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General Car Chat / Rare sight indeed
« on: 21 March 2019, 16:27:06 »
Just getting home from dog walking and heard a fairly throaty exhaust note followed very shortly after by the sight of a K reg Marcos Mantis :o It looked to be in absolutely mint condition in a dark bronze colour  :y :y Not very common when new,I can't recall the last time I actually saw one even at a classic car show.

General Car Chat / Classic Omegas?
« on: 20 March 2019, 17:35:44 »
I see there are at present 3 Omegas listed in the classic car section of flea bay.Ones a 3.2 saloon that according to the write up has been subject of a write off in the past and has had a shed load of money spent on it in the last year and a half.Another saloon[2.5 Elite-facelift]looks to have been very well looked after and is low mileage and the third a '96 2.5TD Elite estate again a low mileage example[but expensive none the less] can't do links and I have no connection to any of these cars.

Omega General Help / Starting oddity
« on: 19 March 2019, 17:08:53 »
When the engine is cold I can start the car easily even if stood beside it reaching in through the open door/widow[I sometimes do this when I'm tinkering]when it's warm turning the key does nothing,no click/whirr/other noise unless I press the brake pedal in which case it starts as quickly as it does when cold.When it's hot it won't start at all[again no noises]unless I put it in neutral when it starts just as quickly as in the other scenarios.Any ideas what could be causing this?

General Discussion Area / Insane price
« on: 19 March 2019, 08:29:34 »
Described as "The Lewis Hamilton" of the pigeon racing world Armando has sold for a record price of $1.4m :o :o :o Apparently at 5yrs old its racing career is over and has been bought for breeding purposes.The previous record price was 340,000 which still seems an insane price for a pigeon.Anyway i'm off into town with a net to bag a few pigeons and knock them out on the bay of e,after all I'd not be the first to flog a few fakes on there :D :-X

Omega Electrical and Audio Help / Bose or not?
« on: 17 March 2019, 19:58:24 »
Still looking for a Bose CCR2006 I've seen some on e-bay[most discounted as the sellers say they haven't the code]but there seems to be at least two numbers for these units one of which is 09146057 then it says Type CCR2006[E] and in thick black letters UU7.Is there any way from seeing such numbers whether or not any given unit is Bose or non-Bose?

Omega Electrical and Audio Help / Would it fit/work
« on: 12 March 2019, 21:15:55 »
Seen a NCDC 2015 for sale[with screen]from a Vectra C ad says it would fit Omega but dash near air vents would need altering to fit screen.But would it fit? In what way would the dash need altering?Would it work with the Bose system my car has?

General Discussion Area / Great racing
« on: 10 March 2019, 18:09:21 »
First round of this years MotoGP has just finished.Not going to spoil things for anyone who is yet to see it but all three races were great to watch :y Makes me wonder though how much faster they can get the big bikes to go,speeds down the start/finish straight were in the high 340's KPH with one bike[albeit possibly with a bit of slipstream help]achieving 352KPH :o

Car Parts, bits For Sale & Wanted / Wanted:CCR2006
« on: 10 March 2019, 07:39:34 »
As above I'm after a CCR2006-must be Bose enabled,or possibly consider one of the NCDC units[with paired screen obviously]if they're just a plug and play type swap over and able to be used with the Bose system.Prices please with postage to Scunny.Ta.

General Discussion Area / Fly past
« on: 22 February 2019, 08:38:56 »
This morning[weather permitting] elements of the U.S.A.F. and R.A.F.-in the form of aircraft from the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight-will perform a fly past over Endcliffe park in Sheffield to mark the day 75yrs ago when the crippled B17 crashed there killing all ten aircrew when it went down in the wooded area at the edge of the park.It is believed that they were attempting to set down in the park to avoid crashing into the houses surrounding it but a small group of children were playing there and despite the efforts of the aircrew to wave them away from the danger the children just believed they were being waved at and waved back without moving.Whether this is true and the aircrew sacrificed themselves to save those children or just that the aircraft could simply no longer keep the air will of course never be known.One of those children[8yrs old at the time]has grown and is still with us and for many years he has tended the memorial site erected in the park-sweeping the leaves and generally keeping it clean and tidy.He says he has felt a sense of guilt every day that as a young boy in the park he didn't move out of the way and that the aircrew died as a result.So I suppose the fly past is just as much in honour of him as it is for the aircrew.

General Discussion Area / Another piece of history...
« on: 09 February 2019, 18:50:24 »
...has been found.The wreck of first Japanese battleship to be sunk in WWII has been located off the Solomon Islands.Much like H.M.S.Hood she was originally built as a battlecruiser and was later upgraded to battleship.The Hiei served in both world wars and was finally sunk in 1942 after damage sustained by both ship to ship actions and air attacks which finally led to her being cast adrift from a rescue attempt and left to her fate.

General Discussion Area / Who's who?
« on: 03 February 2019, 17:55:53 »
Watched an old episode of Ironside[Raymond Burr as wheelchair bound police detective] in which he traded places with a character called Carlton Duffy in order to find  and trap a killer.The Duffy character was quite obviously Raymond Burr in a white haired wig and beard,however in the credits at the end of the programme it said that Clinton Duffy was played by himself.So was Raymond Burr really called Clinton Duffy or vice versa?Or who in fact was either of them?

General Discussion Area / Six Nations
« on: 01 February 2019, 19:49:57 »
Kick off for first match FrancevWales in a couple of minutes. Come on Wales :y

General Car Chat / Seen today
« on: 22 January 2019, 18:51:52 »
Just before 3pm this afternoon I was going into the Ashby area of Scunny when I saw emerging from the premises of the local Honda car dealership a beautiful[at least it looked in great condition]Triumph TR4.Mind you I think the driver must be a bit of a softie as he had the top up ::)

General Car Chat / VED rate
« on: 18 January 2019, 19:37:27 »
If you buy a car that has a VED rate based on emissions-i.e. post 2001-does fitting LPG to it alter that rate in any way?Or is it that the LPG just makes it cheaper to run?

General Car Chat / Meriva saga continues
« on: 18 January 2019, 18:29:56 »
Step daughters Meriva finished up at a local Halfords Autocentre[only garage locally who have an account with the warranty company-even though Vx dealer said they had but didn't]they've been in touch with her today to say the engine is totalled and for them to fit a recon engine would come to 2,000+ of which the warranty company would pay 500.She's now going to get in touch with the sales place she got it from,so whether that proves fruitful or not remains to be seen.Halfords also reported to her that the engine had been apart at least once before now.She's not a happy bunny ::)

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