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Omega General Help / Headlamp-on Dingalingaling - what/where!?
« on: 17 September 2018, 18:05:58 »
Looking for the relay that controls the lights-on warning tiddly. I've been over the forum for a while now I think it's behind the glovebox, just looking for a location and part number.

Mine's becoming more and more erratic, and for someone as forgetful as me a headlamps-on warning device is a very useful thing.

Extra: I seem to recall that FLs have a buzzer, whereas mine and other older stuff like Cavs have a dingalingaling noise. So for originality/pedant's sake, looking for that early type. 

Thanks in advance  :y

Car Parts, bits For Sale & Wanted / WTD: V6 Cats - non-DBW ones.
« on: 17 September 2018, 16:32:06 »
As above. I'm just seeing what's out there.

Need to be earlier, as per title - to the best of my knowledge later 2.6/3.2 cars' cat sections aren't desirable.

Just the OS needed, though of course if offered only as a pair I'd happily take both. Ideally i'm after ones from a low-mileage car. Can travel to pick up, rather than trusting Postman Pat with these fragile items. 

And cheap as poss, please

Also the shirt off your back while I'm at it  ;D :D :D

Thanks all in advance.

General Car Chat / ABS Significant anniversary year...or not?
« on: 29 June 2018, 22:47:26 »
More, perhaps a specific question for anyone involved in Club business for the Autobahnstormers, really... just been looking on the Harborough VBOA this year an we have, being celebrated....

50th anniversary of the Viva GT
40th anniversary of the Chevette HS
35th anniversary of the Vauxhall Nova
30th anniversary of the Cavalier Mk3
25th anniversary of the Corsa
20th anniversary of the Astra G
20th anniversary of the Vectra GSi
10th anniversary of the Insignia

Surely something will be on the ABS stand for the rather important anniversary of 40th anniversary of the 'V-Cars' Carlton / Viceroy / Royale / Commodore / Rekord / Senator / Monza?
I been sort of looking forward to a big play to be made of this in 2018; and let's be honest its effectively the founding vehicles of the club, so pretty important, really! Can anyone answer this? Bit surprised I've not seen anything yet, is all.  :)

General Car Chat / Tech 2 at VBOA?
« on: 15 June 2018, 17:39:50 »
It's something I tend to have at the back of my mind every year, but never really make enough of an effort to try and sort something.

Is there anyone going to the VBOA this year who has Tech 2 abilities, that would like to do a tweak or two for me? I would like some plips coding to my car. Monetary reward would of course be included.

I'm sure no-one would want to turn their weekend break into a 'working holiday' as such, but if one or more of us wanted some Tech 2-ing doing whoever did it would quite possibly end up in the black, for literally minutes work. I did something similar once doing sketches of people's cars for a few hours one year and ended up paying for the entry fee and petrol money with the proceeds.  8)

Anyone fancy it?

General Car Chat / late 80s 'unobtanium' Bonnet Griffin
« on: 10 June 2018, 00:24:15 »
On the heebay....

no connection with this, but may be on interest to some LC/LO Owners, or someone in the ABS? Cant get these for love nor money, apparently. Not mint, but also starting bid of 1p so it's not even out of my price range...  :D

General Car Chat / Little Milestone...
« on: 09 June 2018, 22:12:30 »
Just thought I'd share this...

200,000 miles, been a long time coming - and she turns 22 years old end of the month too!

Test Zone / testy pic
« on: 09 June 2018, 22:02:54 »
Lets see which of these works then!


Bosch part number 0580453976 if that helps, far as I'm aware the 4 pots use a different p/n (well the Omega fuel pump I had as a spare certainly ain't the same, sadly!)

They seem to be what I'd call crazy prices new, but if anyone's got one they can sell me for cheap give me a shout.

Would consider a used one, but would really need to be from a low mileage example, plenty of used ones out there with starship mileage on them, which seems a false economy.

Thanks very much in advance if anyone's got one! (or can offer an alternative - Y26/32 engines may be different but compatible?)


Omega General Help / Earth Wire - where?
« on: 03 March 2018, 22:35:35 »
OK, further to my other thread where I'm trying to pinpoint a potential battery issue, I've discovered there's apparently a whole wire missing! It appears this should run from under the air con pump the the earth point under the battery tray, however I've just had a kind OOFer send me some images of his scrap motor and I can't see this. Am I wrong, or is there just a wire missing on his pics?

As my earth strap is missing, I don't actually know what it looks like, does anyone happen to have a handy pic?

As a side issue, could someone explain the technical function of this strap, please? I find it odd the car's been running (apparently) fine for maybe years without.

As title, if anyone's got one for price of beer money, or my first born child,  anywhere between.  ;D

I might be as well getting one from local motorfactors, but i didn't want to get sold something by nice man over the counter that would underperform compared with the original vx one.

Thanks chaps!

General Car Chat / Vx batteries not what they were...?
« on: 22 February 2018, 13:16:54 »
So, managed about 3 years and 3 months from my genuine Vx battery, bought over the counter at the dealer.

Had some PAS issues which seemed to point toward alternator, (certainly something electrical) replaced the regulator tiddly, and left the battery on a charger, after a few hours of resting it read a healthy 12.7v. Next morning, started up fine, clicked the headlamps on, to discover the MID went off briefly, and she nearly stalled seconds later (dropped to approx 200rpm for a split second!)

Battery now reading 12.47v.

So unless I've missed something, that's not ideal... :-\

As title, have to delve into this but potentially im off the road big time if its what I fear,  and problem persists. So just checking if anyone out there has the required.

As far as im aware even a mfl abs ecu wont work as its a different tc system to 94 - 97 cars, though very happy to be proven wrong on this.

Help!  ;D

General Car Chat / Embarrassing VXL V6...
« on: 17 December 2017, 21:47:04 »
Just wanted to say a big thanks to VXL V6 who answered my plea for a spare tyre, offered me two, didn't want any money for them, just owe him a favour (not specified  :y ::)) he isn't especially close to me, but even so he only went and ruddy delivered the things to within a few mile from my house!! Had a natter, did the bloke thing of looking at each others' engines, then went our separate ways.

100% gent, and thank you. Consider yourself embarrassed publicly, thanks again top bloke!  :)

Car Parts, bits For Sale & Wanted / Wanted: Spare wheels
« on: 09 December 2017, 07:07:49 »
Im based in Coventry, so pretty central, though be heading back up to cleethorpes for christmas,  so potential to collect from further up north if needs be. Ideally new tyre or little use, hold air, oh, and I might even offer some money if you insist  :D

If youve got any PFL V6 or Monza bits, you might have some other parts that might make a longer journey worthwhile. Just pm me, ta in advance  :)

My 'spare' Omega basically needs to go. And yes, FREE to a good home (or to maintain forum etiquette I'll take 1 for it  :))

It is...

-T reg 98 2.0 16v Auto Saloon. Maintained for many years by an MoT tester who ran/owned/sold a fleet of Omegas/Carltons/Sennys in the day. So many parts are replaced. I consider this a 'mongrel' of many different Omegas.
-Z177 (Diamond Black) ex taxi. Excluding NS front door which is FL Nocturno Blue and from a car that'd done 80k, and damn near mint and rust free.
-Looks to have been a CD or CDX at some point, tatty but usable leather Recaro sports interior, usual drivers seat wear.
-Usual rust on door tops, bottoms, spare wheel well, sills starting to go ahead or rear arch.
-Headlamps and front bumper currently off, but will be chucked on if required
-Carphone stereo HU (CCRT700)
-About 10-20 petrol still in it
-Several odd bits of trim etc broken / cannibalaised / missing, door cards off, etc. Basically how your average car looks in a scrap yard, really.

Before I basically pay for my local scrapman to take the poor old thing away, I'm offering it to you fine fellows. Will need to be trailered, possible uses as...

Banger racer
Slowest ever track day car
Useful source of steel for welding
Chicken coop
2.0 engine donor for Astra/Vectra of similar age
Large paperweight

Basically I'm ringing around this weeked while I'm back up north visiting family to see who will take it away, but anyone on here gets in there first, then come and get it, as above, ideally wants to be this weekend. Car located in N E Lincs, near Grimsby.

Not much car, however price (1) reflects this  :D

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