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General Discussion Area / Thumbs up to Karcher
« on: 16 February 2018, 17:31:44 »
I am usually to be found with a  >:( expression, writing strongly worded letters announcing my boycott of one company or another, based on their utter incompetence (latest one, DPD, but that's by the by).

I am therefore quite happy to say I've had a good experience with Karcher supplying replacement parts for a pressure washer well out of the usual warranty, based on nothing more than a polite email, no need to get on my soapbox! I don't for a moment think I'm of any great influence of OOfers purchases, but hell, I'm putting it out there.

Omega Gallery / Took the pair of them out the other Sunday...
« on: 09 January 2018, 21:53:09 »
...just a couple of photos...

omegas1 by Pe Te, on Flickr

omegas3 by Pe Te, on Flickr

omegas2 by Pe Te, on Flickr

(Yes, they are dirty...)

Visiting Northampton (for reasons undisclosed in case MrsGK reads this) next weekend. Looking for a nice Indian buffet or restaurant within half an hour of a certain well known race circuit. Locals, advice? :D

(Her birthday tradition is to go to Cosmo, but I don't think there's one nearby...)


General Discussion Area / Merry Christmas all!
« on: 25 December 2017, 06:33:25 »
Hope you all have a cracking day! From MrsGK, FurryGK, and I... and the fleet...! :D

General Car Chat / Spotted many Omegas in Teesside today.
« on: 13 October 2017, 18:54:12 »
I don't see any for ages, then I've seen at least four today, not inlcuding the contents of the GK yard... silver MV6 on Acklam Rd, a blue-grey saloon on Stainton Way, a silver-grey V6 on Cass House Rd, and another silver saloon in Stockton.

As usual I was at work and so relatively anonymous, but if anyone on here is a local... IT COULD BE YOU!

General Discussion Area / Nice B and B or hotel, for Thorpe Park?
« on: 09 October 2017, 19:45:21 »
Yet again I wish to consult the OOF tourist board... MrsGK and I want to go to Thorpe Park before the year is out... Anywhere nice and under 100/ night, preferably a bit romantic like? Happy to drive an hour or so to get to and from...

General Discussion Area / May I just thank you all...
« on: 07 August 2017, 17:12:45 »
...or a great many of you, anyway.

Over the last few months I've not posted much, but been reading lots - all in aid of getting the MV6 and the Special, together, on the road, ready for mine and MrsGK's wedding. And, admittedly, because having two Omegas on the road is better than one...

I quite simply couldn't have managed it without this place - maintenance guides, advice, links, and general inspiration that you don't find on many other forums. Add to that, the sheer number of people who have supplied parts, tools, tyres, and tea. I couldn't begin to list people inidividually... So thank you to the admin team for keeping it running, and to the members that make it. :y

Photos in the gallery here -

Omega Gallery / Couple of shots from the wedding...!
« on: 07 August 2017, 17:09:08 »
Well, since MrsGK officially became MrsGK (er), thought I'd post a few photos of our wedding cars. After all, it's the most important part of the day, right?

jfoutsideedited by Pe Te, on Flickr

jfoutsideedited2 by Pe Te, on Flickr

mv6etcedited by Pe Te, on Flickr

pippaetcedited by Pe Te, on Flickr

...and a couple more of the Special, since he's back on the road after four years hibernating...!

zekeheadlandedited by Pe Te, on Flickr

IMG_20170805_210154737_HDR by Pe Te, on Flickr

Omega General Help / Chirping from cambelt - tensioner failing?
« on: 30 July 2017, 22:34:49 »
Reassembled the MV6 after a reassuring hour spent looking for the bolts I had removed... But lets not go there.

What I suspected was noisy PAS pump clearly isn't - removed aux belt and ran engine briefly, chirping still evident, sounds in time with engine revs.
 Had the cambelt cover off and couldn't see any scary evidence of belt catching, so thinking tensioner is FUBAR... Belt kit fitted by me 2000 miles and three months ago, properly, and have had no other issues since.

Anything else I ought to be checking before I get in touch with the supplier? Want to minimise running time as it seems to be getting louder... Just what I need five days before the wedding!

I need an auxiliary belt tensioner, the one that bolts onto the drivers side of the engine with two big Torx bolts.
I also need a black bagpipe, drivers side, that goes between throttle body and front multiram.
 As quick and cheap as possible as I'm getting married on the 4th, and want the car at the wedding!  :y

General Car Chat / E39 530d... Advice?
« on: 19 July 2017, 17:26:35 »
Mate has an E39 530d on a T. Its done a hugely impressive 311,000 miles.

Hes now concerned at the amount of black smoke coming out of the exhaust when driving with gusto.

Once I finished telling him that its a diesel and they all do that, I changed air filter and oil separator. Its still sootier than a small bear on a mans hand... Is it just going to be due to mileage and thus wear or should I be digging deeper? :y

General Discussion Area / That tunnie is a lovely chap
« on: 10 June 2017, 19:15:20 »
Just picked up a set of wheels for the explod. Pleasure to deal with, allowing for my being several shades iller than I would have liked. Ta muchly! :Y

That lovely Tunster has 4 wheels in his possession... I will be in Milton Keynes on the night of 9th and all day 10th June. Anyone going from Camberley or Osterley to the MK area (or further north), that could pick them up and store them safe for me?

Beer and expenses obviously paid for... :y

Omega Electrical and Audio Help / GK's chav lighting... Help!
« on: 20 May 2017, 13:04:38 »
I have a set of lovely amber LED strips to go in my footwells. I am perfectly happy wiring them in, I want them to work in conjunction with the courtesy light - ie when doors are opened or interior light switch pulled out.

Multimetering shows the courtesy light has two lives, one is switched ignition. The grey and black wire however is 12v with lamp off... Drops to 0v when lights are on. Can I somehow wire in using this as the switch?

(And once I've practiced on mine... I think TB might like some blue ones in his... ;) )

Omega Electrical and Audio Help / Interior light fuse
« on: 20 May 2017, 12:23:28 »
Just a heads up that someone may want to add to the fusebox layout guide - both my 2002 MV6 and my 2003 explode have had the interior light fuse blow... Certainly the 02 was my fault.

Checked the 20As listed in the guide and all were fine, but fuse 7, 10A, had blown on both. Replaced on the 2002 and it's sorted... Now to unplod the wiring on the 03 and see if it's worked  :y

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