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What are you trying to say, Lizzie? I meant photography and/or setting the world to rights, etc.
Do you think that I could really be naughty? Heaven forfend!  :P


I've just looked!
This is a bit over-kill for my Omega, at 2500 amps cranking, but maybe for a diesel?
Also a bit dearer at 14.92 withoput the dreaded VAT!  :(


Yep, that is similar to the isolator on my Renault 4, with no doubt a higher current rating!
Thanks, I may well get one of those for the Omega.  ;D


That's a good point; the ebay offering didn't give a current rating.
Way back in the dim and distant, I had a Renault 4 which had a quick disconnection screw-type thing, half-a-turn and it was done. I wonder if you can still get them?


I have a solution to the Corbyn problem: when TB comes into power, I'll have a word with him and suggest that he digs out a deep channel where Hadrian's Wall now stands, releasing scotchland and enabling it to be towed away up and away into the Actic region, waving a fond(?) farewell as it goes.....


That 10% has to come from somewhere else though Ron.  Maybe we should abolish state funding for care for the elderly or cut back funding for cancer treatments so we can fix the potholes?  ;)

I'm only 39 so that gets my vote!

I'll change my vote in August when I hit 40 and become old, of course  ;) :D

May you never get old and be in need of such care, Aaron.


You have missed my point, although I didn't clarify fuuly for fear of ranting too long!
In more detail: I am not advocating stealing funding from those areas that you outlined, but merely to have greater transparency in the allocation of funds. If all monies collected from motorists went back to them in the form of benefits, as the Road Fund Licence was originally created for until that Chuchill bloke stuffed us, then that would happen automatically.
Then, the government would have to raise revenue from elsewhere - the Base Rate increase, as you suggested?
I know that would be unpopular, but at least transparent. Tjhe present system allows the government, of whatever colour, to massage the figures and have a seemingly low Income Tax.


I am happy to talk about more things than cars, Lizzie/Savannah..... ;D


30% base rate of income tax anyone?  ::)

Low taxes and shit services or high taxes and well funded services. That's the choice!  ;)

What about spending more than 10% of the motoring taxes collected on motoring benefits, such as road repairs?
When I am Minister of Transport in TB's Dicyatorship, I will put this right!  :y 8)


General Discussion Area / Re: UKIP
« on: Yesterday at 23:18:13 »
Something that NO politician would have in his lexicon!


General Discussion Area / Re: UKIP
« on: Yesterday at 22:57:11 »
Yes, but her conscience, political expediency and a Prime Minister's salary changed her mind - not necessarily in thjat order!  ::)


General Discussion Area / Re: UKIP
« on: Yesterday at 19:06:07 »
Much more from you and I will challenge you to a duel across time and space!  ;D


General Discussion Area / Re: UKIP
« on: Yesterday at 16:23:06 »
"At the rate they are going through party leaders, someone on the forum could easily be party leader by the time 2018 is out. Might even be me , Lizzie, Ron etc"

is that better? :)

Yes. Ok, I'll call the dogs off now!
No need to eliminate Lizzie, she can be my right hand man woman.


General Discussion Area / Re: UKIP
« on: Yesterday at 14:00:48 »
Oi, what do you mean, EVEN Ron?!!!

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