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General Car Chat / Zafira Engine Vibration
« on: 09 July 2018, 21:11:25 »
my Z19DTH Zafira's engine is shaking a bit, when idling, which is transmitted to the cabin, and is annoying.
It was there before Exhaust fell off, and Clutch leaked and got replaced.  Its still there now, and I think its worse.

Following an unrelated noise which has been resolved by the garage who did the clutch (tightening something) they advised engine mounts shot, so Ive added powerflex inserts to them, which has changed the noise, and supported the engine much better.  Does seem to transmit the vibration more though.

Following a good look, Ive noticed the below - Injection Quantity Deviation seems to show a possible injector issue

I beleive the 1st 2 arent far enough out to worry about, and I think no4 with the minus figure is the ecu trying to even out from cyl3.

So what to do?
Is some sort of fuel system / injector cleaner worth a shot?
Or should I chuck another one on?  Think Ive got one in the spares pile, but no idea on the procedure to change?  gather i need to program its number in too?

Or any other ideas?

General Car Chat / Unusual one with the Zaf this morning
« on: 14 May 2018, 07:52:17 »
Unusually by car was on the drive, so needed to reverse out....
Was 2.5 oC should it be of relavance.

Clutch felt a little strange, cant be more specific really.
Car stalled halfway out, and I couldnt get it out of reverse to restart it, seemed seized in gear.
Got it out, restarted it, moved it some more, and couldnt get it out of gear to go forwards.
Turned ignition off, got it out of gear, started it again, into first and off it went no more issues.

Tested reverse again once I got to work, and it felt a little rough, but in and out a few times and was fine.


General Car Chat / LED Headlight bulbs
« on: 10 May 2018, 15:29:17 »
Just had a dipped beam blow again on the Zafira.

Given the very dark lanes that are my commute, I tend to buy the higher performance, lower life lamps.  However this generally means only a years life....

Has anyone tried LED upgrades, how have you got on?  They sound brighter and longer lived...but are they actually any good in real life?

General Discussion Area / Another heating issue
« on: 05 April 2018, 08:13:19 »
Its the turn of my warm air central heating to need mending  :'(

It was playing up bit time, investigation revealed this

full size below if you want better zoom

Question is, is this repairable?  Clearly some components (at least the central varistor, and 1 resistor) are unidentifiable as theyve melted....but why?
Am I ok to just replace these?

Ive bought a new PCB as it seemed the best option to quickly get the system running again, and to also identify the bad components, as this isnt a common unit theres not a lot of info out there on it.  Ideally I'd like to repair this in case of 'next time'.  clearly no urgency to this now though.

Can put other photos on if needed.  Of old or new

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