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 on: Yesterday at 17:06:35 
Started by Bigron - Last post by Andy B
I can only suggest something like these A local ATS used similar a few years back to remove mine after a Kwik Fit Fitter buggered my key up.

a set of two probably won't be enough. More comprehensive sets are available for not much more, and improve your chances of success.

That type of remover will never work on nuts with a loose collar until you've chiseled it off. Remove and replace all four nuts while you're at it. I would only ever use standard, not locking nuts.

I know there are more comprehensive sets  ::) .... hence my comment of something like.  :P
ATS did use this kind of thing on the original 3 peg type lock nuts that had a floating collar, it's just that the collar on the original lock nuts wasn't quite as substantial as the later type.

As to whether to use locking or none locking ... that wasn't the question.  ::)

I'm quite happy with locking bolts on 3 out of the 4 cars here  :y

 on: Yesterday at 17:05:32 
Started by annihilator - Last post by Doctor Gollum
Not entirely true...

DVLA do their own enforcement. No tax/MoT is merely used as an excuse to stop already suspicious people.

The police only specifically target tax evasion if the DVLA request it.

This is unchanged from previous.

 on: Yesterday at 16:58:45 
Started by Darth Loo-knee - Last post by Doctor Gollum
Dropped off 2 old ones, picked up a new one :D :D :D
Enjoy :y

 on: Yesterday at 16:57:29 
Started by Keith ABS - Last post by Mutha Jugs n Speed
Wouldn't want to miss it, but can't stay over :'(

 on: Yesterday at 16:52:04 
Started by Olympia5776 - Last post by neil74
Hopefully she will attempt to get on another tram and fall onto the tracks and smash her head in properly next time.

 on: Yesterday at 16:46:14 
Started by Bigron - Last post by Tilbo
Sorry to make another post regarding locking wheel nuts, but my neighbour has got a puncture in one of his tyres and cannot find the Key to unlock the security wheel nut - his 2-year-old may be responsible!
Any suggestions as to how to undo the thing without major destruction, please?


P.S. I want to help, because his wife is drop-dead gorgeous........

What on earth would  a 2 year old be doing rummaging around in the glovebox or boot ?where any item like this normally be located .. Anyway enough about wheelnuts

 on: Yesterday at 16:41:49 
Started by Olympia5776 - Last post by Tilbo
Spend some cash on her face now, ugly money grabbing bitch, can't understand what is happening in this country.

 on: Yesterday at 16:36:55 
Started by Auto Addict - Last post by Tilbo
Last year the kids from wifey's school went on a trip. One the teachers went down to the front of the coach to speak to the driver and, you guessed it, he was texting. In the middle lane on the M18. She filmed him doing it and showed it to my missus when they got back. She rang the company and informed the police.
Although she won't use that company any more, other schools do and he's still driving.

Total disgrace, driver should have lost his licence.

 on: Yesterday at 16:36:08 
Started by Darth Loo-knee - Last post by neil74
Swapped the battered gold wing for a straight gold one and now it looks slightly better...

 on: Yesterday at 16:11:06 
Started by Darth Loo-knee - Last post by Field Marshal Dr. Opti
Dropped off 2 old ones, picked up a new one :D :D :D

To quote Noddy Holder......It's Christmas. :y :D :D :D

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