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 on: Yesterday at 16:08:59 
Started by Omegatoy - Last post by terry paget
Man came to remove my dead 2.2 half an hour ago, but backing in he knocked off his number plate, swore, and promised to return tomorrow with a smaller truck.
How can I help?

 on: Yesterday at 16:06:10 
Started by danzigfan - Last post by terry paget
Upper radiator sensor is easy, without any dismantling. Bottom one is almost impossible without raising the radiator. Changing the cam belt dismantling is no help. I should leave them both alone. The radiator is much more likely to fail than the sensors. I have changed 2 radiators in the last 2 months, one cracked and leaking, the other blocked.

 on: Yesterday at 15:44:56 
Started by Nick W - Last post by deviator
I wish you were closer.

 on: Yesterday at 15:40:01 
Started by danzigfan - Last post by Nick W
Water pump is worth changing so is the ECU Coolant Temp sensor. If you are going anywhere near the oil cooler, you are going to need copper crush washers for the coolant bridge.

Waterpump was previously advised as they were so cheap from Vauxhall, now they are quite pricey. So again, advise from others as well, is not to change that either.
I don't think 28 for a QH pump from here is that bad. To me it's one of those 'always do' whilst there jobs. TBH, the thermostat is also another parts I'd just replace whilst there.

I don't see any need to split the cooling system just for a cambelt. If the car hasn't had a 'stat recently, I'd probably consider one. Although I doubt I'd actually bother.

Water pumps MUST be changed on the 4 cylinder engines because they're driven by the cambelt.

 on: Yesterday at 15:35:44 
Started by Nick W - Last post by Nick W
I bought this for project that never happened, and it's surplus to requirements.

3.0l engine, complete with all manifolds, wiring and ECU.
Manual gearbox is still bolted to it, so the flywheel, clutch etc is present but I don't have the gearlever. I might have the prop.

I bought it like this from someone who removed it from a driving MV6; I've never had it in a car.

It's in Chatham, Kent.

 on: Yesterday at 15:32:05 
Started by TheBoy - Last post by Field Marshal Dr. Opti
;D ;D ;D Yep, that sounds about right.

"Network can't fail"

Much like..

"Titanic can't sink"

When did this happen? :-\ :-\

.......and why am I always the last to know. :-\

 on: Yesterday at 15:30:47 
Started by amba - Last post by zirk
Cheers Chris thanks I will bear that in mind if I get stuck .

I assume the laser and mech are std across units just the screen and output that turns it colour ,so laser and mech from any working NCDC or NCRD are comparable ?
Yes for the Sat Nav Laser, same, NCDR tend to be a bit rarer, also they started Life before the NCDC so (in thoery) the Laser will be older or had more use, but its all a bit of Monopoly when searching for a known good one, bearing in mind these can be up to 20 years old now.  ;) .

 on: Yesterday at 15:27:11 
Started by Nick W - Last post by Nick W
I've had it 8.5 years, but have barely used it since I got the Metro done so it's time for it to go.

2000 3.0l Elite estate in silver with dark leather. It's done 198,000 miles, but is smooth, quiet, pulls well and the gearbox is good. I've never had any qualms about just getting in it and driving anywhere;

The good bits:

Cambelt is due next summer or in 25k miles
Engine is oil tight(I know, I find it hard to believe too!)
Oil, filters and plugs were changed about 2500miles ago
4 new standard road springs fitted 10k miles ago
Front discs and pads fitted about 10k miles ago
New self-levelling shocks have about 24k on them; the system works.
Front shocks, top mounts, bearings, wishbones, droplinks, idler arm, track rods and centre track rod have under 40k miles, some a lot less. Wishbones are poly bushed.
Rear subframe donuts have been replaced, as have both rear wheel bearings. Diff mounts refurbished
New heater matrix fitted last year.
New windscreen fitted last year
New radiator fitted this spring
3.2 exhaust manifolds fitted, SAI and EGR deleted
Head gaskets replaced 4 years ago
Aluminium adjusters in the headlights, new HID bulbs fitted last November
The complete exhaust system was replaced some time ago, and so was the collapsed N/S cat.
It's had all the usual service/niggles dealt with as they occurred: crank sensor, filter housing, top hose, DIS pack, plug leads, thermostat, battery, expansion tank, handbrake cable, handbrake shoes, HBV, ABS ECU&valve block(which I think was the only used part on the car), gear selector switch cleaned etc etc.
There is a matching 17" alloy wheel as a spare.
It has a fitted rubber boot mat, along with the load cover, cargo net and dog net(both genuine). I have a pair of roofbars that will go with it, but they're not GM
Tow bar with both plugs
I rebuilt the driver's seat with passenger foams; it's as good as new and all four heated seats work. The factory floor mats are in decent condition
Aftermarket reversing sensors fitted with the display discretely in the rear roof

The bad bits:
The MOT has expired.
The sills are crusty, although I don't think the tester can see that. I have a pair of sills to fit, and are included in the price
It needs a pair of tyres.
It needs a new rear brake disc.
Airbag warning light is on from moving the seat; I can't get "My Naff Code Reader" to connect with this computer so can't reset it.
A/C works if regassed, but leaks over the winter. It's got enough in it to engage the compressor, but not enough to do much.
It's 18 years old, has had paintwork and has all the usual small marks but it does look respectable with a polish
I replaced the CCR2006 with a double-DIN headunit and wired around the BOSE with new speakers, this won't go with the car but a replacement will just plug in.

The car is in Chatham in Kent

 on: Yesterday at 15:24:44 
Started by Omegatoy - Last post by Omegatoy

 on: Yesterday at 15:22:45 
Started by danzigfan - Last post by Andy B
To me it's one of those 'always do' whilst there jobs.  ...

maybe on a 4 pot  :-\

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