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General Discussion Area / Re: V6 Cambelt party - Brackley
« on: 20 February 2007, 15:30:50 »
Have a look at ebay item 150092463827. Not sure it'd arrive by Saturday but looks pretty reasonable.

Not sure how much they are through other channels.


General Discussion Area / Re: V6 Cambelt party - Brackley
« on: 20 February 2007, 09:36:14 »
Note, I will bring all the odds and sods I have lying about (with the exception of cylinder heads etc!) which members can help themselves to if they need anything....


Come to think of it, I'm missing the little plastic clips that hold the panel above the driver's feet on. If anyone's got a couple of these spare it would be good.



General Discussion Area / Re: V6 Cambelt party - Brackley
« on: 19 February 2007, 22:39:44 »
if it hasn't arrived, I have an old spare used one somewhere or other, let me know before too late on friday eh?  you're welcome to it...
Failing that i have a fairly new one on the Sintra, which isn't in use right now...
That way you'll at least be able to ,make the most of the weekend's events...

Thanks for that, MaxV6. I will let you know later in the week. I should have asked around here before ordering one.

Thinking of brake light switches, I wonder if I'll need to change mine? IIRC, the cruise control one has 4 pins and the non-cruise one only 2?


General Discussion Area / Re: V6 Cambelt party - Brackley
« on: 19 February 2007, 20:55:37 »
Tech2 will be available, for pricelist, see my post at top of every section...

OK. That's great. I'll be there.

I also would like to install cruise at some point so would like someone to show me roughly where everything goes!

Well, I've got the stalk on order so if that's arrived by the weekend I'll bring it along and we can see if we can muddle our way through it I guess!



General Discussion Area / Re: V6 Cambelt party - Brackley
« on: 19 February 2007, 18:53:56 »
Hi All,

I wouldn't mind coming along to say Hi as I'm a new forum member.

I bought my Omega about 6 weeks ago. I bought it at just under 42,000 and it was serviced by the dealer from whom I purchased it. They have stamped the book and indicated the cambelt and pullies were changed but if there's time a quick exploratory peek under the covers to check the condition of the belt would be good as I am wary of trusting 2nd hand car dealers. It would also be good to see the procedure carried out as I will be servicing it myself in future.

I'd also be interested, again, if time permits, in enabling the cruise control if there'll be a Tech2 to hand as I'd like to change the stalk to one with the cruise buttons on it in the near future. I might even be able to source a stalk before the weekend.



General Discussion Area / Re: Why you can faff about all morning.....
« on: 28 February 2007, 23:40:56 »
Is it aupposed to have fog lights on both sides? Some times there's a lens and reflector so they can use the same part ofr LHD but only the offside is used in the UK.

21w tail lights can't be right. Sounds like someone has fitted the wrong bulbs. I doubt they'd do anything as elaborate as dim 21w bulbs. Are they less bright than the brake lights with 21's in?


General Discussion Area / Re: Internet bulb failure
« on: 27 February 2007, 22:15:39 »
Weird goings on indeed!

Was it a low energy bulb? Guess they have the potential to cause interference, especially in some weird failure mode but other than that I struggle to see how they could be connected.

If the phone line is still bad try looking for the master socket (phone socket with a horizontal split across the middle). Undo the two screws and remove the lower half of the socket and move it to one side being careful not to dislodge the wires connected to it. You will see another phone socket recessed into which the bottom half normally plugs. Plug your PC / phone into here and see if it's still noisy.

What you have just tried is to disconnect all the extension wiring in your house and connect directly to the incoming line. If that improves matters you have a problem somewhere in the building. Could be dodgy wiring or a duff phone connected to an extension somewhere.

Are you on broadband or dial-up?


General Discussion Area / Re: Dodgy petrol?
« on: 02 March 2007, 19:22:17 »
It's still hard to believe that something that simply causes the Lambda sensor to misread is causing cars to run so badly.

In my case it did what I would expect - trouble codes on the Lambda sensors but carried on running OK. Why are so many people having running problems though?

Unless the normal symptoms of running in limp home mode are being hyped up beyond belief.


General Discussion Area / Re: Dodgy petrol?
« on: 02 March 2007, 17:29:18 »
Turns out my parents were picking up a new Corsa today from a small family run VX dealer, Spratleys in Mortimer near Aldermaston. They mentioned my fault and the advice was to fill with decent fuel, give it a bit of a spanking to clear the Lambda sensors as long as it's not running poorly and then get the codes reset. Popped round there this afternoon and 20.45 inc. VAT for a Tech 2 session to clear the codes.

Hopefully that's the end of it. They did say if it returns it's probably failure of the Lambda sensors. They certainly weren't as eager to dish out huge bills as the large main dealer I went to yesterday.


General Discussion Area / Re: Dodgy petrol?
« on: 02 March 2007, 09:51:32 »
I understood that the problem with silicone sealant was not the stuff itself but the gases given off during curing (Acetic acid IIRC?). It's supposed to be pretty inert once cured but if said gases get into the induction system they allegedly cause problems with Lambda sensors.

My other thought is, I wonder what creative excuse they are going to come up with as acceptance of liability is not going to happen!

Interestingly Tesco have put a statement on their web site:
We appreciate the inconvenience this is causing some customers and can assure them that if a problem with our fuel is confirmed we will do the right thing and act quickly to put it right.

Put their fuel right or their customers' cars right? I wonder...

Nothing on Morrisons site (where my fuel came from) but I got some satisfaction in watching their share price lose a few points yesterday.

They need to make up a story pretty damn quick. They must have an analysis of what was in that fuel by now. They could have run it up on a couple of test engines in a dyno cell and logged exactly what the failure mode was.

I guess they know full well and have done for some time (maybe even since before the hysteria picked up) but the lawyers are now debating over what they can admit to.


General Discussion Area / Re: Dodgy petrol?
« on: 01 March 2007, 23:28:38 »
Sounds a good diagnosis Mark, what I'm wondering about is how many "dodgy" garages are going to capitalise on this situation and fit parts that are not required in an effort to bump up the repair bill


And I've seen reports now that fuel filters should be changed in addition to O2's, draining fuel tanks, etc.
Popped into a main dealer today to get a key cut and there was much fleecing going on!


General Discussion Area / Re: Dodgy petrol?
« on: 01 March 2007, 16:07:48 »
I think you're right on both counts.

Surely there aren't cars that have such wide authority on the EGO correction that it would cause them to stop running before giving up and going into limp home? There are reports of cars cutting out in the fast lane to protect their engines. Surely that's a bit of a drastic strategy to program into a management system?

I suspect that any emissions related event results in automatic changes of the O2 sensor at main dealers for risk of someone suddenly discovering a load of EU 3/4 compliant cars in the field that don't meet the required emissions standards.

Still, someone's going to make a killing supplying all the new Lambda sensors. Cue the conspiracy theorists. Already seen one newspaper article blaming terrorists!


General Discussion Area / Re: Must Have's from ALDI
« on: 26 February 2007, 21:16:29 »
Can't argue with the physics. Something doesn't add up. 1.5kw will be the motor input power as well, so it will have under 2HP output due to inefficiencies in the motor.


As others have said, I'd suspect an old fuse that was a bit weak anyway. Fuses will normally tolerate a massive overload for a short period of time as the fuse wire has to get hot enough to burn out before the current is interrupted. A big motor will take a large amount of current (way more than the 13 amp plug rating) for a very short period of time during startup.

It's usually circuit breakers that trip on high inrush currents as they are quicker acting in general.

Freezers and the like will only take a few hundred watts whilst running so the loading from these is not significant, but again they take large surges when first starting. On the whole you'd be unlucky if the freezer chose to start at exactly the same time as the compressor so I don't see sharing the circuit with a few freezers as being a problem.

It's got to be worth re-wiring the fuse and trying again. Try not to clamp the fuse wire too tightly in the holder as this could weaken it around the screws.

I wouldn't upgrade the fuse rating. It will be a 15 amp for a reason, probably to protect the cable between house and garage so unless you can confirm this is rated for more, leave the fuse as is.

You can get slow acting circuit breakers which are designed to withstand high inrush currents and you should be able to get one that plugs into your consumer unit in place of the fuse. I'd expect a fuse in good condition to cope, however.

If you still have problems, try running the compressor through a long extension lead (unwind it from the reel if it gets hot in use). This will give a little resistance and may reduce the inrush current sufficiently.


General Discussion Area / Re: I want a cheap laptop
« on: 28 February 2007, 15:28:27 »
Out of interest, what appear to be the minimum CPU requirements for a Cheapo Tech2?


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