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Please play nicely.  No one wants to listen/read a keyboard warriors rants....

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General Discussion Area / Re: tinternets gone up again
« on: Yesterday at 15:36:49 »
Depends what you want from it in the way of additional services (email, filtering, add-on goodies etc).

If its pure internet and nothing else, and its not important its the absolute fastest, or 100% available, then any of the cheapies should suffice.

Wow, just noticed this thread alone has had over a million views :o

Newbie Welcome Area / Re: New member 96 elite owner
« on: Yesterday at 11:22:03 »
Welcome to the site.

Pop up your queries in the relevant sections, and I'm sure they will be answered :y

Omega General Help / Re: 4 Wheel Alignment settings needed
« on: Yesterday at 11:20:40 »
As everything should be measured to the thrust angle (basically, ensure the rear geometry is perfect, then use that was the measurement point), I would normally call out "laser alignment"/"4 wheel alignment"/tracking etc as an utter waste of money. Simply because your base point is unknown, and so you're setting the geometry around an unknown point.

The Omega is particularly fussy, and absolutely must have Thrust Angle of 0'00 only.  Compromise the rear camber if necessary, even if its way out - though that's a sure sign the rear suspension arms are badly bent.

Thanks The Boy. Will fit door and connect motor. Shame the central lock motors aren't the same through out the years.

Mostly the same.  As MonzaGSE says, its only the very early cars that are different.

Omega General Help / Re: Omega callipers
« on: Yesterday at 11:12:08 »
As you can get proper caliper paint that can take the heat - not that much heat builds up in the Bear's brakes - why wouldn't you use that?

Oh, and I've set the clock twice on the Pussy in the last fortnight, seeing as the Jaguar designers thought it was fine not to have any kind of automatic setting.  I'm surprised they didn't go the whole hog and make it wind-up.

.... And the drivers mirror is not connected to electric seat position. :-\
Yes, the fact the interior mirror is not on the memory is inexcusable on such a car, when Vauxhall were doing it 25yrs ago.

General Discussion Area / Re: Wheel of misfortune
« on: Yesterday at 11:07:30 »
I suspect part of the issue is that dads no longer know how to open the bonnet, and thus never teach their kids.

Take tunnie's mates at work - whom I don't know at all, so making assumptions based on tunnie's age - I would wager none of them know how to do basic maintenance.  I think as millennials go, tunnie is quite unusual in being able to do this.

In fact, taken a step further, as everyone knows, I work "in IT" (whatever the hell that means), and because my generation were playing on their Spectrums and C64s, I reckon in my office only a couple of people could do a basic service.

One of the convoy going over to France was a young, bright teenage lass who had not been driving long.  As we got off the ferry in France, I noticed one tyre was way down on pressure and the 2 fronts were very borderline tread. So as I was putting air in (it was 18psi, car was fully loaded with 3 adults and luggage/booze for 10 days), I asked her what prep she had done. "Kissed the bonnet and tapped the steering wheel" was the reply.

I suspect that car, like so many others, gets a £99 "service"/MOT annually (ie, an oil change), and no other work. 

Itís fastest growing MVNO in UK, with better uptake on launch than any other, including BT. Not sure how you can class that as poor,
Its the newest, and being pushed hard both in general advertising, and especially to existing Sky customers. And its certainly not the fastest uptake ever in the UK ;)

but then we are anti Sky here.
Just because I don't think Sky offer value for money for the sort of stuff that I want to watch, that doesn't not make me anti Sky.  I do feel Sky seriously need to kerb their pricing (on the TV/Streaming side - the Broadband/Mobile stuff is reasonably competitive considering the regulation hoops Sky (as one of the main 5) have to jump through).

I actually quite like Sky, because I think the pay TV market needs some serious competition, to get away from the trailer trash programmes being made by the "free" channels, who's premier programmes are all depressing soaps or reality dross.  And pay TV is the future.

But most importantly, I got free cookies when they hit 1mil.  :)
I'm surprised your new owners haven't started to stop that, in order to reduce costs and make Sky competitive.

General Discussion Area / Re: Bluetooth Wireless Dongle
« on: Yesterday at 10:32:47 »
And, of course, dependent on your Wi-fi speed and quality.

Ah, that is interesting. My BT fibre optic, well to the green box in the street, meets all the speed checks I have done and for me in practical terms is usually as fast as I need, and is supersonic compared to how fast my iPad loads!

So, could it be the internet speed to the iPad that stops it from working well with big internet sites, or, as said, my iPad (yes, it is years old!) basically past it?

Time for a new iPad perhaps, as it looks as though I am keeping my (still non-Bluetooth) Desktop PC! :D
Try you iPad on a speedtest site in various areas of the house.  If its old, the only 2.4GHz Wifi might be g standard (54MBps), which translates in reality to about 20-23Mbps best case.  If it supports 5Ghz, that frequency doesn't penetrate walls too well, so might only reach the better speeds when close to the router.

My gayPad is an Air <something>, about 4yrs old, and perfectly fine once booted.  The pace of mobile development, plus the fact that mobile OS was built without thinking about security in any way, means the hardware quickly goes out of date, and is impossible to upgrade components to faster, newer options.  That's the same for Android and iOS devices.  Windows tablets - which I would not recommend unless you really need one - fair better due to the maturity of Windows.

Oh, and I've set the clock twice on the Pussy in the last fortnight, seeing as the Jaguar designers thought it was fine not to have any kind of automatic setting.  I'm surprised they didn't go the whole hog and make it wind-up.

Thought again about washing 3.2, then thought nah.

Perhaps in August!
The Pussy is minging, inside and out, as the weather was pretty naff in Normandy. So people have dragged mud in on their shoes, and the bodywork is caked.

Now do I take it to Tesco today, or my usual MK Kosovans on Tuesday when I need to go into the office.

I put FL doors on my MFL, and never swapped electric windows over

Omega General Help / Re: Omega 2.6 runs better without MAF
« on: 15 June 2019, 15:41:53 »
I'll ask one more time before ignoring this thread.

Post up the live data readings for LTFTs and MAF

In other Sky mobile news, it hit 1 million customers, so can't be doing too badly!
That's pretty poor, even for an MVNO...

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