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General Car Chat / Re: New MOT Test
« on: Yesterday at 22:38:06 »
I have been reading about the new MOT test, that is supposed to be coming in.  I wonder how many Omegas will end up coming off the road permanently?
Major changes to the MOT test on 20th of May 2018

Brake pad warning lights are a major fail

Quite a worry for Citroen owners as the brake pad warning light came on with the Nemo and the pads were only 50% worn  :(

Is a MOT tester expected to check for shorted out sensing wires?  ::)

it's not the tester's job to diagnose the cause of any failure.

Thanks. I used smaller starting bits, which used to break. I presume the correct speed is quite slow. I shall try it next time the need arises.

Not really; a quick look at the required speeds suggests over 2000rpm for a 4mm bit, and about 1000 for the 8. Those are about what a 2 speed cordless drill manage. Which is handy :y

Make sure you have a couple of drill bits ready  ;)
Chrisgixer and I got through 23 drill bits changing the exhaust on TBE last year.
I have similarly made hard work of drilling out the old bolts. There clearly is a good way of doing it, garages do it with confidence, forum threads say' just drill them out'. Please advise.

Use good quality drill bits.
If the surface you're starting with isn't flat, make it so.
Make a heavy centre punch mark in the middle of the bolt.
Start with a 4mm bit, at the correct speed, with plenty of cutting fluid. Use oil if that's all you have.
Drill straight!
You should then be able to use an 8.5mm bit to remove what's left of the bolt.

Cheap bits, overheated or broken are the usual problem. Sometimes exhaust bolts can be really hard, which leads to trying to cut corners.

General Car Chat / Re: Dealer Showrooms
« on: 20 January 2018, 21:17:37 »
While waiting for the 3.2 to be sorted today, I walked to a Vauxhall and Ford dealer. I wanted to compare the new Insignia vs Mondeo. (By actually sitting in them!)

What’s odd is neither dealer had one in its show room, the Vauxhall dealer did not have a single new shape Insignia. The Ford dealer had a handful of Mondeos. But these were outside, nothing inside.  :-\

Why is it odd? just look at the number of Insignias and Mondeos on the road compared to mid size SUVs, or things like your Zafira. Those are the cars that the buying public - dealer's customers- actually want to see/try/buy. The bigger cars(and the Insignia etc is bigger than an Omega) are sold mostly to fleet buyers, where different purchasing arrangements apply. Not that a company based in a town in Germany built around the factory would take an entire company's worth of middle managers on the piss for four days in the hope of them signing a contract.

General Discussion Area / Re: Boris Bridge
« on: 20 January 2018, 00:14:19 »
It's typical Boris misdirection to hide a monumental opps up.

We'll find out in a couple of weeks that he's signed an irreversible deal with the Krikkitmen, and we're all bound into slavery for eternity.

General Car Chat / Re: 2018 car of the year conteners
« on: 18 January 2018, 00:21:46 »
Car of the's ludicrous! What ever of the year?!  ::)

it is ludicrous.

Here's proof:

1979 COTY - the fabulous Chrysler Horizon.

And its older but just as shit brother:

1976 COTY - the underwhelming Chrysler Alpine.

General Discussion Area / Re: The importance of using commas
« on: 18 January 2018, 00:15:32 »
I seem to recall one about a young man who helped his uncle jack off a horse. :)

that requires a capital 'J' on the proper noun, not a comma, to read correctly.

Omega General Help / Re: Fitting poly bushes to front wishbones
« on: 18 January 2018, 00:12:03 »
I made some tooling the removes the front bushes using two spanners.
But I wouldn't even consider doing them on the car for three reasons:

1. Access is shit
2. Replacing the front bushes is a waste of time and parts unless you do the rear ones at the same time.
3. Its only two more bolts(3 if you have an Elite) to remove the wishbone and do the job on the bench

The issue is whether the centre section to cat bolts undo. If you have to drill them out, that can take some time. If they've been replaced before then you can just cut them off.
Then it's a quick slice through the rubbers and gravity drops everything to the floor.
5 minutes maximum if it goes well.

What would be the point?

To save an iconic car from meeting it's maker. ::)

Oh, I thought we were talking about Omegas.

General Car Chat / Re: Abarth 595
« on: 16 January 2018, 17:50:10 »
Buy a Mini Cooper S Coupe... that way you can impress your BMW car share buddy and have a car that isn't based on a Ford Ka/Vauxhall Adam ::)

If he didn't like the Fiat's ride, he certainly won't like a Mini :o

What would be the point?

Learn something new every day :y

Its a stupid, wanky idea though.

No, not a bad idea really.  Not only for space saving reasons, but I'm sure people get the full sized tyre fixed quicker to avoid going round on the space saver for too long.  ;)

Before the days of space savers, I wonder how many people had a punctured tyre in the boot that they hadn't got round to fixing.  ::)

If you've a boot full of luggage before the puncture,where does the beastly flat full size wheel live after the spare is fitted >:( ::)

The same place it does when you use a spacesaver on a TT convertible, 911, big wheeled Beetle, Megane estate and many others: on the passenger's lap.

General Car Chat / Re: Battery conditioners
« on: 15 January 2018, 18:29:23 »
The basic C-tek charger is sold by all of the posh manufacturers for people who don't use their toys enough, and complain that the battery is flat when they want to. If companies like Bentley, Rolls, Porsche, Ferrari etc are happy to use them on their electrical systems, I wouldn't think twice about plugging an Omega into one.

General Car Chat / Re: boot and bonnet gas struts
« on: 15 January 2018, 18:26:13 »
All German sell bonnet struts that are identical to OE including all of the markings except the GM one. They're cheap, too. Problem solved.

I don't know about saloon boot struts, but new estate ones come in at about £20 a pair. That's what I bought, as used ones were more expensive.

These are parts like bearings and seals: most suppliers sell them by the dimensions, not what they're used for.

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