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 on: Yesterday at 19:59:41 
Started by Alnico Blue - Last post by Alnico Blue
Daughter wanted a BMW . . .much to my disgust & Daddys advice not to get one  . .

Long story short  . .  she looked at a couple herself & then I went to check em over to see she was not throwing her cash away  . . .she was on those ones.

Found her a '05 318i Sport . . . . got it at a good price as it needed a few  niggles sorting .

I am shocked how, after researching deeper ,  it seems almost all BMWs leak oil . BIGTIME :o

Should have known really as young lad at work has 2 Bmw's & he did tell me a while ago they leak oil & coolant  constantly  & to quote him "as do all BMW's" ::) ::)

On top of it now  . .. but this was leaking from the oil dipstick tube joint at the sump  . . o ring failure  & the oil level sensor at bottom of the sump.

On top of it now though  :y :y   just a slight coolant leak from the bottom hose temp sender to sort .

O ring again I think 

& I thought the only engines that leaked oil  in several places at the same time to this extent were the old Royal Enfield motor bikes ,  often referred to as Royal "Oilfields"    ;D ;D ;D

Daughter loves her "new motor" . . .I'm pleased as got it  for half price of a couple the same I've seen at used car forecourts  . . . ;) ;)

 on: Yesterday at 19:47:19 
Started by Darth Loo-knee - Last post by razzo
Rebuilt the steering idler using poly bushes, looks great so far & feels superfine  :y

 on: Yesterday at 19:43:49 
Started by razzo - Last post by razzo
Just had the Omega given an advisory on steering idler & after a chat with the garage owner he tells me Vauxhall are no longer stocking parts for older cars as storing them in warehouses is no longer viable. Not a problem as I rebuilt it but wondered what other parts are no longer available as some pattern parts are absolute crap

 on: Yesterday at 19:27:29 
Started by polilara - Last post by LC0112G
When I ordered new front springs for my V6 they were one for the left side and one for the right side. They are now in the car so I can not check but I think they are winded opposite ways.

No, they're not. If they were then the top and bottom rubber mounting bushes would have to be handed as well, and they're not.

 on: Yesterday at 19:06:30 
Started by Auto Addict - Last post by LC0112G
No excuse for the govt not to mandate that all new cars have mobile phone 'jammers' fitted to the steering wheel air bag. If the ignition is on, then the mobile phone would not work if within 3 feet of the centre of the steering wheel. Job Jobbed. Next.
But then every driver would need a radio transmission licence like the main mobile firms.  Hence, jammers are illegal here.

Yes it would require legislation, but it doesn't need to be a real 'jammer' in the military sense. It needs to be the equivalent of a very low power wifi hotspot. If the driver turns the phone on, it connects to the nearest 3G/4G/5G 'network' - which is the steering wheel - which just dumps all the packets.

Similar system could be used to secure prisons. I just don't understand why the govt don't allow such 'jammers' in these and similar secure sites.

 on: Yesterday at 18:57:50 
Started by annihilator - Last post by Lizzie Zoom
Years ago a friend had a new Rover, the garage put number plates with DKX and BKX front and back. It wasn't picked up for a couple of years! :o

This and Andy B's example only goes to prove that on their own DVLA cannot physically apprehend drivers who are either driving illegally, or have something genuinely wrong with their documentation or their car, like number plates.  For example that is why you still see all too frequently illegal number plates being used or are using their mobile phones, or speeding in a built up area.  It can only be police officers who can deal with these issues, along with many others, out there on the road.  We need far more of them and quickly! ;)

 on: Yesterday at 18:57:14 
Started by Auto Addict - Last post by Andy B
And two way radio...

Technically, you can operate anything provided you are not holding it...

This applies across the board from control switches all the way to phones and satnavs. Basically, if it's secured to the vehicle, you can legally operate it with a finger.

Howevever if you crash/cause one, you will, rightly, be held fully accountable.

Having a prang whilst pressing a button on the climate panel is legally the same as if you are texting. And vice versa as the phone part is an extension of Driving Without Due Care.

Agreed  :y

 on: Yesterday at 18:56:58 
Started by Bigron - Last post by Nick W
We use “Dynomec” kit. Brass bits u hammer in to the shape of the locker and bar them off. Works well but the brass bits are pricey. Other than that weld big blob on to the locker and Irwin stud removers to grip on to the weld and spin off

Don't bother with the stud removers but knock a large nut onto the blob of weld, weld the two together then undo with normal handtools.

 on: Yesterday at 18:34:04 
Started by Bigron - Last post by Webby the Bear
We use “Dynomec” kit. Brass bits u hammer in to the shape of the locker and bar them off. Works well but the brass bits are pricey. Other than that weld big blob on to the locker and Irwin stud removers to grip on to the weld and spin off

 on: Yesterday at 18:33:34 
Started by annihilator - Last post by Lizzie Zoom
Not entirely true...

DVLA do their own enforcement. No tax/MoT is merely used as an excuse to stop already suspicious people.

The police only specifically target tax evasion if the DVLA request it.

This is unchanged from previous.

I was explaining how the police can, and do, physically stop cars when their inboard ANPR system "pings" and highlights a car they are behind or passing is uninsured, untaxed or is not registered.  Their systems are linked to the central DVLA computer records. Often though the car they have stopped for those reasons has a driver or/and occupants with a lot more to hide.

The DVLA system cannot itself stop a vehicle being illegally driven on the road for whatever reason, but they send letters out for non-payment of Excise Duty (only) and also have the vans out scanning for untaxed vehicles.  When they come across one their systems gives a "authorised" instruction to the DVLA inspector and they clamp the offending vehicle.

The DVLA can never do anything physically about an uninsured, unlicensed driver, in maybe a non-MOT'd vehicle, so that is when the police officers do their legal duty to bring criminal charges to bear and often seize the vehicle. :D

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