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General Discussion Area / Gas bbq
« on: 23 August 2018, 15:45:50 »
My old gas bbq was knackered , leaving it out over winter didn't help  ::)

So ive just been and bought one of these.....

Seems ideal, portable, so ok for taking camping etc.  :y

Its running off a 13Kg gas bottle at the moment, which the old bbq was connected to. But when that runs out i'll get a smaller portable gas bottle for it  :)

So if anyone is looking at gas BBQ's , it would be considering one of these  :y

General Discussion Area / Went to RIAT today
« on: 15 July 2018, 16:47:55 »
Went on the shuttle bus.....

Was too hot for me....walked up the stalls both sides....prob about a 4 mile walk!

I got burnt on all the exposed bits, arms mainly as I wore a tshirt…..

Just got home....knackered!

Im sure some else who went, would have taken pics they can post on this thread....

General Car Chat / Pollen Filter
« on: 27 June 2018, 12:28:45 »
If you think changing a pollen filter on a Mondeo is a 5 min job.....your wrong!

I thought Id treat it to a new pollen filter, seeing how filthy the air filter was. I assumed it to be a 5-10 min job....I was wrong too  :o

The filter sits on top of the blower motor, which someone in Ford design, decided the best place for it, is behind the centre dash.  :o

To get to it...

Remove the sound deadening material under the glovebox
Drop the fusebox down (that you now see) , unclip it and push it away to the left
Remove the glovebox...I kid you not!
You can now see the pollen filter housing lid hidden behind the centre dash

An hour later its all back together again ….. well done Ford  ::)

General Car Chat / Turbo lag
« on: 24 June 2018, 12:44:47 »
My 2.0TD Mondeo, recently purchased, was suffering from turbo lag....most noticeably in 2nd and 3rd gear.
Having a google on it, it was suggested that either I had a vacuum leak or the EGR valve was 'gummed' up.

So I was ready to book it into a garage to sort out....

But, having changed the air filter...which I reckon had never been changed in its life...

The turbo lag has disapeared!! ..... Im amazed! 

General Discussion Area / Dishwasher
« on: 15 June 2018, 12:06:46 »
Ok, so my 16 month dishwasher has developed a fault...but its covered with a 5 year warranty...

The low salt led warning doesn't come on when there is low/no salt.

The led works as the led comes on for about 1 sec when you turn the machine on (as do all the other leds)

So repair man arrived this morning and changed the salt dispenser as he decided the sensor inside the dispenser must be knackered.

Still no low salt warning led.....even with no salt in the dispenser.

He has ordered a new pcb for it and is coming back next wednesday to fit it.

Now i dont think its the pcb  :-\ , as said earlier the led comes on for 1 sec when you first turn the machine on.

I would be thinking broken wire somewhere  :-\ .....but hey, im not the expert.

According to the repair agreement, they have until the 29th June to fix it or I can ask for a new machine!

Who thinks they will fix it within the next 14 days  :-\

General Car Chat / VED
« on: 05 June 2018, 16:36:34 »
Just changed my Mondeo 1.6TD for basically the same, but newer and a 2.0TD

The VED on the 1.6TD was £30/yr

Just taxed it online and pleasantly surprised to find the VED on the 2.0TD is also £30/yr  :y :)

Meetings, gatherings, parties etc / Tiffins
« on: 02 June 2018, 15:00:07 »
Thought Id start a new topic about a curry night in Swindon.

I thought any Sat night either later this month or July.

The subject title is the name of the restaurant I thought we'd go to...

Any one unfamiliar with Tiffins …. its an all you can eat buffet for £17 (on a sat night)

Any interest?

General Discussion Area / DAB Aerial
« on: 25 May 2018, 17:14:14 »
My recently bought Denon Hifi has a DAB radio ….

The DAB aerial it came with is basically rubbish....unless you live in strong DAB signal strength area, I guess.

On a search of DAB stations, it didnt find many and the ones it did find kept cutting out.....the local radio station was the only one that seemed ok, but that cut out occassionly....  :(

So i bought a DAB aerial for it .... A Vivanco TVA 200 ....

Well impressed  :y

On a search of stations with the new aerial connected, it found 51 DAB stations and everyone plays fine  :y

Its also suppose to be an aerial for TV and PC ... tho i havent tried it on that, so carnt comment....

So if you have a DAB radio and its a bit rubbish on channels/reception and can connect an external aerial, I would recommend this one  :y

General Discussion Area / Skip Hire
« on: 17 May 2018, 16:57:16 »
Has gone up massively since I last hired a skip, probably 5/6 years ago..... :(

I think the cost of the last skip was around £130.....

Ive just paid £265 for a 6 yard skip  :o That doesnt include a road license either....

Phoning about other companies were much the same price....

What are skip prices in your area like ??

General Discussion Area / RIAT 2018
« on: 07 May 2018, 15:12:05 »
Anyone going this year?

As its the 100th year of the RAF, I'd thought id make an effort and just booked my ticket for the Sunday (as Sunday is still at earlybird price)

I just hope its a nice day, otherwise its a bloody expensive day to get pished on  ::)

General Discussion Area / Bought a new hifi today....
« on: 23 April 2018, 16:28:43 »
As the old one is knackered....on/off switch is temperamental and cd player wont play cd's.....

Bought a Denon amp with built in cd and DAB wireless...

Plus an Audio Technica turntable...

Probably wouldn't have bought the turntable if id known.....

That you get a box of bits....that ive just spent an hour putting together  :(

Tho i havent been able to test it out I havent bought any speakers for it yet  ::) ;D

General Discussion Area / Grand National
« on: 14 April 2018, 12:55:32 »
So who do we think is going to win?  :-\

Ive picked out a couple of Nags, one that looks like it stands a chance and one from a local stable to me...

Tigers Roll
Warriors Tale (local horse)

General Discussion Area / Combi boiler problem....
« on: 18 March 2018, 08:59:44 »
Well, I thought it had a problem....until I fixed it  :)

Problem has been going for a good few weeks now....

Turn a cold water tap on and at turning it off the boiler goes into H/W mode for about 1 sec then leaves a pump running for about 20secs before either shutting down or going back to C/H mode. Same thing happens if you flush the loo or if the washing machine / dishwasher is taking in cold water.

Decided to do a google on the problem and a couple of sites suggested there was air trapped in the cold water pipe somewhere and suggested running all the cold water taps to try and get rid of the air lock.

The local water board did turn off the water about a month ago for a few hours to fix a leak a few roads away.

All the cold taps run water fine......then it suddenly dawned on me that it might be the shower, as the shower tap is always set to max hot as the H/W temp is controlled by the boiler (45c). Turned the shower to max cold and turned it on, it spat and hissed for about 10 secs  before settling down to constant flow of cold.

Boiler problem has gone away and running a cold tap on max and shutting off doesn't affect the boiler now  :y

To think I was ready to callout the boiler manu as I thought it was a boiler problem and all it was, was trapped air  ::)

Job jobbed  :)

General Discussion Area / Theres Snow
« on: 10 December 2017, 09:36:28 »
Just got up....

and there 2 or 3 inches of snow....that wasn't forecasted  :o :o

General Discussion Area / Wifi usb dongle
« on: 21 November 2017, 16:56:00 »
My new ISP router has turned up.. :y Its probably crap coz its from an ISP.

However I note its a dual band router....

So if I was buy a 5Ghz dual band usb dongle, would I notice much performance increase?  :-\

I might probably be less hampered by other 2.4Ghz networks surrounding me, if I used the 5Ghz  :-\


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