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General Discussion Area / Re: Brexfucit
« on: Today at 15:00:33 »
If a hard Brexit had been embraced from the get go, we would be in a much stronger position than we are now...

Two years of no defined plan or leadership is what has led us to the current wishy washy mess and it is this uncertainty which has done the damage.

It will take several years to recover from whatever happens next, so we might as well leave properly and move forward.

Staying is likely to be no easier, and is likely to be far more damaging in the long run. Imho.

Omega General Help / Re: Vauxhall Omega 2.2 Saloon MOT
« on: Today at 13:27:59 »
Sachs/Boge are the same firm. Those linked are genuine Sachs and are identical to the factory ones and include the correct fittings (unlike Bilstein) :y


They are not identical to the factory fit but, they are the OEM supplier  :y
If they aren't the same as factory, they are very similar, including the fitting kits ;)

Omega General Help / Re: Idler Arm part number?
« on: Today at 11:25:01 »
Have a look towards the US for an AC Delco one :y

If the sensor was previously working, refit it :y

General Discussion Area / Re: Word Association.
« on: Today at 08:58:12 »

They could equally have boarded the passengers onto the wrong aircraft... Which could have serious consequences if they had loaded the Duesseldorf bags onto the Edinburgh flight and vice versa...  :-X

General Car Chat / Re: Omega replacement
« on: Today at 00:35:12 »
What is it?

General Car Chat / Re: Omega replacement
« on: Yesterday at 23:42:00 »
Get the house built and px the Korean lorry ;)

Need to arrange a shift swap, but will have to wait a week as I start a new roster then ::)

General Discussion Area / Re: A very easy mistake to make....
« on: Yesterday at 23:11:17 »
One more reason (not that I need one) that Satan will be skating to work before I set foot on a BA aircraft  ::)
Not that that was a BA aircraft ::) :-X

General Car Chat / Re: Omega replacement
« on: Yesterday at 23:10:07 »
Volvo S80 4.4 V8 should cover all your requirements, other than being rwd. If you land one with the self leveling option.
Be lucky to get a choice of colour let alone options... :-\

Omega General Help / Re: Self leveling rear shocks
« on: Yesterday at 20:19:40 »
That'll buff out ;)

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