current source of 10/40 semi ?
« on: 30 April 2018, 22:33:14 »
I still use TC oil, but its in the 20l cans (which I decant into 4 5l cans). 24.99 IIRC, might be ex VAT though.  And being TC, that's delivered to my door.

Guessing that works out around 7ish per 5l.  Suits me :)
Have you found an easy way to decant it from the 20l barrel?

I have been trying to pour from the barrel into a funnel and haven't found how to do it without getting dribbles everywhere......

Oil pressure switch :y
The oil is being flung out from behind the bottom pulley. I  haven't discounted the pressure switch completely but I don't think it is the source :-\

General Car Chat / Re: waiting for AA recovery
« on: 29 April 2018, 23:14:39 »
did you check live data (voltage and temp) of the ecu coolant temperature sensor
plus check earth straps etc ?
I have checked live data and it gave plausible readings (VCDS doesn't show raw voltage inputs though)

Apparently there is a common earth point somewhere under the battery tray that is a common source of trouble - looks like I will be spending another day pulling the thing apart to try and find it  ::) **sigh**

General Car Chat / Re: waiting for AA recovery
« on: 29 April 2018, 20:57:22 »
Gosh. What a pain. I dislike faults that could be something or nothing. Have you got a you got a younger  family member you could send on a longer journey?  Working on the principle that a breakdown would be an adventure for them rather than a pain for us older folk.
The 28 year old and the 30 year old live  300 miles away and the 2 year old and the 3 year old are a bit too young.....

General Car Chat / Re: waiting for AA recovery
« on: 28 April 2018, 16:34:45 »
I  have changed the pump and cambelt - didn't find any fault with the pump. It has had a week of local use and hasn't played up but I won't feel confident enough to take the family on a longer journey  until I have been able to work out what happened  :-\

Worried now that it might be the thermoswitch or clogged radiator or even early stage head gasket failure.

Temperature gauge on the dash tracks the reading from VCDS until 90 degrees but lies above 90 (it sat pointing at 90 even though VCDS read 97)

General Discussion Area / Re: Network printer question
« on: 28 April 2018, 11:38:01 »
When my old hp business ink jet died I replaced it with a colour hp m252dw  laserjet for about 150.

That has been superseded by the  m252dw for 150 less 50 cashback
M254DW !
I hate the auto-incorrect on Android. >:(

At least the pasted link seems to have been left unmolested 

General Discussion Area / Re: Network printer question
« on: 28 April 2018, 09:46:20 »
When my old hp business ink jet died I replaced it with a colour hp m252dw  laserjet for about 150.

That has been superseded by the  m252dw for 150 less 50 cashback

So today after the absolute result in the MOT test....

I decided to look at why, for a 3.2, to use TheBoy's expression, it felt as flat as a witches tit. I also thought I'd look at where the oil leak was coming from at the front of the engine.

I could see the oil pressure switch has been done in the not too distant past, probably to try and cure the leak onto the top of the sump at the front. Having cleaned off the oil and it coming back I knew it wasn't that.

I therefore suspected the front crankshaft oil seal. In light of the multirams working well etc, I also suspected the Vauxhall dealer had murdered the cambelt installation, resulting in the flat performance.

So, off with the plenum, bagpipes, inlets stuff blah blah blah.

Upon checking the valve timing, on the cambelt setup, it was WELL over a tooth out on all cams. It's no problem for me, but if I'd paid Vauxhall the amount they had been paid, and this was the result, I would have been absolutely fuming:

So this was with the crank locked at TDC - this is over a tooth out!

The above was the same across all 4 cams, so I won't post all 4 pictures, you get the idea.

Vauxhall want SHOOTING!!

They have also vastly over tensioned the belt. It's done 15k only, yet grease EVERYWHERE through probably excess pulley wear due to incorrect fitment. A brand new cambelt kit will be going back on, I don't trust this one.

Anyhow, here we are with the entire cambelt kit off:

And, as you can see, the oil is clearly coming from the crank seal, now the sprocket is removed:

And here is the offending item:

And here you see the oil leak before it was taken apart (you can see it on top of the upper sump)

So tomorrow, I pick up new crank seal etc etc from dealers. As and when I feel up to it, I'll put it all back together and she should now be oil tight!

Goes without saying, full service and extensive breather clean will occur at the same time.....
Sorry for the resurrection of a dusty old thread....
I need to fix this oil leak again.
When I first started driving the Project MV6 there was just a hint of oil loss from the front of the engine but over the last few weeks it has turned into a flood :(
Rereading James's description of what was done I am wondering whether a smear of sealant is required to prevent oil sneaking out between the spacer and the crank. :-\

General Car Chat / Re: waiting for AA recovery
« on: 21 April 2018, 18:06:11 »
Gauge was pointing to 130 when I pulled over (but I don't have much faith in VW instruments telling the unvarnished truth )

Coolant is good. I changed it last year. Pressure cap seems to be good, I don't think any coolant escaped before the AA man loosened the cap.

I have spent the afternoon trying to get the engine hot enough to trigger the electric cooling fans.

With the climate switched on the cooling fans run continuously and the thermostat seems to be functioning fine as I couldn't get the temperature to rise above 87ish.

With climate off the highest coolant temperature that VCDS reported was 97 degrees but I couldn't get the fans to kick in.

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