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 on: Yesterday at 17:20:29 
Started by Nick W - Last post by RobseyMV6
PM sent  :y

 on: Yesterday at 17:20:14 
Started by malcy_p - Last post by terry paget
Evening all & Terry! :)

Right - I've just spent an hour of so looking that the problem.

First of all, I swapped the in and out of the vacuum box around - as you said Terry, little change! Put it back to normal.  ::)

Next I got SWMBO to sit in the driving seat and do the pedals. We tried all the rev ranges, nothing at all happened with any of the valves, nothing! :(

So, removed the pipe section and sucked/blew into the vacuum box... Then I sucked on the 'in' port no vacuum was presented at the 'out' port. It's dead.   :'(

Trying something different, I put everything back to together and totally bypassed the vacuum box... Tick over was much better! :D

Got SWMBO to dance on the pedals again, and this time the resonance valve at the back worked as expected, but the front intake valve didn't move at all.

I've ordered a vacuum box, should I expect the intake valve to work better with a working box in line? If not, anyone know the part number of the intake valve vacuum control - or anyone have one for sale? :)

Thanks guys. :)

If you can`t get vacuum reservoir then you could try a one way non return valve, the type used in fish tanks, I did this on my Senator when the vacuum box packed up and they were NLS.
If they are NLS PM me your address and I will post you one.

 on: Yesterday at 17:18:38 
Started by malcy_p - Last post by terry paget
Your pipe suggestion is correct, my cars are both wrong. I tested 2 spare reservoirs as follows. I blew compressed air in one side and on the other side I attached a hose ending in a jar of water. In both cases blowing in the right hand pipe produces lots of bubbles from the LH pipe. The other way nothing happened. Conclusion: Air goes from RH to LH pipes, so we need to suck on the LH pipe to draw air in the RH pipe. As the maintenance guide article says.
I shall now switch mine over. Funny, mine were running fine before.

Let us know Terry. ::) :y
I found X168 was already correct - that's the car I have been mending for the last 2 weeks. V828 was wrong, so I corrected it. It drives fine, but it drove fine before; there was no tremendous improvement.

 on: Yesterday at 17:18:00 
Started by amba - Last post by amba
I’ve found a 2013 so will take a gamble for £40 as only just more than another laser and looking at the write up on removing the mech it seems to be “ within my comfort zone “ so fingers crossed my £40 lottery ticket is a good,n

Little job when I get home from Norfolk holibob  8)

 on: Yesterday at 17:08:45 
Started by TheBoy - Last post by Doctor Gollum
They waited until you had set off in the taxi to come to the airport just so you could arrive in the midst of the carnage ::)

 on: Yesterday at 16:36:49 
Started by Nick W - Last post by omegod

 on: Yesterday at 16:36:32 
Started by danzigfan - Last post by danzigfan
Ok, I will follow your wisdom...had been proven to me a few times :y
I have all the goodies for Omega already...
Water pump 35€ (metal blades)
Gauge temp sensor
Oil cooler
GM oil & filter
Thermostat + 2 O rings for the pipe

Crank and cam oil seals were replaced 4 years ago although not leaking at the time

I'd really like to keep the old girl for 4 or 5 years more..with only a bit over 100k miles on a clock she's a keeper and already a rarity on the road

 on: Yesterday at 16:23:54 
Started by Omegatoy - Last post by Shackeng
Man came to remove my dead 2.2 half an hour ago, but backing in he knocked off his number plate, swore, and promised to return tomorrow with a smaller truck.
How can I help?;topicseen

 on: Yesterday at 16:22:08 
Started by Nick W - Last post by Migv6
I wish I had a Chevette shell to put it in.  :)

 on: Yesterday at 16:20:07 
Started by Rods2 - Last post by Lizzie Zoom
Slight drift....  :P  but have they started building HS2 yet or are they still talking about it?  :-\

Have a read of the pdf link in this:

This report dated 19th July 2018 makes for some very interesting reading ;)

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