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Omega Gallery / Re: drakos, omega trackday toy
« on: 17 July 2017, 21:22:54 »
sorry for the lack off update's and i got some bad news regarding to this build and some good news for the future.

the car was about a day away from running and driving when my health let me down even further (bad case off chronic pain syndrome that went even more balistic on my nerves than it allready did )
so after a few months of mental suffering because i probably could never drive the car for what it was intended for...i let some friends tear out the motor and bring the shell to the junkyard.

regret that decision ever since, but seemed like the best option at the time.
and the fact is i still could not drive the car if i had let it sit around.

now the good news, the idea off the raw power from the v6 and rear wheel drive of the omega kept going to my mind
a frontera is a nice drive and quite comfy but is the most boring car i've ever owned (except from a corsa that i had 2 day before i trashed the engine :P )

so i bought a new one  8)
it is a full option 2.5 manual in black this time.

the plan is to make it a gt / pro-touring build for every day use.
so keep the bare essentials, update the running gear and drop in the prepped 3.0 v6 from the tracktoy, loose as much weight as possible.

so basicly start over and build the tracktoy again  ;) with the exception of doorpanels,working front windows and a bit more ride height and comfort.

will make some pictures tomorrow when i get the car delivered and start a new topic to keep you all informed off the progress.

Omega Gallery / Re: drakos, omega trackday toy
« on: 04 February 2016, 11:37:56 »
no idea how much weight is lost at the loom.. but it is a lot.. 3 trashbags of wiring gone and that is not including the weight of all te relays, sensors, brackets, switches etc.. think that 30kg is a minimal guess  8) and then another 30kg from control units,horn,blowers etc.
will do a weighting soon when it is complete and running but before the cage goes in

diff is stock for now, looking for a lsd but that is not on top of my priority list now..
fuelbag,swirlpot, big brakes etc are more important as upgrades after the initial build to get it driveable

the mitsubishi is a great car.. it is a l200 (i think?) 4x4 "oem".. lifted,dual fueltank, snorkel etc.. inside is more like a campervan.. is from a mate of mine that uses it properly in the sahara and all kind of rugged places.. at the moment it is on transport to south amerika for a vacation/expedition  8)

Omega General Help / Re: propshaft balance/vibration damper question
« on: 02 February 2016, 19:51:00 »
thanks for the reply, that was my idea to, just fit it to the calli..

but because i have no idea what it does i'm not sure if that is the wisest decision  :-\

Omega Gallery / Re: drakos, omega trackday toy
« on: 02 February 2016, 19:40:53 »
quite a lot done the last weeks.

first was to customize the wiring loom, no pics when finished but believe me, it is light  ;)
lost everything that wasn't necessary, the entire loom now fits in a grocery bag

the list what remained is shorter.

-all light stil work, but ditched the broken light module, and all other wiring.. all that remains are a few direct wires for the new switches in the center ( fuses gonna move to the center console to).
-merged the left and right light units, so no more separate wires or fuses.(for example, only one wire to the 4 rear lights and licence plate, one wire for the left and right main beam.. etc)
-blinker and hazard lights all still work
-wipers and window washer still work except the interval, also removed the washer level warning
-dash still works, only removed the wires and bulbs that weren't used anymore
-no more ignition barrel, everything is nog a switched positive ( killswitch is the new key  8) )
-immobilizer is still there, glued the chip to the ring
-positive feed wire moved to the inside of the car
- only one off the 2 horns remained

and that is literally all that remained  8) 
lost the servotronic, all fan and cooling wires/relays ( only a positive feed for the new fan relay remained).. abs, airco,tc and off course everting that was for the inside..
because i lost the abs, i also lost the speed signal. acquired a vss relay from a corsa to get a speed signal direct from one abs sensor. and gonna build a signal converter to deal with the difference in abs teeth and for fine tuning the speedo.

enough text and time for pics,
got a spacer for the gearbox made to account for the loss of the dual mass flywheel;

after that everything came together without any problems and a few hours later the engine was in  8)

and the dash in for now, ordered some carbon plates to fill the gaps and gonna use the center hole for the new switches,killswitch,start button and a few fuses

and cleaned up the rear diff and removed the abs rings

Omega General Help / propshaft balance/vibration damper question
« on: 01 February 2016, 23:00:23 »
on my trackcar there is a vibration damper/balance weight just behind the gearbox on the driveshaft.

what is the reason for this?
do all omega's got this?
is this thing necessary?  ::)
and if so, what is the correct way to mount it? (haven't marked the position it came off and doubt if it will do anything when it is in a different position)

reason why i ask is offcourse the weight, but more important, on the calibra rwd we are building we are missing that part and that wil be a daily driver  8)

Omega General Help / Re: Removing my EGR.....
« on: 30 January 2016, 19:32:05 »
sorry..wrong post

few grams isn't worth the investment and hassle.. few pounds/kilos is  :-\
anyone got one laying around and is willing to put it on a scale?  ::)

a box from a a-omega...worth the research.. good tip, thanks  :y
anyone already know if a a-box is adaptable? (to make my life a bit easier )

thanks, that was the answer i wanted to hear  8)
heavier is always better at high speeds.... and the only place i'm gonna park it on a trailer and upside down in the gravel  :P

swapping it out is also an option,engine is out at the moment... anyone got a idea if there is any weight difference? and how much?

my trackcar is based on a v6 with servotronic..

what would happen if i disconnect/remove it? heavy,normal or light steering?
any way to lock the solenoid in 1 position? or better, make it adjustable?

problem is that i've got no vss signal.
will work on that later with a signal converter and 1 abs sensor but for the time being gonna work with a gps speedo

Omega Gallery / Re: drakos, omega trackday toy
« on: 25 January 2016, 17:47:33 »
Simple way would be to use a omega 3000 diff and 2.4 rear axles..plug and play
 but we could not find any so stripped down a omega b and using that rear diff,shortened drifeshaft and axles.. gearbox also omega b.. engine is a saab turbo with a big garret with fmic

Omega Gallery / Re: drakos, omega trackday toy
« on: 25 January 2016, 14:40:14 »
That is actually only half the calibra collection  :P
Got myself a 100% stock 8v, a v6 4x4 show/track car and a rear half that funtions as a event trailer  8)
The one in front of the omega is from a mate. In the progress of being converted to rwd.

Omega Gallery / Re: drakos, omega trackday toy
« on: 24 January 2016, 17:27:47 »

the stonechip is nothing special, just cheap motip/duplicolor overpaintable stonechip.. wouldn't recommend it for normal use except for trailing arms and stuff..
in my case it is just to give it a uniform color, cover the bare metal from the rust removal and a little bit of protection without being sticky (and heavy) like real undercoat.

on my other cars i use caprotec rx5 and rx10.. eats rust (rx5) and the second layer is real undercoat (rx10) it is available in all colors and gives a nice silk gloss finish and feels a bit like rubber. not a mark or rust on my car after 10 years of abuse and rain  8)

Omega Electrical and Audio Help / Re: v6 acceptable fault codes
« on: 10 January 2016, 22:33:44 »
searched for cheaters also, nothing that works with the v6..
in the progress of making one by the 2.2 specs.. egr looks similar, only wiring is different. (got the pinouts for both engines)
anyone can confirm this is gonna work?

just one resistor looks a bit to little cheating, al simulators are build on 4/6 diodes and resistors. but will look into that  :y

Omega Electrical and Audio Help / Re: v6 acceptable fault codes
« on: 09 January 2016, 18:05:25 »
Never noticed it when i was tearing the car down.. it was allready gone or i've trown it away without thinking.  :P
Thanks for the heads up, gonna fix that with a resistor to.. that part of the loom is long gone ( as is for the first ram valve)

Someone know a solution for the egr?

Omega Gallery / Re: drakos, omega trackday toy
« on: 08 January 2016, 20:33:21 »
gave the front half of the car a few layers of stonechip paint and sprayed the tunnel white just like the engine bay. this way it is easy to see if something leaks and where it is comming from  8)
next is to stonechip the rear and mask off the white to paint the overspray black again

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