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Hi all,

Apologies for a Tyre question, but I was interested if anybody has used the new Bridgestone Driveguard tyres ?

I need to put new boots on the family bus, VW Touran TDi Sport 177 DSG (15 plate)

Touran has NO spare wheel !!! and the Bridgestone Driveguards claim to be compatible with any car with the Tyre Pressure monitoring system fitted and can be driven on (at low speed of course) to enable you to get out of trouble so sounds a useful thing, even if it was to get off the motorway and somewhere safe. 

The OEM fitted tyres are Extra Load rated (XL) and the Bridgestone Driveguard tyre also comes as an XL  flavour so it would imply I could use them on the Touran as it does have the Tyre Pressure Monitoring system fitted (and works as chirped up the other day as one of tyres was low  :y, but not by much)

The limited reviews I have seen claim sidewalls are not as severe as the standard Fun Flats, so are OK to use and does not effect handling, stiffness, suspension etc.  This seems to be the marketing hype that they are targeting, being you can fit these "Run Flats" to any car with TPS without any problems and you get the benefits they bring.

Has anybody used the Bridgestone Driveguards ?

Thanks in advance.

Omega Gallery / Jungle Green Clean Machine
« on: 19 August 2018, 16:23:26 »
I love a clean Omega  :y

Testing the new AutoGlym finish detailer between waxes.  Smells nice to  ;D

Gotta get Cambelt done soon.

Omega Gallery / Washed and detailed..... She cleans up well ;)
« on: 15 July 2018, 14:21:13 »

Trying out the new Snowfoam and Detail Finish spray (in between 6 monthly wax)

She not a bad looker considering 18 and a half years old.

Hope you like the pics.  I've had her from new and wouldn't part with her  :y

I suspect the front n/s brake Caliper is slightly sticking.

Any advice before I have a look to free it off, lube it up.

Seals I believe are ok.  May just need to be worked a bit as car not do that many miles and does sit for a week (inside  :y)

Orderd some high temp grease for sliding pins just to be sure.

Thanks in advance.


Omega General Help / Ashtray Unit Removal - Pre Facelift.
« on: 04 March 2018, 13:00:24 »
Hi all,

I just want to pop the whole unit out, to run a USB wire at the back.

On looking, there are 3 black screws set back on the top of the unit (left, right and central). 

I assume if I undo these the whole thing pulls straight out ?

Thanks in advance.

I have acquired a DAB Transmitter, and instructions suggest sticking small DAB aerial to side of screen by the A Pillar, but I need to remove the trim to stick / ground one bit to the metal.

How easy does the Trim come off and go back ?

Thanks in advance.


Omega General Help / Paint code for Velvet Green - 46L ?
« on: 27 January 2018, 12:33:10 »

Looking to get some touch up paint and I am convinced she is Velvet Green but want to make double sure.

Where can I confirm the right code ?  I have a pic of the engine bay plate and I do see a 46L there after a long 10 digit number on second row, which I guess is Velvet Green ?

Is this the same as Jungle Green which I believe is L359 ?   


Omega Electrical and Audio Help / Replacing Keyfob battery...
« on: 17 November 2017, 10:44:25 »
HI all,

Noticed spare key was a bit sluggish to respond, so I shall pop some new batteries in both of my keys (I have not replaced them yet and I have had the car from new   :D :D)

Any tips / advice on how the  key comes apart ?  Its a MFL with the two buttons.  I believe the battery is a CR2032 ?  Is it one in each key ?

Thanks in advance.

Hi all,

Looking to put new exhaust on the old girl (took her for a spin today and noticed a slight blow, and MOT next month).  Also, last exhaust was 10+ years ago (or longer I think !) and was a GM one !, and somebody said I had a horse tail following me the other day at work as I cruised around the car park  ;D

Remembering previous discussions on exhausts from this forum, I assume I am correct in assuming:
  • The ETS / Eternal one on E.bay (Clamshell) is still a good buy ? - 90 for full system ?
  • GM one was pretty quiet.  Assume the ETS one is similar - Not want a tinny sounding thing  :(
  • I have the MFL 2.5V6, but fancy the twin tailpipes - I understood the 3.0V6 one will fit exactly same with the twin tailpipe back box?
  • Is it a DIY job ?
  • Any tips before I attempt ?
  • Do I need any type of paste when making all connections on the system ?
  • I have ordered 4 new bolts from the stealer - Is this a good idea ?
  • Considering a Chrome tail (Nothing obscene, just a small detail finish  :)- Good idea or leave alone ?  any recommendations if others have used.

Thanks in advance all,


Omega Electrical and Audio Help / Door Mirror switch.
« on: 10 October 2017, 18:40:07 »

Noticed the door mirror switch a bit temperamental the other day.  Mirrors I believe are OK.  Both worked when gave switch good wiggle but Left/Right needed a work at it !

I have a V plate MFL.  The switch looks very similar (as it's one of the small separate ones, rather than the FL one which part of window module) to ones of other models eg vectra ?

Are there similar ones, or will one for the Omega MFL only work/fit ?

Thanks in advance.
P.S  Assume simple to change ?

Omega General Help / Pending Fault Codes P1625 and P1781 ?
« on: 09 September 2017, 16:42:54 »
Hi all,

Visited my dad last weekend so I plugged Code reader into his Facelift 2.2 Petrol Auto.

It had Pending Fault Codes P1625 and P1781 ?

No problems with the car, but he mentioned last the other day that the orange Engine light came on.  Car appeared to behave OK.

He has report today that the light is no longer on and all appears OK.

Any ideas as to what the two codes are ?

He had a new Camshaft sensor, but that was a year or so ago.

Car starts and runs fine.  Just curious as to what the codes are and if need to worry or address any impending issues now ?

Thanks in advance.


Hi all.

I note that Photobucket now charge for 3rd party picture hosting  :-\

Are there any recommended sites used by people ?

I will need to change mine as the pics I have posted on OOF appear to be blocked by Photobucket  :'(

Thanks in advance for any recommendations.


Hi all,

I am a HAPPY CHAP  :)  ALL FIXED  :y :y :y

Swapping the ABS ECU has restored all my Speedo Related functions (Speedo, Cruise, Trip computer etc...)

A BIG thanks to the OOF and the kind members who have helped me on the earlier posts and Private Messages :y  You know who you are so much appreciated  :y

I would also like to mention a special thanks to Terry for services (and parts) rendered - You are a true Gentleman.

Below (After a few hours of cursing, lost skin and numerous other expletives) for those interested is a pic of the ECU which I removed from my 2.5V6 Manual - MFL - V Plate.

Given the corrosion on the top, I suspect some has got inside and rendered the famous Speed signal Pin 23 'Iffy'  :-\  I was going to see if I can open it up - Any experience ?  Are they simple to open (and then close !).

Thanks again all - The power of the OOF strikes again and the old girl is back on the road (washed and tucked away in garage in the cool this afternoon  ;))

ECU Removed - Note slight corrosion on the top  :-\

Part number of ECU Removed (Blood and sweat marks removed for clarity  ;D)

Omega Electrical and Audio Help / Code reader for MFL ?
« on: 01 June 2017, 22:26:19 »

Apologies for the daft question, but is there a code reader for my MFL Omega ? 

I borrow a friend's plug in reader to my Dad's Facelift Desmond which works a treat (Bluetooth ODB and can read it from a friend App on phone).

The same reader will not work on my Omega as i have tried it  :'(  Do I need to get a different 'Flavour' for my MFL ? and if so what would recommend ?

It's just convienent to plug it in and read it on screen  :y

Thanks in advance.


Hi all,

Spoke to my Dad earlier who has a 2.2 CD Auto Petrol Facelift on a Y Plate and he mentioned he has noticed a damp bit on the drive in the passenger side in front of wheel - He is having to top up Level every now and then.  Not excessive, but nevertheless there is clearly a leak.

I recall a small radiator drain valve on the bottom corner there - Can they weep ?  and if so can you get replacement ? (I recall they have a couple of O rings ?) 

Are there any other areas to watch out for on the Desmond for coolant leaks in that area ?

I shall be paying a visit to him in a few weeks time, but If I need any bits then I'll take them with me  :y

Any experience ?

Thanks in advance.

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