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 on: Today at 15:55:39 
Started by Essex Big Al - Last post by Kevin Wood
Think the 2.2 needs ...
.... another 2 cylinders & another litre  ;) least. :)

did Mr Gixer ever get the V8 strapped into his ?
Not yet, but I know a man who has. ;)

 on: Today at 15:54:46 
Started by Field Marshal Dr. Opti - Last post by Kevin Wood
I go to wherever I can find a tester with a white stick.
Just don't let him poke the sills with it.  :o

 on: Today at 15:51:55 
Started by aaronjb - Last post by Kevin Wood
Came across something similar to this at a geek meet yesterday evening too:

Really crude, plasticky miniature reel-to-reel with not even a capstan for speed stability. More work needed, but it did grumble a bit when we finally got it playing. Boxed with manual and some tapes and the selling point splashed across the front of the box? 4 transistors! :D

Still, if we're talking about miniature tape recorders, the only one I'd give house room to, and without which no cold war espionage agent would be complete:

 :-* :-* :-*

I can even put up with the terrible jazz noodling to watch that play. ;D

 on: Today at 15:47:55 
Started by addy - Last post by terry paget
See similar thread below from James V6CDX. The 'top hat' seal may be available from Autovaux, otherwise if yours is not too bad re-use yours.

 on: Today at 15:32:51 
Started by aaronjb - Last post by Kevin Wood
Interesting. I'd heard of them but have never seen one in the flesh.  :y

One of my Hi-Fi nerd mates did find one of these recently:

We got it working and it appears to be a system whereby premises would rent cartridges of "background music" from some sort of central library. Handy if you own a particularly bad restaurant - or lift, I guess. ;D

The music it played once resurrected was, predictably, absolute bilge. ;D

 on: Today at 15:21:53 
Started by nuttyknitter - Last post by tunnie

Since then, due to the large expense of head gasket repair, I decided to buy some K-Seal as recommended by a friend to see if this cured the issue. Remarkably, after a few days, no more steam out of the exhaust and the car inside the cabin is still warm as my friend said it might gum up the heater and be cold.

Oh dear  :(

This has probably cause more issues, as it would silt up both the radiator and your heater matrix. You are now probably getting symptoms/issues as a result of the K-Seal, which will be complicating the matter.

4 pots can suffer HG problems if coolant maintenance is neglected, I'd start off by doing a pressure test on each cylinder.

Do you have one?

 on: Today at 14:09:57 
Started by aaronjb - Last post by Mister Rog

Wunderbar !

 on: Today at 13:57:19 
Started by nuttyknitter - Last post by JDX
Hello & welcome to the forum.
You should find lots of help on here.
BTW, do you do socks?  ;D

 on: Today at 13:48:32 
Started by aaronjb - Last post by aaronjb
I am wondering if Zirfeld does (now that I've remembered his username :oops: )..

 on: Today at 13:45:01 
Started by aaronjb - Last post by STEMO
Great find, Aaron, that's an amazing bit of kit. Got to be someone on here who remembers them.

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