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No, because I would never be in Paris, due to the fact its in France.  ;D
Nought wrong with France. Although Paris is a shithole, full of Parisians.

Apart from the fact its full of French people. Granted they may show a degree of friendliness when your giving them your hard earned cash though, as they have never "hard earned" anything due to being a nation of lazy communists.  :)
Ignoring Parisians for a moment, and whatever nationality lingers around the Northern ports, especially Calais, I have found the French people friendly, helpful and pleasant, irrespective of whether I'm giving them money or not.

General Discussion Area / Re: For the geeks...
« on: Today at 12:54:32 »
Had no real issues with Monarch. Yes, a low cost airline, but I don't recall any particular issues with space compared to other scum-class flights.

TBH, not really had any particular issues on any flights that were down to the airline. Have had the usual delays that we all get, had emergency landings due to onboard failures, had an aborted landing due to a light aircraft being in the wrong place, had the usual little brats screaming and kicking the back of my seat all flight, and so on.

But I'm of average height.  What I lack in height, I make up for in width though.

Now, the airports. Don't get me started on the airports. Esp the UK ones.  None of them are even remotely any good, but Luton must be singled out for the worse of the lot, followed fairly closely by Birmingham.

General Car Chat / Re: ATP, Germany
« on: Today at 12:16:10 »
User error?  :D ;D  :-X
It must be.  Or I'm too demanding.

I do demand, that when I've ordered an item, that said item turns up within a "reasonable" timescale, as is of the claimed quality.

By reasonable timescale, if I pay for next day delivery, then that's what I'd expect. In the case of egay, then that's within a few days after the end of the estimated date range stated when ordering.

If a company is not going to deliver within a reasonable timescale, I expect them to contact me, and then we can discuss options, depending on likely delivery dates.

Am I demanding too much?  I don't think so.

I had another egay item I had to raise a non-delivery dispute on yesterday. Within an hour, I'd had a response, and by 11am this morning, I was able to close the dispute.  That's how it should work when things go wrong, which inevitably they occasionally do.

ATP are clearly not willing to get involved, obvious by the piss-off pill they reply with and the fact they leave the replies to the last possible moment. When all they need to do is check with their couriers...   ...though their unwillingness to give a dispatch date or a tracking number makes me think they were slow to dispatch, possibly another one of those arsehole outfits that don't actually stock much, and order on demand.  And MigV6's post about confirms that suspicion.

If they had the balls to admit that, and that it would be here, say, next week, I'd be happy.  But giving no information, and washing their hands of it means I don't know whether I should reorder the parts elsewhere, or simply wait indefinitely for them to turn up.

It might only be 25, but that's my 25 that could be buying me 5 pints and a couple of bags of Salt & Vinegar in the pub tonight. So I'll be staying in tonight.

General Car Chat / ATP, Germany
« on: Today at 07:57:32 »
I thought I had mentioned this before, but can't see it.

I'd like to point out that they are, indeed, a complete shower of shits.  Best avoided IMHO.

My fault for a) using egay, b) not noticing the company name which I know a few members have had delivery issues with.

Fortunately, only 25, so a reasonably lucky escape, as could have been a significant amount.

Call them, and they speak good enough English right up to the point they have taken the details, then kein englisch sprechen

Egay case raised, but they are using the age old trick of repeatedly leaving it the maximum length of time before responding, and then responding with nothing of substance.

The best they can come up with is if/when it arrives, refuse it, and courier will return it, then I'll get a refund.  But they can't tell me which courier, so it will likely be left in safe place or with a neighbour, then its my expense to send it back...  ...assuming it ever does arrive. If it never arrives, it seems they refuse to refund.

Knob Jockeys.

Now that's a lot of weight. Must be the bigger V6 engine.  :)
They are all about the same, give of take 100kg depending on spec/gearbox

what happens when you attempt to select Nav?

Nobody has mentioned the "TheBoy Milton Keynes" test, I notice. ::)
And that's why I use LM on my sliders. And (proper) coppaslip on pad backings.

Across MK, if you try reasonably hard, you can exceed the limits of fresh, new DOT4.  200+ bhp, 1800kgs plus driver, small pads,  and if your unlucky, a need to come to a standstill every half a mile is hard on the brakes.

Omega General Help / Re: FL lights in PFL
« on: Yesterday at 17:22:29 »
Are PFL lights that hold to get hold of now?

Omega General Help / Re: 2.5 petrol manual estate misfiring
« on: Yesterday at 17:20:16 »
Hmmm 30? Did you mean 31?
Opps, yes. 31=normal for v6 if engine not running.

Omega Electrical and Audio Help / Re: Nokia onstar
« on: Yesterday at 17:18:57 »
Same as you would remove a radio - grub screws out, then stereo removal keys to bull it forward.

If your stereo is an NCDC2015, you probably want to depair it first...  ...that needs Tech2.

Easy enough to change the processor board (if you know pairing code, and have a tech2), but I'm suspicious its that.

TBH, I smell some BS you've been fed :(

General Discussion Area / Re: Home Network Question
« on: Yesterday at 17:15:22 »
Not having a licence, I used to have to get a couple of mates to get me on Packet. Might have been sluggish, but saved my horrific phone bills a bit :D

General Discussion Area / Re: Home Network Question
« on: Yesterday at 17:13:49 »
If you're reliant on what was the old Computer Browser method of discovering machines, you need to change. It was shit in Lan Manager, remained shit in Windows for Workgroups, and the passage of time hasn't helped. Bloody browser elections and all that shit.

And other devices in the chain that didn't really exist in the early 90s will try to curtail the broadcast packets, including Windows' own firewall (but also the router and the Wifi).

Home networking is so 1990s, and barely relevant as we approach 2020.  Files are cloud hosted, printers are properly network aware, gaming is all online.  If you are one of the niche reasons for home networking, do it properly with DNS, or hosts if you like a bodge.

No, because I would never be in Paris, due to the fact its in France.  ;D
Nought wrong with France. Although Paris is a shithole, full of Parisians.

General Discussion Area / Re: For the geeks...
« on: Yesterday at 16:58:11 »
Mostly to bolster Norwegians long haul operation.
Think I'm flying with them next time around. Never been with them before.

Scum class, obviously.

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