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Omega Electrical and Audio Help / Re: NCDC Mute Issues
« on: Today at 00:37:53 »
The facelift Omega has dedicated telephone wiring in place behind the glovebox...

Absolutely no need to go to the radio for it.

Water in the driver's a post where the ecu lives...

Equally a wiring issue caused by your hifi gubbins :-\

General Discussion Area / Re: Word Association.
« on: Today at 00:33:09 »
Kavanaugh (Brett)

Yes the aircraft-especially the F16-have some awesome thrust but a lot of weight to get moving[inertia] but once off and running-especially with re-heat-then it becomes a whole different ball game.
Loads of extra drag when rolling on wheels at sea level too. Completely different beasts, so comparison is futile. I know which one I'd like a play with, given the chance, mind. 8)
Gliding will never be the same if you did...

Terry Paget might... Cat would have been removed to drop the box before it was scrapped ;)

Because it is a shit construction. if you are unlucky, you will not unscrew the lid but the whole oil filter house. And then you have a challenge to get it right again.

I never had a problem in the 10 yrs/80k miles I had my Omega. My Smart Roadster & Merc R Class both have an element type filter, admittedly though the housings are both plastic.
That's as maybe, but you also get confused by three pedals :D

There's a guide for moving the tray...

There more I read the more concerned I get.

General Discussion Area / Re: Broken Smartphone Screen
« on: Yesterday at 09:41:55 »
a) go to Central Milton Keynes,

Has the advantage that you can visit Yo Sushi at the same time.

Well .. I consider that an advantage, anyway ;D
Is that the only one you can think of? ;D
Every cloud and all that :D

Car Parts, bits For Sale & Wanted / Re: Wheel Nuts
« on: Yesterday at 09:33:39 »
You can buy a new set of 20 for less than 20 ;)

Omega General Help / Re: Cannot open rear passenger door.
« on: 23 September 2018, 23:04:17 »
Use mole grips.

Leaning against the back edge of the door as you do it might help ;)

General Discussion Area / Re: Investment question.
« on: 23 September 2018, 22:01:30 »
Precious metals not a good choice.

Anything less than five years and you risk losing more than you're likely to earn ;)

General Discussion Area / Re: Mrs May's speech Friday afternoon
« on: 23 September 2018, 21:57:24 »
Probably council owned...

If not the council, almost certainly a councilor.

If you're bored and prepared to experiment, then you might be able to make the four cylinder one fit :-\

Omega General Help / Re: Cannot open rear passenger door.
« on: 23 September 2018, 21:51:57 »
Lower the window, and from the outside, pull the lock button up.

Report back.

Omega General Help / Re: front lower wishbones
« on: 23 September 2018, 15:01:37 »
Would now be a good time to mention theses...

Poly Bush before fitting and call it done  :y
Its never a good time. The quality is poor, and that's on the offchance they ever bother to dispatch.

Plus I can prove now they tell porkies ;)

Those particular ones are apparently not suitable for my 2003 3.2 anyway according to their "suitable vehicles" lists.

However DG and others have set me on a course now to source quality but less expensive "control arms" :y
They lie...

Omega wishbones are universal across the range ::)

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