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Omega General Help / Re: Camshaft replacement
« on: Today at 12:20:57 »
Is the cam pulley correctly oriented?

I believe that it is possible to refit it 180 degrees out...  :-\

General Discussion Area / Re: Silly old duffer
« on: Today at 08:57:02 »
Quote from: BBC Article
The force said it was standard policy to breath test drivers involved in collisions and both had provided negative readings.

^^That is the single most surprising thing about this whole incident!
Having webbed feet is no guarantee of intoxication ::)

Possibly... Without looking at the diagrams/knowing what's fitted or not to your car...

Deffo factory though as they wrap the plugs to prevent rattling. Especially the 3.2s have full looms regardless of actual model/spec.

That ecu is the gearbox and the long plug next to it is for the audio/aerial and runs to the rear ;)

General Discussion Area / Re: Hard
« on: Today at 05:40:17 »
I was out training tonight. -3 here apparently.  Was only cold for about 15 mins.  After that it was quite toasty.
There are some proper pansified knob heads around...

Been doing an induction all week, rooms are quite warm, so have had the aircon on full chat... Nice and comfortable in short sleeved shirt but one chap insisted on making a drama out of putting on two jumpers and a coat rather than asking to turn the temperature up slightly.

Given that he was doing the job, (working out on the Ramp), last year, but started in May and finished in October, he's in for one hell of a surprise next week when we start outside ;D

I will be laughing my nads off wearing a T shirt, fleece and hi vis. I can see him wearing full artic gear or asking for a job inside ;D

And, yes, they are factory :y

Omega General Help / Re: LPG in our omega
« on: Today at 05:30:56 »
Very reliable if done correctly  :y

General Discussion Area / Re: Hard
« on: Yesterday at 21:35:49 »
They used to...frequently. Don't you remember seeing the football pitches with the lines cleared of snow? Undersoil heating has made the pitches more playable, but they will be out there in minus temperatures this weekend.
That was before the players got paid...

General Discussion Area / Re: Silly old duffer
« on: Yesterday at 20:43:19 »
The physics are pretty straightforward...

Hit square in the side by the low, pointy end of an MPV (an early Sharamblaxy by the look of it), the high centre of gravity effectively rolled into the space suddenly vacated by the chassis as it was punted out from under it. momentum then simply slid away from the point of impact.

I suspect it would look quite graceful in slow motion. On the tinternet. Not sure that I would personally wish to experience at a mere 42, let alone 97 :o

The shock might just do Prince Philip in, although he doesn't come across as being easily offended spooked...  :-\

General Discussion Area / Re: Sick sick world
« on: Yesterday at 18:32:17 »
Well, whilst we're at it... Why not ;D

Omega General Help / Re: 2 button key fob not working
« on: Yesterday at 16:45:04 »
Martin Imber offers a repair service which addresses this very issue ;)

General Discussion Area / Re: Sick sick world
« on: Yesterday at 16:30:51 »
Can i possibly add Polly Toynbee to the above...  >:(

General Discussion Area / Re: Sick sick world
« on: Yesterday at 16:16:05 »
Absolutely Big Griff
Blair, his awful wife and Brown should all be strung up for treason for what they did while in office
Rees Mog can go to the tower to, snivelling toe rag that he is
Corbyn can, along with Fatbbott, both be put out of their misery...
In My Opinon, of course :y
I would have to concur  :-X

Omega General Help / Re: Passenger Door Lock Not Opening
« on: Yesterday at 15:49:41 »
Should have PM'd this.
Info has been passed to the OP via PM. :y
Thank you Kevin  ;)

That's a grand worth of Omega derusting...

General Car Chat / Re: Electric wing mirrors
« on: Yesterday at 14:25:07 »
Some vehicles, DAF to name one, kills the power to the radio and door switches whenever the door is open or reverse is selected...

All that to say, just be mindful that the door switches may not work with the driver's door open ;)

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