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Omega General Help / Re: Head gasket 3.2 v6
« on: Yesterday at 23:46:33 »
I do like a thread with some mucky photos.

More to the point, I could understand a CHG letting go and water ending up in 1 or 3 or 5, or 2 or 4 or 6, but in all 6 on both sides of the V? For the CHG to be the culprit that means all 6 fire rings must fail which is a vanishingly unlikely scenario.

None of the pistons have been "steam cleaned" so water hasn't been getting into the bores for very long and then got suddenly worse. One warped hear would be careless - two ?
Can only presume that that car has been abused to death for it's entire life...  :-\

Omega General Help / Re: climate control rod/link
« on: Yesterday at 23:44:32 »
Even when doing the plod wiring on my 3.2, I don't recall seeing anything like that anywhere near the radio, let alone above it ???

Omega General Help / Re: Cam belt tensioner question
« on: Yesterday at 22:45:40 »
As long as the timing keeps true, I wouldn't worry too much :y

As Terry suggests, if the tensioner didn't move, it wouldn't be much use...

Omega General Help / Re: Brake imbalance
« on: Yesterday at 22:43:32 »
It's horrifying to watch an Omega brake hard from about 30 mph with ropey bushes... You wouldn't believe just how far the wheels move position if you haven't seen it :o

General Discussion Area / Re: Word Association.
« on: Yesterday at 22:39:24 »

General Discussion Area / Re: Zero hour contracts
« on: Yesterday at 22:38:17 »
On a related note, presumably terms and conditions such as notice periods remain unchanged if you are TUPEd :-\

Threw a can of engine flush in and took it for a blast to warm it up. Promptly drained about 4 litres of molasses out of it, popped a fresh filter in along with 4.5 litres of GM's finest :D

Had another go at getting the coil pack of... Heat does wonders... Now has four fresh plugs in it too. Only the fuel filter and coolant left and it's had it's long overdue B service.

Sounds and goes well for 170k 8)

Omega General Help / Re: Fuel filter connection
« on: Yesterday at 19:27:13 »
A four inch length of BS7480 fuel hose plus two stainless jubilee clips each end.

Cut the old fitting off the pipe and insert halfway into the fuel hose, then pop the other end straight on the filter.

Done :y

General Discussion Area / Re: Spain holidays- speed cameras
« on: Yesterday at 19:19:47 »
Spanish roundabouts. No signals and if it is two lane folk go on the inside slow lane for turning off at say the third exit. If in doubt assume the worst and do not use the fast lane on a roundabout.
Don't forget a quick beep of the horn as you sail over pedestrian crossings and stop lines... :D

Well carried on where I left off...

Manifold is a fiddle to get at the rear bolts, but straightforward enough. Cam cover is only bolts and easy to get at. Glad I bothered, although I wish I hadn't  :'(

Scraped about half a kilo of black crusty shite from it. Took nearly four hours to clean the breathers through  :o

Figured whilst I had a clear run at them, I would pop the coil pack off and swap the plugs. Or not >:( Cannot for the life of me get the coil pack off the plugs. Both bolts removed, but got nowhere beyond about 2mm of stretch on the boots.

Almost back together, just the air box and throttle body to go.

Omega General Help / Re: Brake imbalance
« on: Yesterday at 17:30:56 »
Also when was the brake fluid last changed?

Given that the original springs have lasted so long, I'd give them a clean, and put them back on
There's so much wrong with that sentence that I don't know where to begin...

I'll start with... I have a set of 240k mile Elite estate springs in the garage if you want them ::)

General Discussion Area / Re: Driving in France.....
« on: Yesterday at 11:33:41 »
I can see the A264 becoming 40 all the way from Horsham to Pease Pottage before the end of the year now that they have built 20,000,000 new houses at Faygate along with a set of lights and protected right turn 200 yards after one roundabout and 1/4 mile from the next one...

Opposing retarded Onanists doesn't quite do it justice  >:(

General Discussion Area / Re: Word Association.
« on: Yesterday at 11:29:15 »

If you can afford to do it properly, replace the lot :y

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