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 on: Today at 13:39:51 
Started by tigers_gonads - Last post by tigers_gonads
Copper grease works fine on the sliders, so it's probably good on your sleaves :)

Alright funny git, i'm having a good day upto now don't spoil it  :P  ;D ;D

Anyway, everybody knows i'm shit at spelling and grammar  ;D ;D

And copper grease it is then  :y :y
Thanks Nick  :)

 on: Today at 13:33:55 
Started by Field Marshal Dr. Opti - Last post by Fuse 19
My old banger is seeing two and a half times that......and potentially doing away with some potential brats at the same time, win win (although in reality the NOx levels out the back are pretty much the same as a modern petrol)

 on: Today at 13:33:03 
Started by tigers_gonads - Last post by Nick W
Copper grease works fine on the sliders, so it's probably good on your sleaves :)

 on: Today at 13:32:22 
Started by Field Marshal Dr. Opti - Last post by Varche
I am getting twice that with diesel fuel and dead babies and I don't hang about, oh and average speed about the same.

I am not convinced that petrol is that much better for the planet either

 on: Today at 13:28:21 
Started by aaronjb - Last post by Varche
I think the answer to the NHS is two fold.

Firstly cut down on waste and inefficiencies. Thinks like missed appointments.

The second is the NHS will need more money. That is a fact unless you want to reverse medical progress. Forty years ago people died younger. Now advances mean people live longer and as a result need treating for conditions that would not have been there. A simple example is heart condition under control but the person develops mobility, incontinence, fractures from falling during their extended life. Care for the elderly living much longer is a huge time bomb as anyone involved in procuring care for a relative knows right now.

Of course the latter can be ameliorated  by children taking their old folk back in and looking after them like they do in other countries.   

 on: Today at 13:25:03 
Started by Field Marshal Dr. Opti - Last post by Field Marshal Dr. Opti
My mpg is almost double that.......

.......and my average speed almost half.  ;D

So......all things being equal the red pussy is precisely as frugal as your lorry fuel Astra. ::) ::) ;)

 on: Today at 13:20:12 
Started by tigers_gonads - Last post by tigers_gonads
Right, I was struggling to get one and I still have what's left of my very old PFL estate on the side of the house and last but not least the wife giving me GBH of the earhole  :D I plucked up the courage to jack it up and have a gander  :y

Now the reason it is still there is 2 fold ...........

1/ It has a manual conversion fitted which has a r25 box with less then 100K on and a clutch which has only done 20K.
2/ It really REALLY pisses my next door off who openly declared over 20 years ago that she is going to drive me and the family out  ;D   Well those who know me well know that I will not be bullied by a gobshite  ;)

Anyway, back to the job in hand ...........  ::)

The car is on very soft ground and the only way you can get under it is to jack it up with the jack sat on paving stones which is very dodgy to say the least  :)

I managed to get it up high enough to get the wheel off.

Got the drivers door open to turn the steering wheel to lock so I can get at the bastid only to be met by a column with no steering wheel  >:(

Managed to get some mole grips on the shaft then bugger, the ignition lock is on  ::)
Plucks up the courage to ask the wife where the keys are to be told in no uncertain that some silly bastid threw them away last year  :-[ :-[

So, out comes the lump hammer, screwdriver, scaffolding pipe ect and 30 mins later its free  :y

Another 10 minutes playing with the impact gun and bobs your auntie, off it pops and ( still don't know how) but after pealing back the rubber, the slides just fell out  :y :y

A hour later playing with Mr Makita and a wire wheel which is now down to about 5mm of wire, its scrubbed up pretty well and after been blathered in Metallic Electric Blue paint, its hanging up in the greenhouse with the tomato's drying off before the rebuild  :y :y

And breath .............. 

Next question .......... I have no red grease left and no transport.

Will copper grease do instead for the sleaves ?

 on: Today at 13:13:11 
Started by Field Marshal Dr. Opti - Last post by STEMO
My mpg is almost double that.......

.......and my average speed almost half.  ;D

 on: Today at 13:12:42 
Started by TheBoy - Last post by Field Marshal Dr. Opti
Well, well over 13 months now.

It remains a comfortable mile cruncher, with a decent turn of speed.

I'd say on average, I get low 30s mpg. I've had the occasional high 30s from a tank, and the occasional high 20s as well.

Failures have included:
Both front CDL motors
Front lower front wishbone arm bushes, replaced with polys
A single bonnet strut
A touchscreen display (might have been my fault ;D)
A failed NSR wheel bearing...   ...twice
A failed headlight washer extender thing (probably the shit ECP screenwash that froze)

In addition, its had:
2 oil changes
Air filter change
Pollen filter change
2 front tyres
2 headlight bulbs
New number plate fixing tape ;D

I really love the seat coolers, the heated wheel, the rear blind, the sunroof, the memory seats both sides, the crappy massager (for my poor back), adaptive headlights and cornering leds, the phone and ipod integration, and the fact the DAB holds onto a signal bloody well. It seems I'm lucky in that the Jag Voice works perfectly for me in default (untrained) mode, because that is a joy to use.

The annoyances include the fact the interior mirror isn't on memory, the clock wont set itself, the touchscreen is shite. Its also a bit long/wide for city centre stuff, particularly city centre carparks.

Running costs most definitely higher than an LPG'd Omega, probably on par with a non LPG'd V6

Surely the whole point of derv is that you return 70+ MPG like that Tunnie fella. :)

 on: Today at 13:08:21 
Started by STEMO - Last post by aaronjb
And yet...Yorkshire water charge me for the drainage of my surface water. So...I can't keep it and I have to pay to have it taken away. Sore arse, anyone?  ;D

Worse than that - they are charging you to take it away so that they can charge you again to have it back! ;D

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