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Please play nicely.  No one wants to listen/read a keyboard warriors rants....

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Messages - Kevin Wood

General Discussion Area / Re: Bl**dy Kids.
« on: 13 August 2007, 09:17:25 »
It would have been a quicker response if you'd said you'd rounded up the little batsrads and were going to shoot them.

If it weren't for the fact that kids always got away with pranks like this (let's face it, bu66er all would have happened even if the Police caught them in the act) they wouldn't graduate to more serious crimes.


General Discussion Area / Re: Good weather for me
« on: 14 August 2007, 22:58:09 »
Just went outside to see what's banging (neighbour's fence panel) and nearly got blown off my feet. Glad I'm not still bobbing around in a boat!


General Discussion Area / Re: Good weather for me
« on: 14 August 2007, 19:45:25 »
Well, I've been sailing in the solent today. Company team building jolly.

Was "a bit damp" but good fun :y


General Discussion Area / Re: Project TB2 - Update 14
« on: 13 August 2007, 11:48:47 »
That's a big lump of engine, even after removal of all the accessories :o

Is that evidence of your cooling system issues over the driver's side inner wing?  ;)


General Discussion Area / Re: bugger - the update....
« on: 15 August 2007, 12:49:47 »
No insurance - so do him over - then steal his car and break it!

..except it was his Wife who was driving it, complete with mother in law and squarking brat - hence zero attention left for making sure she doesn't reverse into my car >:(


General Discussion Area / Re: bugger - the update....
« on: 14 August 2007, 22:56:09 »
i had a asian bloke rear end me a few weeks back all he did to mine was scratch the o/s bumper an leave a bit of paint on it he needs anew wing headlight an bumper as well as a few other items..funny though he did not want to stop and exchange details???? i informed the insurance and west mids police and not heard a single dicky bird since..dodgy or what? oh an it was a hyundai coupe on a 51 plate wot do they make them outa of cardboard?

I got hit by an uninsured driver once. Called the Police and they said I needed to report it to them in person. Went to police station and they asked what I wanted them to do about it.  >:( Not remotely interested.

Wrote to guy and asked for my excess, which he paid. Then he got stroppy with me when my insurance company started chasing him for the rest.  ::) Insurance company gave up chasing him claiming they couldn't trace him (I didn't find it that hard!), I got saddled with the claim >:(. Glad I had protected NCB.

This country is run for the benefit of the dodgy tinkers at the expense of law abiding folk >:(


How did you get on with your corner cabinet / aquarium?? Was SWMBO impressed or did she carp on about how you didn't get everything done?

 ;D ;D ;D

Dont start again Golfbuddy.. ;D ;D

Well, it's raining so hard here, it just got me wondering how Nickbat had got on with his cabinet. I don't know what made me think of it. ;) ;)

I do  ;D but don't worry, he's fixed the broken radiator pipe now  ::)


General Discussion Area / Re: Message to Nickbat
« on: 13 August 2007, 22:52:39 »
... corner cabinet was coming on very nicely on Saturday too. Barring a disaster at the varnishing stage I reckon Mrs. Nickbat should be impressed.


General Discussion Area / Re: Clutch problem?
« on: 15 August 2007, 19:26:40 »
My old Laguna used to judder when cold. 137,000 on the original clutch so sounds like a clutch change might be worthwhile. Is there any sign of oil leakage around the lower bellhousing? Just wondering if contamination from a leaky crank oil seal or gearbox input shaft seal. These'll be obvious when yiou do the clutch and can be rectified then, however.

I'd plan on a clutch change next time you fancy another gearbox out experience (must be getting withdrawal symptoms by now?).

Mine went on for about 40,000 after it started juddering then I sold it so I wouldn't regard it as urgent.


General Discussion Area / Re: I'm leaving...
« on: 14 August 2007, 19:54:22 »
Nave a nice time and don't get jealous of our rain while you're gone.  :y



General Discussion Area / Re: Help with a friend's DVD recorder
« on: 13 August 2007, 23:29:28 »
Is the replacement machine the same as his old one? Hard drive transplant from one to the other?

Probably not going to do the warranty on the new machine any good, though. :(

Without gaining physical access to the innards of the new machine I think a copy from one to the other is probably the best you can do.

Could he remove the hard drive from the old machine and substitute for a suitable paperweight before returning it in case a better solution comes to mind?

As TB says, hard drive format is likely to be linux and the content on it could well be proprietary format and encrypted but you never know...
<resists the temptation to take apart his DVD recorder - but for how long?>


General Discussion Area / Re: New tools.....
« on: 13 August 2007, 22:27:58 »
I have the Halfords car creeper and it's superb. Need to get the car a few inches higher but it makes it a lot easier to get underneath.

Watch out for 110v lamps and tools, etc. That last set will need a transformer to run from the mains.


Yup, 6yr old house, so digital meter

Ours has just been changed. House is 7/8 years old IIRC so you should be due a change fairly soon anyway.


Yeah, I can't understand it myself. I'm no different to anyone else - 2 freezers though.  Probably more IT stuff on - big powerful PC running this place, gigabit switch, 2 routers, wifi etc, but not over the top.
Kitchen appliances - fridge freezer, freezer, washing machine, dishwasher, electric cooker and hob.

I think we're currently running at 30 odd quid a month. Also 2 fridge/freezers, gas hob, electric oven, all the usual stuff plus an above average collection of geeky gadgets on standby ::)  Computer on 24/7, but much lower power than yours I'd imagine. Couple of other PCs (em.. 3 desktops + 3 laptops @ last count  :-[) on at times. Various routers and hubs.

Generally low energy ligting except in a few rooms. SWMBO seeks out most expensive room to light and sets herself up in there every evening - then leaves the lights on  >:(

House empty weekdays.

I guess if you're running a powerful PC 24/7 that's not insignificant. If it's averaging 200 watts thats 10-15 PM. Still, that can't be the whole story.

I'd get one of the little monitoring boxes from Maplins and do a bit of detective work..

Order code       L61AQ (frequently on special at 12-14 quid as I say)


Someone really ought to investigate Rupert Murdoch's carbon footprint. His damned set top box takes 20 watts - standby or operating - doesn't matter, 24 hours a day. I presume it's because it stays operating in order to "phone home" during the night. Well, it would if I connected a phone line to it, no doubt.

That's getting on for 1.50 a month alone!


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