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Author Topic: How To replace a Mini Face Lift rear window mechanism.  (Read 2192 times)

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How To replace a Mini Face Lift rear window mechanism.
« on: 28 March 2013, 20:00:34 »

This is for the mini face lift but pre face lift is likely to be similar. Iím not certain about the face lift.

1.   First ease the red tab in the door locking plunger towards you. I used a very sharp narrow bladed knife. The tab locks the plunger to the lock operating rod and only moves about 2mm. The plunger now lifts off giving access to a screw which locks the plunger shroud in position, remove this and the shroud.
2.   Remove 4 screws from the sides of the trim panel.
3.   Lift out the ashtray and remove 1 screw.
4.   Carefully prise forward the plastic trim from the front of the door grab handle and remove 1 screw.
5.   Prise out the finger plate behind the door operating handle and remove 1 screw.
6.   Lift off the upper forward portion of the panel, and disconnect the window switch electrical connection.
7.   Now carefully lift up the main panel to allow disconnection of the electrical connections.
8.   Remove the moisture barrier. I was able to carefully remove it in one piece.
9.   Disconnect the window mechanism electrical connection.
10.   Prop up the window.
11.   Drill out the 5 retaining rivets, 2 at the top, 1 centrally, and  2 at the bottom.
12.   Remove the mechanism by tilting the top towards the rear of the car in order to allow the plastic slider to come out of the rail attached to the bottom of the window.
13.   Before riveting the new one in place, put the mechanism approximately in position with the slider in the rail, connect it electrically only, together with its window switch, and, and operate the switch as necessary to confirm its correct operation and to align the rivet holes.
14.   Disconnect electrically again.
15.   Rivet the new mechanism in place, I used 5mm x 15mm pop rivets, utilising a small carpentersí clamp to hold it in place while fitting the first rivets.
16.   Refit the moisture barrier, I used a glue gun where necessary. Make sure you feed all the electrical leads through, and that the door lock plunger operating rod is through the barrier in its correct position.
17.   Reconnect the mechanism electrically, then refit the panels in reverse order, remembering to connect them electrically before doing so. Ensure that the main panel is correctly hooked into its retaining clips at the top.
18.   Reset the window operation, with the window closed, simply press and hold the button as if you were closing the window for 2-3 seconds. If it quiet you may hear the relay click. Repeat for each window.
Hopefully you now have an operating window again. :y
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