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 on: Today at 18:46:40 
Started by Migalot - Last post by biggriffin
Obviously all mine have been incomplete then..

I've been conned then.

 on: Today at 18:45:07 
Started by tigers_gonads - Last post by biggriffin
12x1.50 rings a bell, bet I'm wrong tho.

 on: Today at 18:44:48 
Started by redelitev6 - Last post by tigers_gonads
TG, please let us know how you really feel.


Unless dealing with the taxman, a judge or the wife  I always believe honesty is the best policy  ;D ;D

 on: Today at 18:43:58 
Started by Tilbo - Last post by BazaJT

 on: Today at 18:43:41 
Started by GrahamT - Last post by zirk
In a 3.0 set up with the correct Diff, both the Manual (3.7) and the Auto (3.9) will run around the 2625 to 2650 RPM mark at 70MPH allowing for some Speedo error, your probably find your 70MPH is actually around 67/68 in true speed as the speedo's tend to read high, even on the Ex Police with Calibrated Speedo's they run around the same RPM at a tue speed of 70.

What I can tell you is if you run a Manual set up with a Auto diff (3.9) on the 3.0 setups you be doing around 3000RPm at 70, which is a tad anoying on a Motorway Cruise IMHO.

I cant remember now if the 2.5 (never owned one) had the same 5th gear ratio as the 3.0's, seem to remember hearing the very early ones were and the later prior to going to 2.6 were slightly different.

Here you go, just checked my hand written Notes from a few years back -

PFL 1994 to 1997/8
 2.5 Manual 5th Gear Ratio 0.85 Diff 3.7
 3.0 Manual 5th Gear Ratio 0.81 Diff 3.7

MFL 1997 to 2000
 2.5 Manual 5th Gear Ratio 0.85 Diff 3.7
 3.0 Manual 5th Gear Ratio 0.81 Diff 3.7

FL 1999 to 2000/1
 2.5 Manual 5th Gear Ratio 0.85 Diff 3.9
 3.0 Manual 5th Gear Ratio 0.81 Diff 3.7

FL 2000 to 2003
 2.6 Manual 5th Gear Ratio 0.85 Diff 3.9
 3.2 Manual 5th Gear Ratio 0.81 Diff 3.7

 on: Today at 18:43:25 
Started by BazaJT - Last post by BazaJT
If it has I haven't heard it,so what's it about?

 on: Today at 18:43:22 
Started by terry paget - Last post by biggriffin
Here goes
Thanks. Those are all rear cables. The one I want to replace is the front one - the one from the handbrake ending in the long threaded bit which goes through the balancing bar pulling the rear to the rear cables.

Use this one then

 on: Today at 18:42:35 
Started by tigers_gonads - Last post by tigers_gonads
Left the lad to stick one of the front wheels on while I popped in for a dump  ::)
Came outside 10 minutes later to find him using a impact gun to start and tighten the wheel bolts  >:(
Now I have 3 which are about 400Nm and 2 which he had started cross threaded and carried on banging away with the gun until they are in  >:(

Can I take it that the bolts will strip before the hub ?

Also if I can get them out, what size tap and die do I need to see if I can save the day ?

 on: Today at 18:39:25 
Started by STEMO - Last post by BazaJT
Yep,health checks on anything should be free and you should get a copy of it.Basically three columns in green for ok amber for getting ready to be done and red for needs doing asap/now.Warranty stuff not so bad as you don't have to pay for anything and dealership claims off manufacturer for costs.Out of warranty and if you let them "up sell" it can sting a bit.

 on: Today at 18:37:46 
Started by terry paget - Last post by terry paget
Access is so tight that a cordless 4.5" angle grinder easily does the job.

I brought up the price of the cable(which has increased since I bought mine 4 years ago), but what makes you think it came from Vauxhall?
A 4.5" angle grinder sounds like the right tool. My 2" air line angle grinder is too small, and my mains 9" angle ghrinder is too big.  My cut off tool does not seem up to the job. Tool Station do a mains angle grinder  for 27.98, souds favourite. I have changed the right hand drop link with spanners, but the left hand is near the wishbone height sensor, don't want to break that.

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