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General Discussion Area / Washing machine repair 2.0
« on: 19 March 2019, 20:35:34 »
Somewhat ironic that only a few weeks ago , I was advocating buying secondhand off Facebook/ gumtree rather than attempt a repair.

Our washing machine is an LG bought in 2004 !

On the plus side management is away for a couple of weeks so I will have a look at it when I am a bit better.

Symptom. Water on floor sometimes. Today about an inch of water in drum which was obviously empty after last use on Sunday. Water on floor might have been the filter which was gunked up with impossible stuff.

Cause? Hose leak inside machine , dirt or calcium stopping fill valve from shutting properly. We had a mains outage a week back.

Does the team agree?

General Discussion Area / Brexit stockpiling
« on: 09 March 2019, 13:21:11 »
On Sky news this morning they had an item on ordinary folk stockpiling food in readiness for supply problems after 29th March. It was dried and tinned goods they were buying. Pasta, rice, tinned tuna. I can see problems for a while with fresh produce like lettuces, tomatoes and other salad stuff held up in the inevitable queues at Calais caused by officialdom/ yellow jackets/striking French farmers/bloody mindedness (delete as appropriate)

more Project Fear?

Does anyone on the forum know someone stockpiling foodstuffs because of Brexit?

General Discussion Area / Water beds
« on: 03 March 2019, 10:33:33 »
We were talking about the craze for water beds back in the 80’s.

Best thing since sliced bread for bad backs, marital err harmony and restful nights......

Never slept on one but some friends had one for a few years back then.

Anyone got one now or know of someone with one or any anecdotes?


Construction of the Katrine aquaduct

General Car Chat / magnetic roof racks
« on: 25 February 2019, 15:56:35 »
Over the last few days we have seen a lot of cars with skiing equipment held on the roof by "magnets".

What happens if you do an emergency stop? ;D

General Discussion Area / Day 53 as a Gipsy
« on: 22 February 2019, 22:41:48 »
Been away from home for nearly two months. Some hotels, some staying at friends or relatives and a chunk clearing a deceased relatives house. We will be glad to be home.
Staying in a large converted wine warehouse in the centre of Bordeaux tonight. Sounds glamourous but no shops, couldn’t  find a bank or a restaurant. Oh and the warehouse has a hundred other apartments.
Spain tomorrow. Hurrah. Real coffee at a sensible price, no fancy name and without scum on the top with a heart shape or cocoa powder.....
Will have done well over 5000 miles .

General Discussion Area / A303 nowadays
« on: 19 February 2019, 10:14:32 »
On Thursday our six week plus visit to the UK will be ending.

Will be travelling from Montacute , Somerset to Eurotunnel Folkestone.

What is the A303 like nowadays during the day? I cannot really see any other practical alternative to A303, M3, M25.

General Car Chat / Price of cars and newness
« on: 15 February 2019, 23:18:37 »
We drove past a garage in Leicester and there was a car for sale at £38,500.

Spent the rest of the day looking out for older cars on the road. Saw a few 02s, an 03 and two 04s. Plus three old cars Y plate and an L and an R ( not personal plates). So concluded that most cars on the road arent old and people have money to buy them - no shortage of cars on peoples drives or house fronts. They might be being bought on loans that they cant afford or maybe lease schemes.

Am I right to conclude that people have lots of money and that a car is old at 14 years of age? If we turned the clock back say twenty years would the results have been the same then?

General Discussion Area / A good story
« on: 15 February 2019, 14:50:38 »
Nice story amongst all the gloom, I am at the aunt in law up in Portpatrick.

She has been feeding wild birds for forty years. The house is last before fields and woods.

2.40 p.m. and there are among others two male and three hen pheasants so tame you can feed them by hand with care.

General Discussion Area / Standard of official letters
« on: 06 February 2019, 21:15:02 »
Is appalling.

Received two more today to add to the pile

First got the deceased surname completely wrong.

The second said “ Sorry your mother has past “ among others.

If we could be bothered we would take it up. There is no point. The world is run by young folk who cannot write even simple letters.

General Car Chat / Road traffic, OAPs?
« on: 05 February 2019, 12:04:02 »
Chatting with some friends about the levels of traffic on the roads in the UK.

One said, it is hopeless going anywhere after 2 p.m. the roads are busy with OAPs out for a drive.

I think he has a point. They have disposable income and a car. Bargain Hunt has finished and several hours to kill before Pointless comes on.

Yesterday we hadnt eaten and thought we would drop into Palmers garden centre near Fosse Park. It was gone 2p.m. And the car park was about 80% full. A lot of people having coffee/ cake or a meal or a browse in the shop. Last time I saw a garden centre car park that full was at a sunny Easter 20 years ago! Sign of the times I guess.

General Car Chat / Any car bonnet mascot gurus?
« on: 03 February 2019, 10:00:31 »
Hard work sorting out a deceased persons estate.

Found a chrome bonnet mascot wrapped in a rag. It is identical to this one on ebay but has the chromed base that screws onto something like a radiator neck.

 Item number 254100464384.

Any gurus out there know what vehicle it is from or if they were an aftermarket accessory to upgrade your car maybe?

General Car Chat / Car canibalism
« on: 01 February 2019, 18:37:51 »
Anyone see the Ford Fiesta which had the front end stolen overnight on BBC.?  Bonnet, bumper , lights, radiator(s).........:

Police havent turned up yet. Any similar coloured Fiestas recently SORN in the area? Any similar coloured cars had a front end crash recently?  Maybe they are secretly watching the gang and do not want this sort of attention !

General Discussion Area / Dumbish computer mouse question
« on: 28 January 2019, 21:20:37 »
Just installed a  simple computer game we play onto my dads computer.

I cannot beliieve how responsive his mouse is. Question is..... is it the mouse or because he uses Linux on a simiilar specced machine whereas I use win10. My mouse is maybe six years old , Genius I think, transferred along with keyboard each upgrade.

Maybe tech has moved on? If I need a new mouse any suggestions please?

General Car Chat / App for current roadworks
« on: 24 January 2019, 10:33:17 »
Is there an online uk resource for roadworks and speed restrictions?

I am doing a lot of driving around andsatnav is great forroute planning and telling you on the move what problems there  are around.

Just trying  to avoid using a road that is  already limited to 50.

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