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Omega General Help / Re: 3.0 cam info?
« on: 10 July 2017, 14:51:15 »
true, a simple timing belt job is made more complicated when you remove the sprockets from the cams and than remove the cams from the head. this will be the 3rd timing belt on a vue 3.0 for me so i do recall that cam 1 and 2 are trying to move with belt off. you set sprocket mark to about 1/2-1 tooth before mark and than when you tighten the tensioner wheel it pulls them into position.

Omega General Help / Re: 3.0 cam info?
« on: 10 July 2017, 01:29:24 »
Friend has a Toyota 1mz-fe 3.0 dohc. Each head has 1 front sprocket and rear of cams has gears that mesh together. You do not have to lock cams in position when belt is removed. Some of the valves must be in open position at #1 cyl tdc?

Omega General Help / Re: 3.0 cam info?
« on: 09 July 2017, 23:21:05 »
at TDC, cyl #1 has closed valves. but cyl 3 and 5 may have the cam trying to open valves or possibly
close valves? so at TDC, cam #1 may have considerable spring tension trying to rotate it?
cam 3 and 4 are slack at TDC. thats just the way it is?

Omega General Help / Re: 3.0 cam info?
« on: 05 July 2017, 22:21:49 »
You are the man!
E1, A2, A3, E9

Omega General Help / Re: 3.0 cam info?
« on: 05 July 2017, 15:25:49 »
main question is about ID'ing the intake or exhaust cams
i measured a .025" difference in lift between them
i had the cams off to remove headbolts and am 99% sure they are in proper place
but, i assumed it would be easy to verify with cam markings. but there are none that make sense to online info

Newbie Welcome Area / new from USA
« on: 05 July 2017, 14:54:19 »
i think this is right forum. got an 02 saturn vue with the 3.0 opel motor.
which is a cousin of the 3.2 caddy CTS motor.
been told the 2.5, 2.6, 3.0 motors are very similar?
am in midst of replacing bent valves due to timing belt issue

Omega General Help / 3.0 cam info?
« on: 05 July 2017, 14:44:53 »
got an 02 saturn vue with a 3.0 motor.
anyone have info on cam markings? ID's?
they all have the same casting number.
but the only ID on the cams is a  GC number
such as GC19, GC25, GC26, GC27
there is no A or E markings. no markings on etching on end of cams.

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