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 on: Today at 14:20:05 
Started by Lizzie Zoom - Last post by amba
Decent bit of kit for the price,but think the jacking beam would be pointless on general service work.

I always find the twist grip release systems abit hit,n,miss for good control .My Yankee CX3000 is quite "trigger happy" when it comes to releasing but will get the Omega up in the air effortlessly and to a fair height too...think I paid about 100 for it but that was 7/8years ago.Its abig heavy bugger though

 on: Today at 14:01:59 
Started by BazaJT - Last post by Tilbo
He bought a house for 700,000. Immediately had it bulldozed and a nicer one built to replace it. Just liked the plot the old one had been built on ::) ;D
I would like to experience being proper rich. Even for a month, just to see if its as enjoyable as it looks.  ;D
We'll see how rich he is when the company has it's next audit.  ;D

He has built his wealth and the company with it by being brilliant at his job. Despite being a disagreeable wee shite.   ;)
The company started in 1968 in Old street with a few employees, and the dreams ambitions and determination of one  self taught cockney geezer. It grew to a certain point and then the aforementioned finance director came on board.
His financial knowhow then helped take it to a PLC which bought out other less well run companies and has offices and facilities all over the world. They even bought out a Chinese company a couple of years ago.
I don't begrudge people like that their wealth tbh. Just wish I had their brains.  ;D

Love to hear success stories like that , bloody good luck to him deserves his wealth & all that goes with it.

 on: Today at 13:54:13 
Started by Varche - Last post by Migv6
Or the version of history they are taught. These days, modern British political history starts with the election "The wicked witch" Thatcher, and everything that's gone wrong since, is her fault apparently.  ::)
Im pretty sure I will write NOTA on my ballot paper next time, despite recently becoming a member of the Tories.  ::) ;D

 on: Today at 13:50:16 
Started by Lizzie Zoom - Last post by Migv6
When this is all over. Make sure you keep the breathers clean, as this is the cause of all your troubles.  ;).apart from the wishbones, obviously.  :D

 on: Today at 13:45:15 
Started by Varche - Last post by Varche
I am glad I don't have to vote in Uk elections.

I think all three parties are sadly lacking.

This lack of history is what helps get so many young supporters for the EU for example.

 on: Today at 13:44:18 
Started by Lizzie Zoom - Last post by amba
You were driving it last week before you started taking things apart ?

You have only removed the 2/4/6 coil pack...found oil inside the plug wells and then discovered the rubber boots are damaged/lost 1.

Put it back together, as it was before, the rubber seal on the coil pack will stop almost all the oil entering the plug area for the shortish drive to Huntingdon and go from there .Worse case is you knacker and already knackered coil pack surely,or have you taken the cam covers off ?

 on: Today at 13:35:29 
Started by Lizzie Zoom - Last post by Migv6
I have the same jack, without the beam attachment. Its strong, sturdy, and the low saddle height is great. Its also heavy to carry any distance though. But its superb for the price. I don't think SGS can be beaten for their combination of quality and price.

 on: Today at 13:33:32 
Started by Jimbob - Last post by Field Marshal Dr. Opti
So let me see.

Derv is more expensive than proper fuel

Plus the cost of the AdBlue

Figure into the equation that diesel is deader than tank tops and your car will be harder to sell and worth less money.

Figure info the equation that your car will sound 'agricultural' and have all the emotional appeal of 'white goods'

So the appeal of diesel is what, exactly? :)

 on: Today at 13:32:40 
Started by Lizzie Zoom - Last post by Lizzie Zoom
I have been looking at getting a new jack, eventually, and this one particularly looked good for getting a miggie up in the air:

 :D ;)

 on: Today at 13:32:37 
Started by Varche - Last post by Migv6
Most of Corbyns supporters are young people. The 1970,s to them really is ancient history. The left wing education system has programmed them to believe if it isn't left wing its evil. Its also why they dont have a problem voting for a lifelong supporter of the IRA.
Its all ancient history to them, and Corbyn and his kind have had time to make up a pack of lies to cover their backs in the interim.
One delegate yesterday proclaimed that the education system needs to be improved, because " if we educated children properly, there wouldnt be any Tories".
Its pretty scary stuff for those of us who have lived life and seen it before.

I dont believe even moronicMay and her team are mad enough to call an election at the moment. Unless events overtake them and leave little choice in the matter.

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