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Hi all,

I'm after a genuine Irmscher grill for a facelift Omega. Don't mind if the "i" is not present.

Anyone got anything?



Omega General Help / Late model powersounder wanted
« on: 12 November 2020, 17:38:36 »
Mods Please Move

My Mig (2003 V6) is doing the 4 beeps of powersounder death.

Having personally completely renewed the suspension and brakes on all four corners, should it burst into flames just now I think I might just cry. (Sorry)

Has anyone got one available off a late facelift available for sale.
I searched on here and can't find any indication that there are different ones fitted to facelifts, but if anyone can confirm if there are.
I am handy with a soldering iron, so if anyone has more than one spare, perhaps we could do a trade? I trust a suitable battery should be available somewhere.



Omega General Help / strut to steering knuckle bolts
« on: 19 October 2020, 18:54:12 »
I've just changed the struts on my Omega and re-used the existing nuts and bolts as they were in good condition.
On reflection, I've decided I am going to renew them and have WIM pop them in when I have the full set up done. Doing very little mileage at present, so I think they should be OK for a bit.

However, looking at a parts catalogue the bolts seem to be two different sizes, M12 and M14?? I only put them in yesterday and i am fairly sure they are the same size?

If they are different, they certainly went in the holes without difficulty. surely, I couldn't have been that lucky. Perhaps the smaller bolt goes in the lower oval hole to provide more room to adjust for camber.

Am I going mad.


Omega General Help / How to swap front seat squabs?
« on: 16 October 2020, 16:56:25 »
I'd like to swap the front seat squabs in my car around, pass to driver and VV.
Nick W mentioned this was quite easy anyone care to do a "how to"
Although the drivers seat base is in fairly good condition, the passenger one is mint and is more supportive.

Presumably there is a need to disconnect the heaters.
Any issues with the airbags?

Any thoughts much appreciated.



I've removed my wheel arch liner and broken some of the clips.
They are a plastic expanding rivet kind of thing. various options available on ebay, need to check sizes.
How are they fitted- is there a special tool, can I replace them without it?


Omega General Help / Front Spring Left or Right
« on: 19 September 2020, 13:37:47 »
This may be a daft question- go easy

I've got a new pair of Sachs springs for the front of my car. From reading the forum, I understand that UK cars had equal length front springs, but I could not find a named pair of springs like that for sale.
I got the Sachs ones and they are different lengths. They are marked as Right and Left, with the left one the longer.
As my car is RH drive should I consider changing the longer spring to the drivers side? or there other weight/loading issues that determine it should remain on the left?
The car is a 2.6 CDX saloon.
Any thoughts much appreciated.

Changing out the Wishbones today and pleased to say they came out pretty much as expected. What I didn't expect was that some muppet has put a cut down M12 bolt where I believe an M13 should be. I didn't realise the first side, just thought that was a bit odd, but when I did the other it is clear that although the front and back bush bolts are slightly different lengths, they are both M13. Now as it happens I had a spare bolt of the correct type (thanks to a box of bits and pieces I bought off here) but no nut.
Has anyone got one in usable shape that they could drop in an envelope?

If anyone has, that would be much appreciated.  :y

I can't yet post in the wanted sections so if required, can the mods please move this.



Omega General Help / Torque settings for rear suspension Donuts?
« on: 16 September 2020, 18:43:59 »
Just changing the rear donuts and I am not sure about the Torque figures for the 18mm centre bolt and the 3 off 15mm that secure the triangular plate.
Haynes is rather annoying as it explains the procedure fair enough but the torque settings refer to other named components which I presume must be the ones I need.
Am I right in thinking that the 18mm is 90NM +30Deg+15Deg and the 15mm are something like 64NM

If someone can please confirm that I.m reading the right figures I'd be much obliged.



I'm adding a rear spoiler to my car and have also got to replace the Bootlid struts. I've changed them once with some apparently good condition ones (certainly felt fairly energetic off the car) but they are no better than the ones I threw away. I think I read on here that the Magnetti Marelli ones are good, whereas some of the slightly cheaper ones less so?

The other thing is does any one know if the struts are different on cars fitted with Bootlid spoilers. I'm quite surprised, the spoiler is heavier than I would have expected?


Omega General Help / Warning lights flashing with indicators!
« on: 09 August 2020, 18:30:15 »
Funny one this. Car is fairly new to me and took it for an MOT on Friday. Pass.. Fantastic.

it was idling on the ramp during the MOT, fans came on, temp steady. All seemed fine.

On way home realised that when Indicating left the Right hand dash winker blinks along with 3 or 4 warning lights and the info dash panel. It looks a little like an earth fault in days of yore.
Strangely all the external indicator lamps are working perfectly both sides?
What on earth can this be?

Any ideas much appreciated.


Omega General Help / Mothballing Advice 2.6 engine and gearbox.
« on: 07 August 2020, 13:04:11 »
Hi All,

Recently picked up a 65000 mile complete 2.6 engine and gearbox. It was only 125 so I couldn't refuse. (I saw a video of it running) and I'm planning to strip off any useful spares, alternator, starter motor, coil-packs etc before splitting the engine and box and then mothballing them for future use.
My first concern is splitting the two without damaging the Torque convertor bit, as from photos i've seen it looks a bit fragile. Any recommended procedures?
Secondly any advice of what to do to the engine to best protect it, whilst it is in storage. it's still got the oil in at the moment and most of the coolant in the block. It will be well wrapped, but will be subject to frost where i plan to store it.
Will i need to turn it over occasionally?
Plugs out or in/ Loosened/
Should i Block off the coolant hoses and completely fill with Antifreeze?
Might it be a good idea to change the timing belt? I have the gear and I have done one before. I'm thinking of just the belt as I won't be running it just yet. I can check the tensioners/pulleys etc to ensure they are not falling off. i have no history of the last belt change, but know it was a 2002 car
Any other ideas?

Thanks for looking.

Omega General Help / Gates cambelt kit for late engine
« on: 30 May 2020, 13:38:45 »
I'm looking to change the cambelt on my 2003 2.6 V6.

I've found one on ebay by gates for a decent price (114) but according to their literature i need a different kit for engines after a certain engine number. They are quite a bit more expensive and I wonder what the differences are between the two kits? I thought all the facelift V6's were the same.

Any ideas?


Hi can anyone spare me a few wheel nut covers/ I need 8. I assume the locking nuts take the same type?
(sorry should have checked before posting this)
There are plenty of new ones on ebay, but they all seem to be the larger type and won't fit the Omega wheels (facelift CDX/Elite)

Many thanks,


Omega General Help / Cam locking kit loan
« on: 15 February 2020, 16:24:09 »
Hi all,

Later in the spring i'm planning to do my cambelt (V6) and I wonder if there is still a loaner locking tool about.
I had my own Sykes one last time I did it, but I flogged it when I sold that car.
I'm in Shropshire, by the way.
I've seen some good looking ones on ebay at around 30, including the spanner. they look OK and very similar to the Sykes one I had before. Does anyone know, are they a bit dodgy?
Any opinions appreciated.



My drivers door cracks and creaks on opening, but it is not within the door that is the problem.
I've looked at the Fix discussed here in several places, but my problem appears to be on the jamb.
The plate that the plastic bush fits into appears to be coming away from the door jamb and you can see the jamb metal flexing.
what to do? I've seen some posts about welding in this area can be tricky as there is wiring behind. Any ideas?


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