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Omega General Help / Re: Rear jacking and axle stand points
« on: Yesterday at 16:08:30 »
As above. Its a common enough place for rust to develop and make the disc stick. Easy to tap off in 99% of cases. Worse is when your wheel gets stuck to the hub. Ive seen that a time or two !

Omega General Help / Re: Cleaning the Omega.
« on: Yesterday at 16:05:11 »
My mate tried this on my otherwise perfect but dirty bootlid.using one of the waterless cleaners he was so raving about. The lid ended up absolutely covered in scrstches so deep they would not machine polish out and ended up needed the lid respraying.maybee and most likely he didnt follow the instructions properly ,who knows but it was a total disaster none the less.
Its like the dry shampoos you can get for your hair. If youve been doing some undersealing and got covered its not likely to work is it ?
All a matter of preferance but i wouldnt use one .

Omega General Help / Re: Hand brake woes ... :(
« on: 22 June 2018, 18:06:38 »
Yes the compensator bar would be at an odd angle if something has broken on one side either in the drums or inside the cable (including if the ends of the cable outer has pulled through the body brackets .its only a curled end after all.As you have got this far itís worth fitting new cable .adjust up each drum whilst cable is off or slack.then adjust up handbrake centre rod.
The thread hasnít gone on it has it ? Either on the bar or inside the nut ?

Omega General Help / Re: Leather seat refurb ?
« on: 21 June 2018, 17:48:35 »
I used a mild solution of star drops and a used(to take the main roughness off) dish scrubber.this works fine on leather and vynil .there are proper solutions available to do this and everyone will have their favourite .proper leather rejuvenation kits and hide food etc.this took the shine off mine and restored them to an even Matt finish .

General Car Chat / Re: engine under tray on MOT ?
« on: 20 June 2018, 00:06:56 »
One problem now is that itís the computer that decides wether an item is a dangerous,major,minor or just local test centre logged a car with an insecure under tray and it classed it as dangerous.but a leaking brake caliper as only a major !.dont know if thereís an option for missing undertray ?

Omega Electrical and Audio Help / Re: Here We Go Again.
« on: 20 June 2018, 00:01:57 »
Try make sure the oil reaches the bearings not get any onto the commutator where the brushes run.i think to do this you may have to remove the fan/motor itself to get to both ends. (Although you may be able to reach in and spin the fan to see if it is stiff or not)As suggested try12v to motor when its playing up and check connections are sound to motor and hedgehog.

Omega General Help / Re: Brake pedal creep.
« on: 19 June 2018, 23:56:20 »
As noted on the omegas Iíve experienced none have had what you would call a ďhardĒ pedal but I will double check any effect on hoses  when pedal pressed .as they do on mot test.thanks for the advice.

Omega General Help / Re: lamba sensor fitment
« on: 19 June 2018, 23:53:08 »
No worries .all to help a fellow owner. I was hoping the loom would have had different wire colours going to each of the 4 lambda connectors.(maybee it does but due to age / fading its not realy obvious)but a cheap code reader that does live data would confirm whatís working and whatís not and worth having anyway .( i think they come up as bank 1 sensor 1 ,bank 1 sensor 2 etc .)

Omega General Help / Re: Oil catcher tank?
« on: 19 June 2018, 23:48:51 »
Sorry bout late reply people!, well im only on 132k and I've got loads of oil being fed back into the plenum, that's pooling at the bottem of the dual ram system, but ill try it and see how it goes, it benefits alot of other cars, and now ive got it, might aswell :D hey.. plus.. it's shiny :y
No offence intended. So please donít take it as such but when you say it benefits lots of cars could you be more specific.ive seen these on many cars over the years at shows.either plumbed into the existing setup in line or even just open vented and filtered and never understood any benefits.if the manufacturers designed the breather system with its built in gauze to collect oil then theoretically there should be no oil except maybee as dg says on higher mileage stuff.i know its part of the PCV system and is recirculated back into the induction tract to mix with the incoming air and the engine will run better without it (just pure air rather than crankcase fumes)but Then weíre talking an atmosphere vented system which Isnít applicable here.( older stuff with wire gauze filtered rocker cover oil filler cap)
with a catch tank in line I suppose all you are doing is just catching any oil before it goes through the inlet tract .on a v6 that would mean putting it in line with the main breather before it splits into the y joint .thoroughly cleaning the breather. BOx at the rear should hopefully eliminate the need for it thou

General Car Chat / Re: Omega is getting rare
« on: 19 June 2018, 20:45:14 »
My mates carlton 2litre gli started fine and idled but had no power .turned out it was low fuel pressure and/or flow due to blocked fuel filter ?

Omega General Help / Re: Oil catcher tank?
« on: 19 June 2018, 15:43:45 »
Il second this too. No need to fit an oil catch tank because there shouldnít  be any oil in a properly functioning breather system just fumes only

Omega General Help / Re: lamba sensor fitment
« on: 19 June 2018, 15:40:51 »
Hi.ive just been out and put mine up on the ramps for you to see if I can help.mines a 2.6 but same idea as 3.2.and has the standard 4 cat system fitted.
All 4 lambda sensors are the same in theory but the standard front ones do seem to have a longer cable than the rear ones thou not by much.ive had a look at each connector hoping that they would have a different colour wire coming to the different ones and they appear the same.looks like pink,green,brown blue but not sure if they have faded or wether they have an additional trace colour on each. Not obvious from what I can .so no help there Iím afraid.all I can say for sure is that the cables come from a loom and end up on brackets near the rear of the gearbox.split to each side.upper connectors fold back and go to the front(first)sensors on the section of pipe from the manifold(before cat) and the lower connector goes to the rear(second) lambda sensor.on mine it is after the main cat and these are the ones which are missing on would assume or hope that your front sensors are connected to the front sensor sockets and are the right way round(lh vs rh)or it would run realy bad but this could be confirmed with a code reader that does live data if needed. It sounds like you just need to buy two lambda bosses to weld into your exhausts just after the cats and a pair of sensors.(wether you buy new pattern or new bosch or fit two s/h  bosch used to match what you presumably have already is up to you) ! 
As been mentioned earlier the front sensors control the engine fuelling and go before any cats.and the second sensors only fitted to later cars just to monitor cat performance and do not affect running but will bring up elm if not fitted on yours or if a failing pre cat on standard system.

Omega Electrical and Audio Help / Re: CD Magazine problem.
« on: 14 June 2018, 01:09:08 »
No worries glad to be of help

Omega General Help / Re: failed mot emissions
« on: 12 June 2018, 12:42:38 »
If the two post cat lambda sensors are not there I would have thought the eml would be constantly on .registering various faults such as heater coils,lack of action etc so I wonder what they have actually done. Is there anything plugged into where they should be ?.these donít usually respond well to o2 imitator modules and usually only work by moving the second sensor post main cat. As you sure they are not fitted just not in sight ?

Omega General Help / Re: Brake pedal creep.
« on: 10 June 2018, 19:27:04 »
Excellent. Thats good

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