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General Car Chat / Re: Front Bumper
« on: Today at 15:45:19 »
150-200 from a sensible place.

Bear in mind that the paint alone will be around 40 :y

General Discussion Area / Re: Mobile Phones
« on: Today at 15:11:27 »
Basic license training is just that, basic. Any additional training can only be beneficial.

Just done a Smith Systems course at work, and whilst it is largely common sense, it doesn't hurt to be reminded periodically  :y

It's a bit wank wordy, but makes you think  ;)

General Discussion Area / Re: Mobile Phones
« on: Today at 14:57:15 »
Re smart motorways, the number of serious injuries is falling year on year, but fatalities are increasing, albeit at a disparity... I wonder if this is due to increased response times due to no hard shoulder :-\

3/4" or cutting your face open... 🤔

Incidentally there is a chasm of difference between being a Samaritan and pandering to/ enabling those who can't be arsed to help themselves.

You really are some sort of Lady bits...

At no point did I suggest any behaviors from your first paragraph.

I deliberately ignored the references to these which you had alluded to in your earlier post as I couldn't place them in the context of the thread thereby dismissing them as an anti freedom rant.

Given your propensity for such ideologies, I would suggest, politely or otherwise, that you frequent a far less liberal forum... From a gulag.

Does he now have tinterweb? :D
I CBA to set it up, he can sort that. I just drank tea ;D
With biscuits?

General Car Chat / Re: Only twelve.
« on: Today at 13:03:49 »
As did all three of mine...

Would make for a reasonable replica on the face of it :y

Going up the M1 last night, around the MK area. Personal plate of some form..

.. but then I thought "Nah, can't be. It's only doing 70 and it's in the middle lane." ;) ;D
I'm sure once I get around to my 3.5hrs of being patronised, I'll be a reformed character, and drive at 50....

You could listen and maybe learn something. Even if it's a better understanding of why some drivers are so bad at it. Over a third of the attenders of the course I did were advised that they should have an eye test from a quick look at the test chart. A third!!! There were several people who correctly identified fewer than 15 out of 40 roadsigns. The reaction-time test was an eye opener terrifying.
Never did anything like that on my course. Just tried to make you feel guilty, had a cup of tea, then tried to make you feel guilty some more. It finished quite early as it was a Saturday morning and I think everyone was ready for a rest.  ;D

I paid the fine as the awareness course was miles away.

At least I didn't get to be lectured by a pompous old fart
Fixed :y

How about:

Get out of debt. So that you can build wealth. So that you can live, and give like no one else.

You communists are all the same, expecting everything backwards ;D

General Discussion Area / Re: Mobile Phones
« on: Today at 12:57:52 »
That would also include single crewed Police and Paramedics for a start...
Yup.  Although I would like to think their levels of awareness are better then Joe Public.
Why? They're still human. Apparently.

95% of all road related injuries and deaths are caused by human error. Of that 95%, mobile phones account for barely 2%.1 person every ten days (36.5 a year) against 5 people a day (1,710 a year).

That's half the number of people who die as a result of vehicle tyre failure (the other 5% of fatality causes).

The problem with other road users is that people don't allow for them.

Incidentally in 2017 fatalities rose markedly against 2016, and this year looks the same. Be interesting to see how Smart motorways fare in the fatality by road type analysis...

Click on the Jim Jeffries link a couple of posts up and report back ;)

General Discussion Area / Re: Mobile Phones
« on: Today at 12:45:39 »
That would also include single crewed Police and Paramedics for a start...

General Car Chat / Re: Only twelve.
« on: Today at 12:42:37 »
That white estate looks clean... Rusty underneath though and MoT length makes it about 1,100 too expensive...  :-\

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