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Omega General Help / Re: Multiple faults on my 3.2 omega? Help!
« on: 01 April 2021, 09:17:30 »
You say you've just had the belt done. Did the car come back with these faults? Or have they appeared since the belt was done? How long ago was the belt done? (Time/Miles) You also say a 'lot of other work', can you expand?

Engine work was timing belt fan belt spark plugs, full oil water service on everything even pollen filter, starter got reconditioned and so did the alternator
Rest of the work was breaks bearings exhaust/exhaust manifold, engine mounts.
When I got the timing belt done it would of been November/December, buy a qualified mechanic which does all of my work I donít know how to do or donít want to attempt to do. I done 500 miles when I noticed the misfire but checked last night with his code reader.  Codes cleared this moring but obviously thereís something wrong when it keeps coming up.

Omega General Help / Re: Multiple faults on my 3.2 omega? Help!
« on: 01 April 2021, 09:10:47 »
The 0520 is probably 0430, and was factory fitted along with the 0420... (pre cat efficiency codes) Basically, Wynns fuel treatment plus a full tank of Shell V-Power (or whatever it is called this week) and rag the living daylights out of it. If you get more than 200 miles out of it then you weren't trying.

But first, remove the 246 coil pack and fix whatever you find... Oil/water in the plug wells (replace the camcover seals/remove foam from the scuttle) / crap plugs/knackered coil pack.

The 1114 might be another red herring, but check all the vacuum lines and plugs, especially the multi ram ones.

When I changed the spark plugs there was water sitting on top of the spark plugs so we sucked it all out could that of caused the coil pack to become faulty?

Omega General Help / Multiple faults on my 3.2 omega? Help!
« on: 31 March 2021, 22:43:01 »
I recently got MOT for my omega while happy and pleased with myself as I done 99% of the work
On the other hand Iím not mechanical minded in where things are now I have 7 faults on my dash and Iím using my omega as my daily currently while Iím replacing the gear box in another
The fault codes read
P1111-4 intake manifold 2 open
P0420-1 catalysts system Efficiency below threshold(bank1)
P0520-2 catalyst system efficiency below threshold bank 2
P0300-1 random multiple cylinder misfire
P0302-1 cylinder 2 misfire
P0306-1 cylinder 6 misfire
Before I had the car threw MOT I changed spark plugs to NGK and got the timing belt , water pump and fan belt, done a lot of other work but that was the main work done on the engine I tryed to clean them already but nothing turns off  if anyone could shine any light on now to go about sloving problems before I buy coil packs at 125 for a set, I would be greatly appreciated,

It was a damaged wire under the passenger seat thought might of been a relay thanks for the help much appreciated!

Hello everyone,
Iíve a 3.2 Vauxhall omega 2004 and have an air bag light on and when I stick the computer in it reads ď87v A/C cuttoff relay voltage lowĒ
Think Iím Gona check fuses etc but does anyone know the problem straight off ?
Anyone have this problem before any ideas any help would be appreciated  :y

Cars for Sale & wanted / ‼️ Omega 3.2 V6 saloon wanted‼️
« on: 19 December 2018, 10:01:59 »
Hello there,
I am looking for an omega 3.2 v6 saloon, I would prefer if it is in the uk or Ireland. I will be working on the omega for a few years before I put her on the road. Would like it to be in good condition all round. I donít mind what could but would like black or white.
~ Thank you

General Discussion Area / Re: Help!!
« on: 19 December 2018, 09:50:04 »
Okay thatís understandable, thank you aaronjb

General Discussion Area / Help!!
« on: 19 December 2018, 08:46:55 »
I went onto the omega sales and wanted car section of this forum and I am not able to post anything there as a new topic only replyís to posts, is this cause Iím new and have to move up in the ranks of OOF? Or is ther a big or something ? Would like some help with this as I am looking for and omega and was given this site from my brother where he bought his first and only omega. Another thing if anyone could point me in the right direction of who might have an 3.2 saloon omega for sale (would like black or sliver) please.
~Thank you

Newbie Welcome Area / Re: Hello
« on: 18 December 2018, 22:05:00 »
Thank you all 🤗

Newbie Welcome Area / Hello
« on: 17 December 2018, 21:41:54 »
Hello everyone, Iím new to the forum and I am currently looking for an omega. Preferably a 3.2 that is in good enough shape. I will also be looking for parts, and any accessories needed. I hope to be talking to a lot of you soon.  :P

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