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 on: Today at 00:07:49 
Started by Auto Addict - Last post by Varche
Isnt Bluetooth supposed to cancel the need to hodl the phone while speaking on it ?
I got my first crapple iPhone today and presume I can install a Parrot kit in the car and use the phone legally ?  :-\

I think you will find they work automatically with your car.  Bluetooth or similar. Mind you only on cars without starting handles.

You get the same thing here in Spain. Everybody is on their mobile whilst driving. Quite frightening as they come round a corner in the middle of the road. What do people find to talk about?

 on: Today at 00:01:33 
Started by Migv6 - Last post by Varche
Bring on the race.

I can't wait for next year to see hoe Leclerc fares against the great Vettel!

It will be nice seeing Red Bull on equal terms to The horses and arrows.

 on: Yesterday at 23:58:50 
Started by Auto Addict - Last post by LC0112G
No excuse for the govt not to mandate that all new cars have mobile phone 'jammers' fitted to the steering wheel air bag. If the ignition is on, then the mobile phone would not work if within 3 feet of the centre of the steering wheel. Job Jobbed. Next.

 on: Yesterday at 23:53:18 
Started by Sir Tigger QC - Last post by LC0112G
is there not still such a thing as a motor fuse? ie it allows a shed load of amps for the initial start up of the motor but will blow if the motor starts to pull a high current in use
most big motors have start capacitors ,or starter relays etc ,HRC fuse links are outdated and used on domestic portable appliances/ stuff

fuses will take double the rating for so long before blowing ,some will happily glow away for half an hour before calling time

I could find a informative video if anyone is interested  ;D

I suspect many OOFers still have wylex rewirable fuses in t'lectric cupboard  :-X
It's a bugger when they blow in the dark and your wife has run out of candles.

Nahh, you just stick a handy screwdriver/knife/fork between the prongs and shove it in, then worry about fixing it properly the next morning. :y

 on: Yesterday at 23:42:23 
Started by Diamond Black Geezer - Last post by Diamond Black Geezer
EPC states this (90541930) is 'FOR LEADED FUEL MODIFICATIONS,GULF COUNTRIES' so thats possibly ended that, then....  ???

 on: Yesterday at 23:39:02 
Started by Rods2 - Last post by LC0112G
Committee of MP's want sale of new fossil fueled car ban brought forward 8 years to 2032.

UK currently uses about 53Gwh of electricity per day.

We use about 1,559,000 barrels of oil per day where around 70% (USA percentage) is used by motor vehicles and there are on average 1,700kwh of energy in a barrel of oil. So in this new era of electric cars we will be using 1,559,000 x 0.7 x 1,700,000Wh = 1,855,000,000,000wh or 1855Gwh with our current peak generating capacity of about 60Gwh, so current generating capacity is 1/31 of what is going to be required in 25 years time, so nothing to see here, no problems with coping with the extra demand, oh no. :o :o :o

In 25 years time almost all fossil fueled cars will have be remanufactured into beans cans. With UK's impressively fast planning and infrastructure building record and power companies being reluctant to invest in new generating capacity, everything should be just fine here, so nothing to worry about. :o :o :o

Whilst I agree with your general point, you're several orders of magnitude out somewhere. The two obvious errors are that "motor vehicles" includes busses and lorries, and AIUI the govt is only talking about passenger cars. And the second is that battery vehicles should be significantly better at using the energy than an internal combustion engine is. But that still doesn't account for the differences to the figures I worked out :

Lets look at something else.

Page 8 says cars accounted for 244.4 billion vehicle miles in 2014. That's 670 million per day, or almost 28 million per hour (on average).

The Leaf and Tessla battery/range figures indicate you can expect to get about 3 miles per kWh of battery charge

This means that if/once all cars were electric/battery, the grid would have to supply an average of  an extra 9.3 Million kW every hour. The difference between night time and daytime energy generation in the UK is currently about 10GW, but if you restrict charging to between 8pm and 8am then you're going to need to generate an extra 18.6 GW during that time. So you still have to find 8.6GW of extra capacity from somewhere.

Basically 3 extra Hinkley point C's coming online from 2040 onwards will do it. Is the planning permission in place yet?  ::)

 on: Yesterday at 23:34:48 
Started by Tony H - Last post by terbert
No mention here:

You didn't use this lot?

Oh flippin 'eck..... you got me thinking now....I bet I cocked up !!!!!! :-[ :( :'(

 on: Yesterday at 23:28:41 
Started by Rods2 - Last post by Kevin Wood
Bet the Zaf will still be running there when the others have "timed out" been nicked ;D


 on: Yesterday at 23:22:29 
Started by Auto Addict - Last post by Kevin Wood
Isnt Bluetooth supposed to cancel the need to hodl the phone while speaking on it ?
I got my first crapple iPhone today and presume I can install a Parrot kit in the car and use the phone legally ?  :-\

Not if you're on faecesbook. ;D

 on: Yesterday at 23:18:14 
Started by Tony H - Last post by Tilbo
I'm not too happy with the Licencing Dept (the real one). As most of you know, we now reside in the Kingdom Of TB. I have changed my address online or verbally with all the utility companies, South Northants Council, etc, etc, etc. All free of charge. Oh no, not the TV licencing...they charged me 16 !!!!!!!!
Bastids >:( >:( >:( >:( >:(
Is this a new one then? When we moved a couple. of years ago we didn't pay owt.

We moved 7 weeks ago didn't cost anything

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