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Omega General Help / Eternal car - making life hard?
« on: 17 September 2020, 10:27:11 »
I'm in the market for a cat back system for my 2003 2.6 elite estate.

I could not with any confidence pick the correct parts from their ebay shop so messaged them with the query.

On the plus side I got an instant (automatic ?) reply ....

''Thank you for your enquiry.

We need to know the following details to provide you with the correct exhaust pieces:
- your car's registration number
- the actual year and month of production(not 1st registration)
- your car's body shape and number of doors
- engine capacity
- power output in kW or HP - this information can be found in the registration certificate - vehicle details - field P.2 Max net power (KW)
- if it has a cat fitted
(some of these information can be found in your vehicle's logbook)

Our staff is currently working from home office, we are doing our best to assist you during the pandemic. It may take a bit longer for us to reply, we appreciate your patience.''

How will I find the exact month of production? I kind of understand the potential need for it - my old Carlton was a 'changover' model, seldom did I get the right parts first time despite what the microfiche said, but enough of you guys have fitted eternal so it must be a reasonably common set up.

Any pointers?



As per the subject heading.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think '2.6' and 'Estate' are key to getting the right part.


Omega Electrical and Audio Help / Self unlocking Omega
« on: 26 March 2019, 22:01:14 »
I use my car infrequently at the moment.
Several times lately when I have gone to it in our communal parking area I have found it unlocked.

1, I am becoming forgetful (that theory does get some support around here from those who confuse dont care with dont remember)
2, Electrical gremlins are at play,
3, A neighbour or frequent visitor is transmitting a signal that talks to my car, or
4, They really are out to get me.

What are the chances of No3? If its as remote as I think, any idea where I should start looking for No2. (No lavatory jokes please)

I think I need a different forum for 1 & 4.


Omega General Help / Worth putting polybushes in ATP wishbones?
« on: 14 November 2017, 16:35:47 »
I went cheap as the car was new to me and didn't know what was lurking unseen, but I'd hoped for more than 23 months/16,000 miles.
Nearside front bush totally shot to the point of clunking and offside not far behind it. Car taken on a distinct knock-kneed stance.
Personally I blame the pillow speed humps that proliferate around here and do bugger all to slow the mummy jeeps and pikey transits that are the real menace.

I digress.

Option 1 - Is a polybush in ATP a waste of time because the rear bush/ball joint/welding wont be far behind?
Option 2 - New ATP kit. I'm not a spirited driver any more and another two years might see the rest of it ready for the fire brigade practice yard.
Option 3 - Nearly double the cost and fit Merle or Lemforder from AGP? Preferences?
Option 4 - Take into account other things (dodgy gearbox, failing back box, cd player that doesn't work and is not bose, usual rust, age, mileage, mpg etc) sell my tools and lease a Lexus?
Option 5 - (Probably should be option 1) is not available as uncharacteristically I slung out the original arms, thinking at the time ATP so cheap why faff around cutting out old bushes.

Whats the latest thinking? Anyone done option one with satisfactory reults?


Omega General Help / V6 front crank seal leak - how to be sure?
« on: 16 March 2017, 15:54:53 »

I recently set about trying to trace a coolant leak and as there was a damp patch on the forward sump lip I suspected it was the water pump I replaced late 2015. On closer inspection (ramps, torch, undertray off and plenty of cleaning rags) it turns out to be oil. There's a fair bit of it all around the sump. 

After a clean up and watching while the engine runs I can see clean oil slowly dribbling down from behind the crank pulley and there is a light smattering of oil on the outer timing cover.
Whilst this seems pretty conclusive to me, what if anything can I do to confirm that its not coming from further up?

For the record, cam cover gaskets were replaced in September (genuine - ouch) and breathers cleaned at that time. There is no obvious oil further up.

I pulled the water pump pulley and the pump and surroundings are dry. Can't remember if the one I fitted (FAI from local factors) had a weep hole or not, but my suspicions/hope for the coolant leak now fall on the HBV (original afaik) or adjacent plumbing.

Grateful (i think) for any sugestions..


Hi, talking facelift elite here.

I understand the outside temp sensor, coolant sensor and sun sensor play a part in dertimining what the cc needs to be doing, but as facelift has no sampler fan how does it get feedback to know its achieved its goals?

Question arises as today I was parked ticking over facing bright sun and feeling cold. Outside temp read 7deg, inside set to 21deg as usual and there's cold air coming through the vents. Increase the required temp and warm air follows. (Drivers side at least, passenger side is normally cold and I guess needs an upside down looking at).


Car Parts, bits For Sale & Wanted / Wanted - Bose enabled ccr2006
« on: 27 September 2016, 22:53:16 »
I know they're getting rarer by the minute but thought I'd ask anyway.

A previous owner fitted a replacement unit to the elite but there's no indication of Bose on the flap or the display, and some of the bose/non bose mismatch gremlins appear, particularly regarding volume graduations. And the cd player is fubar.


Omega General Help / Play in V6 water pump. How much is too much?
« on: 07 December 2015, 16:26:40 »
Following on from Saturdays thermostat change and coolant flush I now have a significant coolant leak down the front of the engine. Accept that the 'stat/transfer pipe would be obvious candidates but using an endoscope/boroscope laptop attachment that area looks dry so thought I'd have a feel of the water pump.

There's definitely a 'rock' there, so wondering if there is an amount of movement permitable or if any play would point to a likely source of leak.

I've had it in the past where a flush and a change of coolant seems to find or exacerbate leaks that were not previously an issue.

On a side note, the aux belt tensioner assemblywas loose, literally hanging on by a thread or two of the bolts. And this car like many others has supposedly been professionally maintained.

Off to modify a coolant cap now.



Omega General Help / Gearshift wobbles over bumps.
« on: 01 December 2015, 20:00:03 »
2.6 elite estate. I'm guessing the gearbox mount has had it.

Can I swap the good one from my 2.5 soon to be scrapper?


Omega General Help / Musings on wishbone bolts
« on: 19 November 2015, 13:33:34 »
So I got the full ATP kit arrived today from Germany (thanks to the link on here). 71 at paypal exchange rates, ordered Monday. All I need now is the weather.

Last time I did this job on the pfl I fitted polybushes. Might be me, but I think they transmitted more noise into the car from our delightful roads so decided to give ATP a try and keep the original 'bones for refurb if the new car stays long enough.

To the point. I understand the need to have the bushes in 'normal' position before tightening the bolts, thus not locking the centre at one extreme of its travel, however as we know the access is not great with the wheels on the road so been thinking of alternatives.

First option is to make up 4 mini ramps from 3/4'' ply I have knocking around. 6 sheets laminated together should give me 4 platforms 4 1/2'' high and a bit more elbow room.

Second thought is I know the hub to wheel arch dimension, so I could use a jack under the ball joint to raise the arm to that point. Obviously the spring is going to try and do its job and take some weight, potentially destabilising the car on the stands, so I intend to hamper the spring 'slightly' using either ratchet straps or rope purchase.

Currently peeing down so cant (wont) be investigating access etc today, just wondered if anyone has experience with a similar method.


Omega General Help / Estate towbar swap, pfl to fl
« on: 30 October 2015, 10:58:51 »
Is it as straightforward as might be hoped?

I've searched and found concerns about deeper bumpers and type approval but no definitive answers.


Omega General Help / Cruise gone for a burton?
« on: 19 April 2012, 18:24:55 »
Hi all,

I've been running a retrofit cruise on my 99 gls 2.5 for 3 years now and all has been fine, however today it has packed up and I have a long trip coming up. Typical.

When I press engage I can hear the actuator chuntering, as if it is trying to work but can't. Very rarely it manages to hold the speed for a second or two but then drops out and starts chuntering again.

The chuntering continues until I cancel the cruise, then there is an exaggerated chuntering and a sound which I assume is the internal ribbon rewinding, accompanied by a vibration that can be felt whilst driving.

First thoughts were a broken ribbon or cable, but I have pulled apart the joints in the cable and all seems ok, and anyway as I say above occasionally it will hold momentarily.

As it's trying to work I think the setup is sound electrically.

Anyone have any experience of this, or suggested fixes?


Omega General Help / A/C Compressor from breakers - any good?
« on: 16 April 2012, 10:52:59 »
Judging by the amount of dye around the compressor I am reasonably confident I have found the source of my refrigerant leak.
As the cost of a new compressor will double the value of the car I am thinking of using one from a breaker, either on here or steve at heathrow.

Has anyone gone down this route successfully? My concern is the replacement may of been on a shelf for months and therefore have dried out seals and be leaking so I'll be no further forward and poorer to the tune of one compressor, one regass and a days toil.

any thoughts?


Omega General Help / Cleaning oil strainer - any tips?
« on: 21 October 2011, 11:20:50 »
Like how long it should take etc.

All this because the top end on 1-3-5 is generally chattery and has been for some time, but lately is getting worse. Sounds worse in the cabin than under the bonnet. Manifold and downpipe gaskets appear sound and no obvious problems around EGR.

Intend to clean the strainer and do some quick oil changes and if things dont improve may have to inspect the lifters themselves. A dose or two of Wynns lifter special has made no difference.

Having searched the forum I'm not sure if i will need a gasket or sealant for the sump, and if sealant is cam cover sealant acceptable?



Omega Electrical and Audio Help / Anyone used a Navigon Satnav?
« on: 07 February 2010, 16:44:01 »
My bruv has just bought one from Halfords at a good price as it's last years model.

Seems to do all you might expect, but as it's new to us both we have nothing to compare it too.

Do I follow his lead or look for something better?


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