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Planning permission would, by definition, imply a degree of, er, planning... ::)

It will never catch on as a concept  :D

General Discussion Area / Re: TV LICENCE RENEWAL
« on: Today at 07:26:43 »
Just checked my bank are right Steve...Licence Plus. Got an email from the proper TV Licencing to say thanks for notification of change of address.
So what have I got for my 16 ??? ??? ???
A 16 debit on your bank statement and an email from TV Licencing.

I wouldn't count on a Christmas card though ::)

It's the water ;)

General Discussion Area / Re: Word Association.
« on: Today at 07:02:51 »
Wrong (on several levels  :o)

General Discussion Area / Re: White Goods Thread!!
« on: Today at 00:49:11 »
Plugged our new fridge in and switched it on...

Ten minutes later, a loud pop and everything went off...

Turns out the dog had taken a liking to the plug ::)

She had damaged enough of the insulation that when she went back for a second go, she pinched the live and neutral together :o

Fortunately no harm done :)

General Discussion Area / Re: Word Association.
« on: Today at 00:40:28 »
Pepper :D

Plan B then ::)

General Car Chat / Re: How can this be
« on: Today at 00:17:24 »
Getting flagged up via cameras is one thing, but unless there's a clamping unit/hiab present next to it when it's spotted nothing will happen.

Cameras are there primarily to keep tabs on ne'erdowells and scrotes...

DVLA mobile patrols are the front line in enforcement of car tax evasion.

Police aren't even imformed until you are over a month due...  :y

General Car Chat / Re: How stable is your Omega in the rain
« on: Yesterday at 16:28:54 »
What about below the inlet manifold?

General Car Chat / Re: Thanks greatly Johnnydog
« on: Yesterday at 15:58:04 »
Having said that, can't find it now.
Listing ended yesterday ;)

General Car Chat / Re: How stable is your Omega in the rain
« on: Yesterday at 15:57:11 »
Really pretty good, actually. IIRC it's a Prins system with Flashlube, it might be a tad undersized though as it drops to petrol if you're at WOT and above 4k RPM.. rest of the time it's entirely unobtrusive :y

That's often the safest way to go with high aspiration LPG setups as you don't often (!) spend much time at WOT in then anyway.  That's what I was thinking for the XJR lpg setup instead of finding space for 2 vaporisors in a crossover configuration to deal with the demand of the SC at WOT.
Any space behind the front wheels and wing :-\

Mercedes W140 has enough space (just) for a double vap on the nearside, OK it's not exactly next to the inlet manifold but it is convenient for the engine/cabin coolant plumbing and fuel plumbing...

And on the proper engines, there's not much space under the bonnet ::)

General Discussion Area / Re: Word Association.
« on: Yesterday at 07:18:39 »

Ok so now I'm about to put this lock and stuff in t0 the other car. But I have some problems to get the ignition lock back in the last bit. It's about 2mm left for it to slide in.

I have moved that part in the bottom of the cylinder down but there seem to be something in there that prevent it from going all in. The key is in the I (one) position.

I'm afraid to force it in and getting it wrong and stuck in there.

Any advice?

Re read the guide and follow it to the letter ;)

Omega General Help / Re: Front Springs Length Difference
« on: Yesterday at 07:16:48 »
Your driver side ;) presumably due to the combined weight of the battery and driver. Uk cars front springs are equal length :y

General Discussion Area / Re: Word Association.
« on: Yesterday at 07:13:23 »

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