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 on: Yesterday at 20:30:00 
Started by TheBoy - Last post by Doctor Gollum
Shit floats ::)

 on: Yesterday at 20:28:09 
Started by Darth Loo-knee - Last post by Doctor Gollum
Tother side of the rear suspension done, and hand brake adjusted, although nearside cable seems to be binding slightly, although it is probably sufficient for test purposes  :-\

 on: Yesterday at 20:27:15 
Started by TheBoy - Last post by TheBoy
Oh I understand that in a dev environment, to cut time, because devs are notorious for not being able to meet timelines.

But this is a larger IT project, and whomever cut corners by not making a near-critical system's most unreliable component (its internet/cloud connection) non resilient should hopefully be out of a job by now.

Bet they were promoted, as it saved the project money.  :)
The age old saying in our company, "promoted to your level of incompetence".

When I first heard it, I thought it was amusing.  The humour when I realised it was too close to the truth.

 on: Yesterday at 20:23:34 
Started by Rods2 - Last post by TheBoy
Slight drift....  :P  but have they started building HS2 yet or are they still talking about it?  :-\

Have a read of the pdf link in this:

This report dated 19th July 2018 makes for some very interesting reading ;)
I'm not even going to begin to read that, as its produced by HS2 Ltd.  Therefore I can already guess the contents, without reading. If its an update to (lack of) progress, it will be full of feeble excuses for why they've oppsed up, and its not their fault, and it will bring gazillions of pounds benefit, despite being a line that goes from nowhere to nowhere.  But so much unexpected delays will mean they need more money to piss down the pan (our money).

Nowhere in it will be an admission its their mismanagement and incompetence is the reasons that they've oppsed up, delayed it, costing us more money (our money).

Sadly, I've been to too many HS2 meetings, and when their own headline bullet points completely contradict themselves, you know their incompetence (but then they are/were civil servants), corrupt and lining their own nest, or plain old fashioned bullshit. Or all 3, which is my gut feeling.

 on: Yesterday at 20:23:25 
Started by Leethomp78 - Last post by Doctor Gollum
If it was locked with the remote, then the alarm* is triggered if opening with the key. Only way to stop the alarm going off after opening with the key is key in ignition 2 or pressing unlock on the remote.

*Alarm probably isn't sounding as the power sounder has been removed ;)

 on: Yesterday at 20:20:00 
Started by Omegatoy - Last post by Doctor Gollum
It's only 23 bolts :D

 on: Yesterday at 20:12:45 
Started by tunnie - Last post by TheBoy
Its all old news, much like the flypast, the brand new building they built for themselves, and the rest of the gross mismanagement.

But, ultimately, they are civil servants. 'nuf said.

 on: Yesterday at 20:10:14 
Started by Entwood - Last post by TheBoy
Although I'm guessing she is a long way down your 'shag list' :D
Nelson Mandela is higher up the list.

 on: Yesterday at 20:06:50 
Started by Darth Loo-knee - Last post by TheBoy
As suspected, just shoving in a blank replacement drive didn't resolve it.

Is the issue with Jag system as a result of your tinkering, or has it failed on its own?
You missed out tw**ting it through frustration.

I doubt TB is on Twitter somehow Uncle STEMO.  ;)                                       
  :P ;D
Whats idiotter?  A meeting point for ladyboys I presume?

 on: Yesterday at 19:51:27 
Started by STEMO - Last post by STEMO
Oh......and the main reason I changed, it actually goes upstairs.

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