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 on: Today at 19:19:17 
Started by BazaJT - Last post by biggriffin
Then get it yourself and scrap it, just cut the chassis number out.

 on: Today at 19:15:36 
Started by BazaJT - Last post by BazaJT
It turns out the car was indeed taken in under the scrappage scheme,which while not mandatory the local stealers are sticking by Fords statement that all cars taken in under the scheme will be scrapped.So it seems this one will be appearing on supermarkets shelves near you in the not too distant future.However for completeness[of a kind]it's a dark blue saloon,first registered 1st Feb 2004 and carries the reg. number WU 53 JWG with a mileage showing of just over 141,000.

 on: Today at 19:12:12 
Started by Lazydocker - Last post by Essex Big Al
Done  :y

 on: Today at 19:00:06 
Started by Dingleberry - Last post by Essex Big Al
Sod's Law has a Rider - any "5 minute job" will be sure to take at least 2 hours!  :(


Now 2 afternoons and counting. I found the leak by jacking the rad up c20mm and running up to temp again. It is seeping around the base of the offside locating spigot, which probably took a knock due to not being properly protected for transit.

Courier due tomorrow to do a swap. Thats saturday afternoon as well then.

There are times a nice base model Focus looks tempting. :-\

Which is one reason why I am keen to go & collect my replacement ::)

 on: Today at 18:54:46 
Started by terry paget - Last post by TheBoy
Can you confirm you got the PM?  You will have to liaise with them for time, as they are not always in ;)

 on: Today at 18:53:01 
Started by Bigron - Last post by TheBoy
Pen and paper.

 on: Today at 18:51:32 
Started by Bigron - Last post by Bigron
That begs a couple of questions, TB: what do yopu consider its proper use to be and what would the right tool be for my purpose?
I'll PM you what I am using it for.


 on: Today at 18:50:30 
Started by tigers_gonads - Last post by TheBoy
All inkjets are going to be expensive to run. And Epsons are bloody hard to get to the ink tray.

For day to day stuff, including quick photos, I too use a colour laser, and use the proper laser photo paper when printing anything for presentations or photos.

If we need lots (Mrs TB's craft hobbies), or something bigger than A4, or something better quality than my el-cheapo laser can do, we use places like Costco.

 on: Today at 18:45:54 
Started by Shackeng - Last post by TheBoy
Obviously, Google and others have a million and 1 other ways to uniquely identify you.  Google's search isn't free.

To put some context around it, google search runs on several hundred thousand servers.  The leccy bill for each server (power and cooling) will be around 500pa at their (presumably) good rates. These will be connected to thousands of switches and routers, each pulling probably 5k pa in leccy. Then you have bandwidth and transit costs, that puts everything else into insignificance. And staff. And their posh headquarters, and all their global buildings.  Then all the "commercial agreements" with global ISPs to get their content near the end user, that I wont go into for NDA.

So they need to make a shit load of money. And that means tracking you. Understanding you. Understanding your habits.

I've banged on so many times here, internet services ARE expensive to provide, and if *anything* is free, understand the revenue streams involved to pay for providing that service.

Would have thought they would have followed some of thier advertisers and invested in solar power, wind power and hydro power etc and lead by example.  ::) ;D
Most large datacentres do use some form of renewable...   ...but datacentres are 24/7, and the only places to get 24hrs of daylight also get 24 hours of darkness ;D

Additionally, as we know, renewable energy is more expensive than pissing off the tree huggers.

So the costs will be broadly correct ;).  But the energy costs are insignificant compared to other costs.  And its all bloody expensive.

 on: Today at 18:42:07 
Started by Lincs Robert - Last post by TheBoy
I have a couple of the blue Netgear switches, also fed from a UPS. I find that one of the sockets packs up every so often. Every time, I go checking the cabling, then spend ages trying to remember how to configure the network settings on a printer or whatever, then I trace the cable back to a Netgear switch, a little light bulb comes on and I restart the switch. >:(
I have this with the Netgear Prosafe's I have here - mostly GS724T's. Only fix is a power cycle. Looks, in my case, to be related to the eco wank it has. Mine have been better behaved for a few weeks now, since disabling "green Ethernet"

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