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Omega Electrical and Audio Help / Here We Go Again.
« on: 18 June 2018, 20:23:09 »
Fitted new heater blower hedgehog weekend before last and fan and climate has worked faultlessly since then.

On way home from work today blower started making noise like something had got caught in vent like you get with a leaf or similar,but blower was working all speeds .

Pulled onto driveway and as turned radio off couldn't hear fan motor running.Further investigation  back to square 1 from 2 weeks ago.

Fan will not function on any setting now and when tried to increase fan speed on cc panel tell tale indicator increases as if fan is running but then after a few seconds dissapears as before.

Could a brand new hedgehog of failed so quickly? motor now jamming and causing short somewhere as all fuses intact .

Any ideas guys  :o

Omega Electrical and Audio Help / Interior Cabin Blower
« on: 06 June 2018, 13:18:21 »
Strange problem and could do with some help please.

Drove to work this morning approx. 30miles..A/C working fine and nice gentle cool air from blowers.

Parked up in direct sunlight for around 2 back into car started fine but felt warmer than temp at 20c climate panel was showing.Pressed blower to increase speed but no improvement.Turned climate down to increase cooling but still no improvement and no blower.

Checked A/C and clutch engaging and when moving there was a definite cool air movement but blower wouldn't work on ant temp setting nor manually adjusting with either eco on or off.

Have checked all fuses under steering wheel as seems several are labelled cooling fan but non are blown and everything else electrical seems to work.

Would of expected if motor failed fuse to of blown so now struggling to thing what else could be the issue.Assume there is a relay in the circuit...any idea which/colour and where .

Any help appreciated  :y 

Omega General Help / AC Pipes
« on: 26 April 2018, 16:48:39 »
Need to replace an AC condensor on daughters car and have just ordered the O ring set for the pipework.

What is the now recommended lubricant for the O ring seals ...seem to remember is used to be PAG but has that now changed 

Omega General Help / Cam Cover Bolt Seals
« on: 08 April 2018, 12:36:19 »
Last year I replaced both cam cover seals and O rings as existing had started weeping and expect they were originals.

Since then all has been spotlessly dry of oil until I noticed last week the back top bolt head on the passenger side cover had traces of oil appearing around the edges and starting to mist onto the black cover.My assumption is either the O ring has let go or maybe it got displaced when I fitted them last year but would of expected to see oil before now.They were all torqued correctly to 8nm and genuine parts were used.

My plan is to remove the bolt completly...clean away the oil from the cover and refit the bolt with a rubber washer in between the cover top and the bolt/washer as I think it is over kill removing the oil tight cover completly along with the cost of a new cam gasket/8 O rings and the potential for it to possibly happen again.

Breathers are clean and all else seems fine so just wanted to run the above by for comments or if anybody has had this happen before and resolved in a similar way

Omega General Help / Auto Gear Selector Gaiter
« on: 28 November 2017, 16:44:25 »
Whats the best way to remove and then replace with a new box gear for the life of me I can see how to get it over the gear shift :(

Omega General Help / Oil Pressure Switch
« on: 19 November 2017, 09:09:37 »
Reading several recent posts re leaks around or by the oil pressure switch think this might be the reason why I also have traces of fresh oil on the top face of the sump directly below the alternator .

As oil doesn't seem to track much beyond the front edge of that area I am suspicious that the oil pressure switch may be my issues.

What is involved in removing and replacing it and is the switch the same across the range .

Thanks :y

Car Parts, bits For Sale & Wanted / Nav Disc
« on: 08 November 2017, 21:38:19 »
Just so I can rule out fault with my original disc.

Wanted a known working nav disc for NCDC...Original only please ...year not too important though.

Thanks :y

Omega Electrical and Audio Help / NCDC 2013 nav issues
« on: 08 November 2017, 15:22:46 »
Bit of advise required please guys.

Nav unit has always been temperamental since I first acquired it with paired screen some years ago.

As the disc would get ejected with message advising dirty and couldn't be read ,I went down the route of getting a new laser from Gerbers in Germany.Whilst I rarely ever used the nav system

Car Parts, bits For Sale & Wanted / Wanted V6 120amp/h Alternator
« on: 24 September 2017, 09:18:29 »
Anybody got a good known working alternator suitable for 2003..3.2 please :y

Car Parts, bits For Sale & Wanted / Wtd
« on: 15 December 2016, 17:21:09 »
Small black plastic cap for fuel pressure release valve,on back of injector rail.

Dropped mine down crack in driveway  ::)

Omega General Help / Ignition Coils
« on: 15 December 2016, 11:22:47 »
Traced the misfire on 2/4/6 bank as the coil pack has badly split.

In my spares stock have found a brand new Bosch coil pack for 2/4/6 bank although whilst visually its identical cross checking bosch parts catalogue it is for a v6 signum/Vectra.

Will this be ok to use or are they different internally ?                             

Appreciate its a long shot,but if anybody has just 1 laying around not being used would be gratefull for Beer Tokens. ;) :y

Not too keen on the resin substitutes thanks :(

Omega General Help / Headlight Aim
« on: 01 July 2016, 20:26:30 »
Decided to investigate the poor headlight aim on my Elite yesterday as despite replacing both busted adjusters with ali retro fits last year I  have never been too impresssd with performance of lights .Bulbs are all good/health so decided to strip them both down again and investigate .

Found that O/S metal headlight adjuster had gone to the extent of its travel and had albut fallen off the thread which got me thinking was I adjusting the right screw for the right position.

It had been my understanding for as long as I can remember that the inner screw.(nearest the center of the car ) was for the up,n,down adjustment and the outer screw ( being nearest the wing) was for the left,n,right adjustment.

Had a read of the Haynes manual and I think I have been doing things wrong  :o
That states..... Inner screw is for Horizontal ..which I am assuming is up,n,down
                      Outer ................Vertical .....which I am assuming is left,n,right.

Can some knowledgable person kindly put me out of my misery.Which does which despite spending an hour last night with car against a darkish wall I failed to see much difference .albeit I was only making adjustments to the Inner screw.

Help please  :-\

For about the last few weeks almost on every ignition start the brake pad wear warning message has appeared on the display,despite no wear sensor being fitted for the last 18 months and both wires soldered and heat sealed together.The message can be cleared and doesnt every reappear whilst driving so it would seem the sensor wire bridge isnt at fault.

Yesterday as part of my scheduled plan both sets of front brake pads were replaced,and whilst I was in the nearside wheel arch I decided to have another look at the wiring.Just to be belt,n,braces I recut the sensor wire and again resoldered and heat shrunk the connection.

This morning went out to work and on start again the pad wear sensor message appeared and has continued as before only appearing on a ignition start.

Is is possible to totally disable this within the relay/loom or fuses as its now starting to do my head in.

Cant see and damaged wires from the plug up into the point where it dissapears into the loom inside the inner wing.

Help please  :-[

Omega General Help / Cat Heat Shields
« on: 30 April 2016, 19:35:15 »
Today the N/S heat sheild on Cat has finally parted company with the car.

Is it worth trying to fabricate a replacement,purely to protect the cat,and what would be the best material to use or arent they worth worry about,

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