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Omega General Help / Re: Rear wheel bearings?
« on: Today at 18:29:18 »
With some basic tooling, rear wheel bearings are a simple job. 30 part and 2 hours in the street for your first one.

General Discussion Area / Re: Conservatory roof.
« on: Yesterday at 18:15:49 »
Oh yes they will.

You're right.
My post should have included this:

....that some oppswit smashed unnecessarily

General Discussion Area / Re: Conservatory roof.
« on: Yesterday at 17:25:37 »

The whippersnapper thinks that builders tidy up... :D

They certainly won't if the mess is a smashed conservatory ???

General Car Chat / Re: How stable is your Omega in the rain
« on: Yesterday at 17:23:50 »
Of course, no one has mentioned the old RWD v FWD situation. Give me FWD anytime in wet conditions on the motorway.
So that you definitely die as you lose traction AND steering simultaneously  ::)

Makes sod all difference if the tyre is the cause.

General Discussion Area / Re: Paddington 24
« on: 17 October 2018, 20:39:32 »
Spending billions on building more roads is a waste of money. We should repair the ones we have, and make them work better. That could involve redesigning junctions so that traffic flows properly, increasing the speed limits on dual carriageways and motorways, ensuring that by-passes have plenty of access etc etc.

It's 150 years too late for a joined up public transport system, we're stuck with the abortion that we have. High speed rail links in a country where the likely destinations are at most 150miles apart are never going to work, for both freight or passengers. The money should be spent to get a decent return, which means either improving inner city public transport, or just openly subsidising it by reducing the cost to the user. We do that for roads after all.

Finally, our usage of cars isn't sustainable. This will require a drastic change of circumstances for us to accept, and will likely be the least of the problems.

General Car Chat / Re: Hyundai Terracan - who had one?
« on: 16 October 2018, 18:15:10 »
An older ML with MoT is about a fifth of that ;)

And it will give you so much trouble that you'll wish that you'd bought a Disco 2, which is not only properly capable but you can actually get underneath the damn thing!  ;D
But may rust a tiny bit ::)

If the transmission lasted long enough for the car to rust. They're prone to electrical faults and poor quality trim too. All of which make them exactly Merc's equivalent of a Range Rover.

General Car Chat / Re: locking nuts
« on: 15 October 2018, 19:01:00 »
The crappy GM wheelbolts are fine as long as a "professional" doesn't go near them. I mean, FFS, Blackcircles managed to opps up Jag locking wheelbolts, and they are miles more robust than GM ones.

The GM ones don't cope at all with any impact guns, air or battery.  That includes undoing them.

None of them are any good. As soon as they're overtightened, or damaged in any way and that applies to the keys as well, you're going to have problems.
Best fitted in the bin, and replaced with the proper bolts that were removed to fit them. You often find them in the box with the key.

Car Parts, bits For Sale & Wanted / Re: Windscreen wipers
« on: 14 October 2018, 20:21:17 »
I've had a closer look now the deluge has ended. It appears the locking tab (clip?) is either missing or broken on the passenger side and maybe loose on the driver's. Do these tabs come with the blades?
Thanks for answers so far.
They do indeed. The plastic the clips are made from eventually goes brittle with sunlight, so re using them is ill-advised, not to mention pointless.

21" passenger and 24" driver. They're practically an annual service item :y

Yes, bin them as soon as they start smearing the screen. Even expensive blades like Bosch don't cost enough to waste time on.

We could cable tie some flowers to your fence instead?  :-*

Omega General Help / Re: High revs at cold start
« on: 12 October 2018, 17:07:49 »
Did you Oil or over Oil the K%N Filter when when fitted? if so could be oily MAF.

I use K%N but always use them dry, unless your going on a Dakar Rally or live somewhere very Sandy or Dusty.

It's the oil that makes a K&N an effective filter. No oil and it's just a large piece of cotton.

General Car Chat / Re: Car shopping
« on: 11 October 2018, 07:27:19 »
That's no good, Andy. On our free flowing, uncluttered, roadwork free highways you need at least 300bhp to make good progress.  ::)
Never a truer word in jest...

You need the oomph to be able to safely pass in the smaller opportunities now available  :-\

What you actually need for that is a small car.

General Car Chat / Re: Octane booster.
« on: 11 October 2018, 07:08:33 »
See, if you had a car that runs on DERV you wouldn't have worry about such stuff!  ::) ;D

On it's knees before 4000 RPM. No thanks. I'd rather eat coal. :)

When was the last time you revved anything other than a tiny hatchback to 4000rpm, let alone past it?
Last time I drove a petrol.  I think the question should be, when was the last time you didn't rev a petrol beyond 4000rpm ;)

Hardly ever. The Omega, being an auto needed to be driven hard to change up at more than about 3500 and that required open, empty roads. The Metro is manual, and if I give it 3500rpm in each gear off a second gear dual carriage way roundabout, it's accelerating through 95 in fifth as it passes the 200 yard marker for the next roundabout 2/3 of a mile away. This means I rarely have anything close behind, so I can still stop easily if traffic on the roundabout demands it. If you pay proper  attention to the traffic and conditions, there is no need to constantly brake and accelerate to flow with(or even through) traffic.

As for overtaking, power helps but a small, narrow car is a much better solution. Although most motorists today have been trained to think that even a well executed overtake is unacceptably dangerous.

Meetings, gatherings, parties etc / Re: Next Hoofland curry
« on: 11 October 2018, 06:55:47 »
that works for me.

General Car Chat / Re: Octane booster.
« on: 10 October 2018, 20:05:15 »
See, if you had a car that runs on DERV you wouldn't have worry about such stuff!  ::) ;D

On it's knees before 4000 RPM. No thanks. I'd rather eat coal. :)

When was the last time you revved anything other than a tiny hatchback to 4000rpm, let alone past it?

General Car Chat / Re: Octane booster.
« on: 10 October 2018, 17:46:51 »
Of course it will work.
But why would you bother?

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