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I've always fancied the idea of experiencing being in the rear seat of an aircraft getting catapulted off the deck of a carrier and landing back on again.

General Car Chat / Re: Two Mercs
« on: Today at 07:38:52 »
Cheeky sod :P I'll have you know I'm a honest law abiding citizen me ::) As it happens I was driving them and no I hadn't nicked them either :D

General Discussion Area / Can't be my end can it?
« on: Yesterday at 20:57:37 »
Just of late-since the last update thing windows 10 do-when I click on a topic/section/another page it sometimes comes up in top left corner of screen "waiting for response" and then after a few seconds the screen will just go blank other times there'll be a short delay before the page appears.This doesn't happen on other forums/e bay/other sites so I don't think it can be a problem at my end,but if not what's causing it?

Changed coolant temperature sensor and temperature gauge sender unit and while in there decided to change thermostat too.Doing these as since oil cooler change the temperature gauge has got up to about 90 before the fans kicked in and dropped the temperature back to about 75 and then repeating the cycle without holding a steady temperature.Hopefully changing these will sort that issue[it's already had a new radiator and fan thermoswitches this year] before something else crops up.

Yes the aircraft-especially the F16-have some awesome thrust but a lot of weight to get moving[inertia] but once off and running-especially with re-heat-then it becomes a whole different ball game.

General Car Chat / Two Mercs
« on: Yesterday at 20:39:28 »
Been in a 64 plate SLK-not far so couldn't really judge on its comfort/handling-not keen on styling of these with long nose and dumpy rear end,but the dash I liked a lot it was uncluttered with instruments clear and easily read.Then I went in a later model C200-again not far-the styling was more pleasing to me but the dash appeared cluttered and less clear than the earlier car and had one of those gormless screen things stuck on top of dash like a chav special afterthought so that alone would put me off having one.If manufacturers must fit these screens why can't they integrate them into the dash design? >:(

General Car Chat / Re: French Electrics....
« on: Yesterday at 20:30:53 »
Yep,I like the exterior styling of that too.Not fussed about the interior mind.Never be able to afford one so reliability isn't exactly an issue for me.

General Discussion Area / Re: Word Association.
« on: Yesterday at 20:26:20 »

General Car Chat / Re: Car shopping
« on: 22 September 2018, 18:38:08 »
Isn't the XF Sportbrake only available with the derv engine-and only the small one at that?

General Discussion Area / Re: Next Thursday evening
« on: 22 September 2018, 18:35:30 »
The Victory we know today is officially the sixth ship to bear the name[although I believe there's only a few feet of her keel that is part of the ship that was launched with the rest being replaced during various refits/restorations] Victory#1 was part of the Elizabethan Navy Royal[as it was then known]and part of the fleet that saw action against the Spanish armada under the command of John Hawkins-a cousin of Sir Francis Drake-later it was broken for scrap.Victory#2 was in fact a re-named ship previously known as Royal James,later paid off and laid up awaiting her fate she was then subject of a huge refit[when the need for ships arose once more]it was deemed the refit and changes warranted her being classed as a new ship and thus re-launched to become Victory#3,again subsequently broken for scrap.Victory#4 came along and after some while refitted emerging as the Royal George a name she carried for about a year before being once more named Victory-thus becoming #5 it was this ship that became subject of a programme some while ago[her remains having been found]about her running onto rocks during a storm and foundering with the loss of all hands.Finally came Victory#6 that everyone knows and unless at some point she is de-commissioned then she will be the last to carry the name.

General Discussion Area / Re: Word Association.
« on: 22 September 2018, 17:58:35 »

General Car Chat / Re: That was dreadful !
« on: 21 September 2018, 19:15:29 »
Nice cars,wonderful soundtrack. :y You've got to love a car that has the words Ground Speed on the speedo dial :D.Quite why anyone would buy the 2.3 ecoboost variant is beyond me.

General Discussion Area / Re: Word Association.
« on: 21 September 2018, 19:10:14 »

General Discussion Area / Re: Next Thursday evening
« on: 21 September 2018, 19:02:03 »
They did mention the human casualties of Trafalgar but not the number of ships taken-many subsequently lost to the gales that followed shortly after the battle ended.The programme did more or less begin with an inaccuracy when it was stated that H.M.S. Victory won the battle of Trafalgar ??? No she didn't she was one of a fleet of ships that won it.As I said though my main gripe was[that for a programme titled Great British Ships]not much was mentioned of her long career apart from a very brief mention of he being the flagship of Sir John Jervis[later Earl St.Vincent] at the battle of Cape St.Vincent it then centred upon Nelson and Trafalgar,where they made another error by stating that Nelson made a bee-line for Bucentaure[flagship of the combined fleet]yes Nelson was looking for just that vessel but it was only at basically the last moment that she was recognised and then Victory made for her breaking the line directly aft of her and crossed the bows of Redoubtable.When upon doing so Victory let loose her broadside[some guns double shotted and some even treble shotted]straight through the stern galleries of Bucentaure before hauling round to lie alongside Redoubtable.

General Discussion Area / Re: Next Thursday evening
« on: 21 September 2018, 07:49:59 »
Rather disappointed in that.Obviously she'll always be linked with Nelson and Trafalgar but there was rather more about those than there was about the ship herself which for me would have made it a better programme.

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