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Please play nicely.  No one wants to listen/read a keyboard warriors rants....

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I use red, just so I only have to change it every 3 years on so, rather than annually.  Cost is about the same, and the effort is the same, and I'm a lazy bastid :D

I've never seen the need to change it annually, so don't bother.

General Discussion Area / Re: Trump Rocking Theresa's Boat
« on: 15 July 2018, 22:17:55 »
I just wish the would get rid of RFL and put it on the price of fuel. Business would fight it tooth and nail though.

So would everybody else when they realise just how expensive it is to use roads. Don't forget, tax is already the biggest cost in fuel, and a levy instead of RFL would always be in addition to that.

one of these old heaps will be so incontinent that insisting on long-life coolant is a bit pointless ;D

If it's got red in it, then use that. Mine came with blue, and that's what I use in it.

General Car Chat / Re: Hunter Hawkeye Kwik fit.
« on: 15 July 2018, 21:48:07 »
That method is effective.
 BUT messy

REMEMBER ! you won't have an in house cleaning team until the replacement is delivered  :y

why would you .....  ???
aint gonna suck itself , pots need washing ,someone needs to press the start button on the white clothes washer box thing  :y

Those are her investment for when she decides that your house is now too nice for you to live in.......

General Discussion Area / Re: Trump Rocking Theresa's Boat
« on: 15 July 2018, 20:52:08 »
Churchill was a traitor in my eyes, too.
I've remarked on here before about his subverting the ring-fenced Road Fund Licence that was created solely for road creation and maintenance and the monies so collected promised not to be used for any other purpose. That was the beginning of the use of motorists as cash cows, and we all know how it continued.   >:( >:( >:(


You do know that the RFL was introduced because the government at the time realised that there were thousands of extra road users that could now be easily identified! Introducing a tax specifically for that instance was bound to happen. And no tax will EVER be ring fenced, as governments don't account for their spending like that. If it ever changes, then we'll end up paying the equivalent of tolls for every mile we drive, and not only will that be more expensive, but the money STILL won't be spent on the transport network.

General Discussion Area / Re: The British Public
« on: 14 July 2018, 17:54:08 »
You're surely not suggesting the Great British public are thick, are you Nick?  ??? ::) ;D

Why would I imply it when there's plenty of conclusive proof?

But that's a different problem. Trump deliberately ensures that he's the centre of attention, and he does it a particularly moronic way because he's a man of very limited abilities; that's why people react to him.

General Discussion Area / Re: The British Public
« on: 14 July 2018, 16:42:55 »
The Trump protestors are fooking tossers!  >:(

Where were they when Erdogan of Turkey who has 50,000 political prisoners came?  ???

Where were they when the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia whose country has caused a humanitarian catastrophe in Yemen and has only just allowed women the freedom to drive?  ???

Where were they when the Commonwealth Heads of Government conference was in London, where some of these leaders criminalise homosexuality?  Yoweri Museveni of Uganda for example.  ???

Why don't they take to the streets to protest about serious human rights issues, like 'honour killings' in Pakistan or FGM in East Africa for example?  ??? ::)

I'd wager that the vast majority havn't a clue about why they are really there.  It's just trendy to jump on the Trump outrage bus and do a bit of virtual signalling!  ::)  Right on man!  :)

Tossers!  >:(

The answer to your questions is simple:

Trump delights in creating, maintaining and publicising an obnoxious, hectoring and  bullying personality. He uses the media throughout the world to do so. This seems to be the only thing he's actually good at, as it certainly isn't an efficient way to persuade people that he doesn't have any direct power over.  Or even those that he does. Your other examples are much more discreet in their 'crimes' and are below the ineffective do-gooders radar. Therefore they haven't realised the need for a parade to protect the lavender trees in Wheretheoppsisitistan

General Car Chat / Re: Hunter Hawkeye Kwik fit.
« on: 14 July 2018, 00:14:04 »
What are they charging these days?


Too much .... 60  ??? but it gets the interior cooler a lot faster  :)

you do know that's much less than the cost of the refrigerant has increased?

So settings should be:

Ride Height

Front - 385mm +/- 12mm (measured centre of wheel to apex of wheel arch, all fluid full, full tank, no occupants/luggage, tyres inflated to normal pressure)
Rear  - 384mm +/- 12mm (measured centre of wheel to apex of wheel arch, all fluid full, full tank, no occupants/luggage, tyres inflated to normal pressure)

Camber Left -0.36 (+/-.25), Right -0.12 (+/-.25) Balance -.24 (+/-.25) (Balance = left-right)
Caster Left -6.53 (+/-.45), Right -6.20 (+/-.45) Balance -.33 (+/-.45) (Balance = left-right)
Toe-Total Toe 0.13 (+/-.12)

Camber Left -0.59 (+/-.25), Right -0.59 (+/-.25) Balance -.24 (+/-.25) (Balance = left-right)
Toe Left  0.5 (+/-.8 ), Right 0.5 (+/-.8 ) Total Toe - 0.1 (+/-.12)
Why are the front numbers different side to side? Or is the chassis built twisted ???
Why are the front numbers different side to side? Or is the chassis built twisted ???

To accommodate road crown, maybe?

You don't think it's to compensate for the driver's weight, seeing as the spec says to check with the car unloaded?
This would explain why it isn't different for the the back.

General Discussion Area / Re: Trump Rocking Theresa's Boat
« on: 13 July 2018, 16:22:27 »
Chicken used to be a treat for the middle class and an 'aspiration only' for the working class.

Now chicken is for everybody. About 3-4 for a medium sized bird.

I recently found out that the staple diet of the poor in London during the Victorian period was oysters. It came as a surprise to me.

and salmon, there was a legal limit how many times a week the workers could be few cheap salmon,

only after the apprentices went on strike to complain about it.

Omega General Help / Re: Bulbs
« on: 12 July 2018, 09:52:44 »
Those backlight ones, and MID ones, replace all at same time.

I sourced mine from dealer for convenience (and delivery by van that afternoon ;D ), as bulbs aren't dear.
My local dealer sells them at 3 plus. online they are 2.95; that's not very cheap.
Do the Chinese LED bulbs dim properly?

Aren't they just standard low wattage capless bulbs that are available anywhere for a few pence each?

Or do they need to be caressed in a secret and mystical way by the Vauxhall elves to work in an Omega?

General Car Chat / Re: VW Passat
« on: 12 July 2018, 06:47:59 »
Getting the long inner bolt out of the aluminium castings it holds together can be very difficult and time consuming.
The steel bolt and aluminium react and seize together

Omega General Help / Re: Understeer
« on: 11 July 2018, 16:36:16 »
Okay so I don't know what had I measured but I had 11mm toe in... Well changed that to 2mm toe in. Tested and it was better but then I changed camber from 1.1 degree to 2.2 degree. Now it goes good. Ofcourse you can make it understeer but now the understeer is correctable with throttle.

And also tested toe out but that made the car jump around on the trails so changed that back.

I'm happy for now but I could buy new suspension parts, might even need to give up with the self leveling.

If you've really set the camber to 2.2, you'll be buying tyres on a monthly basis!

1.1 of negative camber at ride height is what you want, and you ought to measure it more precisely.

General Discussion Area / Re: Brexit Friday.
« on: 10 July 2018, 22:01:08 »
I think that Boris Johnson summed it up in his resignation letter saying that the dream is dying, suffocated by needless self doubt.   :(

He was one of the leading leave campaigners, in a senior government position. And yet the first we hear of his dissatisfaction with the process is his resignation.


I've got a couple of old foam blocks so i'll wrap the wet paper in that  :y

The G3 i've got is in a bottle  :-\
Is that okay ?

But you will have to squeeze some out for it to work......

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