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 on: Yesterday at 22:40:44 
Started by SMD - Last post by johnnydog
You have obviously been in contact with him with knowing he was going away. Did you say you couldn't collect for a while?
His feedback appears to be good, and he has sold another vehicle, although not recently, with good feedback. His other sales and purchases don't seem to have had any problems.
I understand your concern having paid the deposit, but I think you may be worrying a little unnecessarily at this moment. I also don't think reporting it to EBay so quickly will have done you any favours as it will appear that you don't trust him. He obviously has had issues previously with other buyers.
I'd just bide your time a little longer. Us northern folk aren't all bad.....
You could well have a smile on your face later this week.

 on: Yesterday at 22:32:13 
Started by 456lbft - Last post by dave the builder
Nice looking pipes  ;)
much nicer than the cast clumps  hanging from an omega  :P
probably not financially viable for an Omega though  :'(
but fantastic work all the same  :)

 on: Yesterday at 22:27:22 
Started by JamesV6CDX - Last post by 456lbft
Thanks, all, for the kind words, but I think after so many years of omega ownership, the time is rapidly approaching for me to throw in the towel with them, as many others seem to be doing. As much as I adore the car it has 200+k miles and realistically is probably as nick said beyond economical repair
It's a painful conclusion to come to, but I fear you are right. I used to argue that Omegas gave me and my family cheap luxury motoring, but not so any more. Once the rust sets in, it's not cheap any more.

We got 11 Omegas at Brackley last Monday. We got 23 at High Wycombe a couple of years ago. I hope there will be another Omega meeting, but it should be soon.
If you have another meeting soon and I can make it add +1 to the numbers. Brackley is 20 minutes away, but I was at a family gathering in Hampshire that day. the Omega got an outing, but in the wrong direction! So I'm hoping for another meet very soon this summer please.

 on: Yesterday at 22:21:59 
Started by SMD - Last post by dave the builder
probably still drugged up in the lap of a cheap skanky prossy delayed , as you say
good luck  :)

 on: Yesterday at 22:18:55 
Started by 3.2 manual - Last post by dave the builder
With the tyres removed and some rails laid, i'm sure further improvements could be made to the steering  :-\
got any links to the bushes spherical bearings ?
so I can see what they are please

 on: Yesterday at 22:17:12 
Started by polilara - Last post by 456lbft
Backing plates for the Omega A (Carlton) have been remade in Germany. I don't know if they fit the Omega, but I have bought 3 sets for Lotus Carltons, and am happy to compare pictures and dimensions if it helps you.

 on: Yesterday at 22:16:51 
Started by SMD - Last post by SMD
Yeah, I'm hoping he has extended his stay (said he went Holland  ::) ) but he said he would be back Thursday, not Friday as I thought

I called and texted. I'll have to wait and see

 on: Yesterday at 22:13:50 
Started by Lizzie Zoom - Last post by Kevin Wood
The top cap connections on the older valves were always the grid electrodes, weren't they?, no!!! :-[


I'm currently working on restoring a KW 2000B. The top caps on the 6146s in the output stage certainly aren't grids. They've got about 900 volts on them. :o

 on: Yesterday at 22:13:12 
Started by SMD - Last post by dave the builder
It's the weekend
try calling him tomorrow  :y
did you leave a message or send him a text ?
he may still be away

 on: Yesterday at 22:12:55 
Started by 456lbft - Last post by 456lbft
Years ago I made these for a Vectra challenge car that was running on LPG as a marketing exercise for alternative fuels. The engine had also been built by Swindon Race Engines, but apparently the manifolds contributed an extra 20 bhp.  Also it gave the car a very distinctive howling engine note, which was particularly popular with fans and sponsors Calor. Now I'm thinking about making some inline versions for my newly acquired MV6. I would obviously have to fit some cats in the link pipes, and it looks as though all 4 lambda bosses could be moved to a suitable position either side of the cats to still give a worthwhile output to the ECU and avoid the dreaded EML warning. It looks as though there is plenty of room for each 3-1 to be fitted without having to resort to a slip on collector as pictured, which we wouldn't get away with cats fitted anyway because of potential leakage. This would only be a personal exercise because it would be far too time consuming to be commercially viable.
Probably just a pipe dream (ha, ha) but it's fun to imagine how it could sound, and the extra torque that it might generate.

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