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 on: Today at 04:08:23 
Started by P6UL K - Last post by P6UL K

 on: Today at 04:05:28 
Started by P6UL K - Last post by P6UL K
Hi all, I’m back again!  :y

Back in an Omega for the time being, have bought a mates F/L MV6 that has been ticked up in a garage for the last 5 years! It has a few niggly issues which hopefully I can sort with your help!  ;D

First issue is that the temp gauge doesn’t work?

 Second issue is that the power steering seems very notchy and heavy at sporadic times? Could this be the pump on its way out or would it be just that it needs a flush and some new fluid?

 Thanks all!

 on: Today at 01:12:36 
Started by Raeturbo - Last post by Raeturbo
Thanks I will try to contact him

 on: Today at 01:00:10 
Started by swordfish - Last post by JamesV6CDX
£185  ;)


I forgot that I bought it with a known fault. You’ve no idea how relieved I was that the revs
Issue was the clutch rather than the derv pump!

I did it on ramps in the street ;D wouldn’t contemplate that now :(

 on: Today at 00:19:28 
Started by TD - Last post by Bigron
Yep, sounds good - except for clearing the path/driveway afterwards.
It may sound unnecessary and/or a trivial point, but people HAVE been sued, successfully, after part-clearing the path to the house and a visitor slipped and sprained/broke something.
The legal advice, apparently, is to clear the snow and ice completely, or leave it alone altogether.
Why so? Because YOU did not make the initial snow hazard, but in only part-clearing it, YOU make the hazard!


 on: Today at 00:02:44 
Started by Rods2 - Last post by Sir Tigger QC

All debateable of course, but that is why Hitler is so outstanding. ;)

I think that's an unfortunate turn of phrase Lizzie.  :-\  ::)

 on: Yesterday at 23:25:17 
Started by TD - Last post by ronnyd
I use a big squeegee on a broom handle, works quite well :y

 on: Yesterday at 22:49:36 
Started by TD - Last post by Bigron
Not hard to clear the "igloo", is it? Soft yard broom all over the vehicle, then sweep the snowfall clear of the driveway so you don't get sued if someone goes arse over tit in it - job done.  :y


 on: Yesterday at 22:33:09 
Started by TD - Last post by ronnyd
SWMBO saw a car going past the house this morning, every window covered except from a small square just in front of the driver. Lazy bugger. :o

 on: Yesterday at 22:32:43 
Started by TD - Last post by plym ian
No white stuff here and there never is thank god although i do miss the omega in the snow

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