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General Discussion Area / Grand National
« on: 14 April 2018, 12:55:32 »
So who do we think is going to win?  :-\

Ive picked out a couple of Nags, one that looks like it stands a chance and one from a local stable to me...

Tigers Roll
Warriors Tale (local horse)

General Discussion Area / Combi boiler problem....
« on: 18 March 2018, 08:59:44 »
Well, I thought it had a problem....until I fixed it  :)

Problem has been going for a good few weeks now....

Turn a cold water tap on and at turning it off the boiler goes into H/W mode for about 1 sec then leaves a pump running for about 20secs before either shutting down or going back to C/H mode. Same thing happens if you flush the loo or if the washing machine / dishwasher is taking in cold water.

Decided to do a google on the problem and a couple of sites suggested there was air trapped in the cold water pipe somewhere and suggested running all the cold water taps to try and get rid of the air lock.

The local water board did turn off the water about a month ago for a few hours to fix a leak a few roads away.

All the cold taps run water fine......then it suddenly dawned on me that it might be the shower, as the shower tap is always set to max hot as the H/W temp is controlled by the boiler (45c). Turned the shower to max cold and turned it on, it spat and hissed for about 10 secs  before settling down to constant flow of cold.

Boiler problem has gone away and running a cold tap on max and shutting off doesn't affect the boiler now  :y

To think I was ready to callout the boiler manu as I thought it was a boiler problem and all it was, was trapped air  ::)

Job jobbed  :)

General Discussion Area / Theres Snow
« on: 10 December 2017, 09:36:28 »
Just got up....

and there 2 or 3 inches of snow....that wasn't forecasted  :o :o

General Discussion Area / Wifi usb dongle
« on: 21 November 2017, 16:56:00 »
My new ISP router has turned up.. :y Its probably crap coz its from an ISP.

However I note its a dual band router....

So if I was buy a 5Ghz dual band usb dongle, would I notice much performance increase?  :-\

I might probably be less hampered by other 2.4Ghz networks surrounding me, if I used the 5Ghz  :-\


General Discussion Area / Memory
« on: 27 October 2017, 17:20:19 »
Ive notice my notebook is running tad slower than it used to...not quite sure why...

Ive run a full antivirus scan and Malwarebytes....nothing found..

Ive uninstalled any programs that I don't use and deleted a few programs from the startup group...

So I only have 2GB of memory and under normal use its using 90% plus of I'm thinking that adding more memory might do the trick...

Seems to have gone a bit slow since the large win10 update....

According to task manager its got a SODIMM 2GB 1333Mhz with a free slot....

So if I were to buy this, would the notebook be happy, no idea of the make of SODIMM already in there...

Any ideas? It looks ok to me, but would it be better to buy a 4GB SODIMM and replace the 2GB one that's there?  :-\

General Discussion Area / Another internet problem.
« on: 21 October 2017, 17:09:57 »
Recently I have been unable to login to my online bank account.

I can get to the main webpage but then when I hit the button that says login and then it should prompt me for my username and password.
But it doesn' that point it just says unable to reach website.

This using my notebook and using my desktop.

If I disconnect from my router and connect to my mobile phone....its works fine over that data connection.

So, looks like my notebook is fine and its either a router problem (reset several times) or an ISP problem  :-\

Any thoughts ?? I want to swap the router over for another one to test it, but I have to wait for my ISP to tell me my password....As I haven't a clue and carnt find the paperwork that they sent me years ago telling me what it was  ::)

General Discussion Area / Fire replacement....
« on: 14 October 2017, 18:52:54 »
Had my boiler serviced on Weds....also got the plumber to disconnect a gas fire in the living room and cap the gas supply off..

I don't have a chimney breast in the living room and it was a stove type gas fire with a catalytic converter in it that vented the fumes into the living room.....suppose to be safe but I haven't used since ive had the new boiler (3 years ago) and the catalytic converter is supposedly good for ten years....and by my reckoning its about 10 years old....

So going to replace it with probably this....

I don't need the heat from it....just the flame effect would be nice during the winter months

650mm wide seems about right for where it will be going.... :-\ Depends on what the flame effect looks like I to B&Q tomorrow to have a look....

Any one have a wall mounted electric fire and can recommend the flame effect .... ??

General Discussion Area / Well, that was a waste...
« on: 09 September 2017, 19:06:28 »
of 3 1/2 hours of my life  :( and 4 in parking charge....

Hurt my hand on Monday....tightening up a screw with a screwdriver...needed the screw to be very tight...and on final turn of screwdriver, I heard and felt a crunch in my hand...

During the week the back of my hand swelled up and middle finger swelled up too....altho the swelling had gone down a tad, its still painful doing things like lifting a cup of coffee....

So off I went to the walk in centre this afternoon to find out what I had done......3.5hrs later I get seen to....

5 mins getting my hand examined and got told to take ibuprofen......for pain relief.....shouldn't have bothered  :(

General Car Chat / Jag XJS V12
« on: 04 September 2017, 17:19:24 »
Dropped someone off earlier...

On the opposite driveway were not one but two XJS's V12's  :)

Owner had the bonnet up on one with the engine purring away, so had to got over for a chat...apparently he had just had a new rad fitted as it was running too warm for his liking and was letting it idle to see if the temp stayed where it should be....

Both were mint condition both low mileages ..... one was 16 years old other 14 years old, it was the 14 year old one he was tinkering with.

The 16 year old one was up for sale....5.7L V12, I think he said the mileage was 20k (the other was a 6L V12), he wanted about 7k for it......

Ive always had a soft spot for a XJS, but ive never seen an example this clean and tidy....he reckoned the underneath had been galvanised and had no rust underneath ..... its tempting  :-\

Might have to see how much the insurance is on one of these..... ::)

General Discussion Area / New ISP time
« on: 03 September 2017, 17:06:35 »
My current deal of 12/month for 2 years for internet and phone line rental is ending soon....

Anyone know of any good deals about?

I have done a search and the best I found was a SKY offering for 12months....15/month +20 setup fee....  :-\

I don't need super fast broadband, just the bog standard over copper wires is good enough for me......

General Discussion Area / Rechargeable phone batteries
« on: 27 August 2017, 16:47:09 »
These are for my landline cordless phones (3 in total)

As I discovered yesterday (don't use them much, as I usually use my mobile) the batteries are knackered. Only good for a quick phone call, more than 5 mins the phones turn off.

So, to replace them, which rechargeable battery type would be most suited to being on charge all the time, as I think the phone chargers never turn off (the battery compartment is always warm to the touch whenever I do pick them up)

Any ideas chaps  :)

General Discussion Area / Help with a cooker....
« on: 12 August 2017, 16:28:40 »
Its a Belling FSE 60MF

One of the rings is either fully on or off (when turned off)
So, say you put the ring on position 1 it heats up read hot and stays like that.

Now I thought it was going to be the control knob and would be fairly easy to change.
So, I take the top off, pop the knob of the control off. Theres no visible screws to undo which I thought taking the knob off would reveal.
The switch is also tightly packed with other gubbins in the way.

Then I notice the heating element.....its this one

That's looks like some sort of thermostat running across the top in a glass tube  :-\

So now I'm undecided, is the fault the control knob or the heating element  :-\

Any ideas chaps.......

General Car Chat / Oh dear DPF
« on: 06 August 2017, 16:59:44 »
I guess a DPF doesn't catch all the soot ...

Driving on a B road earlier.....past Shack's part of the world...on my way to Chilton Foliat (great name for a village I reckon, btw)

Came up behind 10 cyclists riding two a breast....and as Shack will know its quite a quick B road but its not that wide and does have some fairly tight corners...

So I'm behind the cyclists and see a gap, ie nothing coming towards me but there is a bend in the distance...

So I drop to 3rd and floor the mighty 1.6TD to get past asap ..... get past and check rear view mirror to make sure I'm safe to pull back onto the nearside....ummm I seem to have left the cyclists in a great big cloud of soot....oh dear  ;D ;D ;D

General Car Chat / One touch window
« on: 05 August 2017, 16:28:43 »
After I had the drivers window replaced, the one touch either up or down didn't work.

I tried opening the window fully and shutting fully leaving the button pressed for about 10secs after the window had fully opened/closed.

Now the one touch works for opening the window but not closing....

I am assuming its same operation on the Ford as it is on the omega, to 'learn' the windows  :-\

Any ideas chaps or something left not connected when they had the drivers door panel off  :-\

General Discussion Area / Warm Home discount...
« on: 23 July 2017, 10:33:03 »
I mentioned this a few years ago....

But thought I would again, as my energy supplier has just emailed me to apply...

Its time and how many people apply limited.....

But if you qualify..get in quick...its worth the few mins filling out the application form for a 140 rebate off your energy bill  :y

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