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Omega General Help / meg tank does it fit senator?
« on: 07 February 2018, 10:45:58 »
As above, new teplacements are really expensive, and metal so thinking plastic meg one would be beter option

General Discussion Area / Couple of megs in u pull it Edinburgh
« on: 06 February 2018, 22:02:56 »
thought this might be of interest to anyone in and around North england/Scotland area - maybe me!

Ones a funeral limo!

Omega General Help / stalled
« on: 06 February 2018, 07:30:55 »
While pulling up to my drive yesterday i knocked it into neutral and the engine went splat. Never had that, i then reversed into drive and while doing so it stuttered and nearly stalled again. Also when at my folks i went to start and it just churned and churned and never started. I then turned key off then back to starting and it went. It did do this a couple of weeks ago but thought cause i had been lying fora while and in the cold. Seems there is a problem developing, what can i check, is this a known problem? I seen flashing spanner while trying to start it.

Currently have the p0150 or whatever it is code for O2 sensor, which is going to get looked at soon and exhaust change. It's drive by wire 2.6 v6. Done pedal check, seems only O2 sensor one and no others.

Update: just read its likey crank sensor, much are they from vx and does anyone have part number? Now i think on it i remember reading about this a wee while ago.


Has anyone had to fix or replace this, it's the bit at back inner sill where subfframe mounts to. On senator i have one of the little extensions where one of the bolts goes into was rotting away. Got 2 replacement panels from germany. However bit of a balll ache to get it removed, chiseled along behind it to release join to sill section, drilled out as many spot welds as can get to. Think will have to replace floor panel aboce it as had to chisel into above where spot welds were.

Once i manage to get section removed, will have to offer new bit up, align it via 3rd mount for it at back of floor pan, swing it into place and weld up. Trouble is i've got a stand and block of wood holding back end up. This is where 3rd mount is on chassis, cant jack car anywhere else on back as have split the rear sill, and this panel compromises part of the jacking point.

Only option i can think is long block of wood along sill under door and jack up spreading weight, but difficult still where to put axle stand. Not sure i want a senator face plant lol!

Got an old cavy with the 1.8 rice pudding skin non-puller in it. I'm wanting to change this over to a SRI 130 engine I got from a pre-cat model. I've read up on various sites about updating the car details with DVLA regarding emission testing but I'm still not clear on it.

From what I gather, I can change the engine over, tell DVLA that the car has this new engine, have to get a confirmation from VX using engine number that it is pre-cat, give this to DVLA and they will update their system so that when I go to MOT and they put car reg in it will say no cat test required. Has anyone any knowledge if this can be done like this?

I'm kind of half doing this because had all sorts of probs with emissions (car runs fine) but it just happened that this engine was the only one available in my area at the time, complete engine, box and loom with ECU, not to be sniffed at out of an SRI 130.

General Car Chat / VX parts prices up due to VX takeover
« on: 23 January 2018, 21:23:22 »
Just been ordering parts from autovaux, parts that I'd been quoted for a couple of weeks ago, they told me the parts price had went up due to the VX takeover by Spewgeot! Beware if you are thinking of buying anything the price quoted might go up. Not be long till they start discontinuing all the old parts still available.

Glad I own a pre-spewgeot vx!

Our Local Council just doesn't seem to be repairing potholes and if they do it's about the worst possible repair you could imagine, and it's only the very worst ones they "fix". Been reporting them dor ages now and they seem to be getting worse. Seems they also have a penchant for retarring bits of roads that don't really need it.

I kniw there is some measurement that classifies a pothole, which i had heard was increased, so they could get away with deeper holes without repairing them, but there doesn't seem to be any standards they have to adhere to for road surface repair. I noticed now councils are using this really cheap way of resurfacing that involves sort of roughing up the old surface and laying this really thin layer on top, rather than removing old surface, relaying foundation and rollering a proper layer on top. Seems to lift off and break up after weeks. They done it on my folks road, there is tons of little stones and one of the workers actually admitted they let cars flatten it out rather than rolling it flat.

What if any are the standards councils must go by when maintaining roads?

Going to be changing rear centre sections and back box, just wondering what surprises i'm likely to experience when removing. Obviously not caring about join between back box and centre sections just when it gets to join to front of exhaust. Is the next part of exhaust the cats and studs likey to break?



General Discussion Area / Medium term garage roof fix
« on: 09 January 2018, 21:37:37 »
Hi All

Looking for some advice if any builders or roofers on here. I've got a garage (check me!) that has the standard tar felt flat roofing. trouble is it is really overdue for total renewal, and is leaking, but at the moment can't quite stretch to funds to totally repair. Was going to do it myself but going to be busy this year so have heard there is a type of covering/sheeting you can buy that you can put over the roof, I think it is the same thing they use for lorry curtains.

Does anyone know a good source for this or something similar I can put over roof for waterproofing until I get funds to buy material for new roof?

I also would like to add a layer or two of brick to the walls to raise the roof a bit as it is very low, or at least to put more of a run on it for drainage, so I would be a bit hesitant to just take all the old roofing off and not put some extra bricks on while it's all off.

Omega General Help / Code 0150
« on: 18 December 2017, 18:09:47 »
I got this after filling up with fuel the other day, not sure if worth mentioning it was costco fuel, car seems to be running fine. however could it be my exhaust as it has been blowing for some time but not got round to fixing it yet as don't use much.

When I shake exhaust you can hear it is full of crap, maybe partially blocked. Will be fixing as soon as however likely not until NY. It's an 02 2.6 and no work has been done on anything recently so light has just come on.

As per title, the radio signal goes fuzzy when rear screen on. Take it some sort of earth problem perhaps. Am i right in saying the rear element is the aeriel?

Omega General Help / wet front passenger floor
« on: 02 November 2017, 19:56:07 »
Howdy chaps and chapettes

Mega been lying for a week or two in a very slight downhill position. Noticed the inside of screen was beads of water, thought mm not seen that before, must have a water leak, sure enough front n/s floor is swimming. What is common prob causing this?



General Discussion Area / police should go back on beat
« on: 01 November 2017, 13:24:23 »
Had an interesting convo with a cop who was trying to defend policing by car, saying it meant they could get to an incident quicker, however that is a reactionary procedure where they only arrive after the incident. If cops were on the beat they can still have a percentage in cars for back up, where regular foot patrols provide a visible presence around back streets and alleys where cop cars don't go and would likely miss the beginnings of an incident, unless it was right in front of them. In my time i've seen many incidents develop, people fighting, breaking into cars on a busy street and police just drove by.

It worked before so why not again, we have more plod now than ever before, yet crime is rising again. Any thoughts?

General Discussion Area / hard drive data recovery
« on: 23 October 2017, 21:14:26 »
Can anyone recommend a kit for hard drive recovery, looking on net not sure what i need, kina thinking i need a sata to usb cable, and usb power supply lead. Is this all i need?



Hey all

Having some odd problems tonight with my laptop, hoping some bods can offer advice/test.....usually when I got to my folks house I can connect up to their wifi automatically but tonight the connection, while saying it is connected has yellow exclamation mark on taskbar network icon.Things I've checked so far are:

Checked ethernet connection - fine
Checked my mobile connects - fine
Checked wireless adapter for updates - fine
Done network diagnostics - gave issue in Subject line about wireless adapter
Tried rebooting laptop and hub

Have got connection set to auto connect but it doesn't, I have to open in taskbar and click connect, then it says can't connect, then if I trouble shoot it goes through a resetting network adapter then asks to check if it is fixed, which it isn't, and says windows can't solve the problem.

Any ideas?



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