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 on: Yesterday at 20:48:03 
Started by Field Marshal Dr. Opti - Last post by TheBoy
I heard that some factories were offline for maintenance, and another one(s) suffered a problem causing a long shutdown, so only 1 or 2 factories left producing in Europe currently.

wasn't that cause of the shortage of CO2  :-\
Yup, similar scenario, only the CO2 was more recent.

 on: Yesterday at 20:45:32 
Started by Raeturbo - Last post by Alnico Blue
Reminds me of Brexit.....

What a punch in the knackers !   ;D ;D     

 Love the ad though  . . .especially the shop assistants expression after he says " comes with a free gift" & buyer gets it  . . . .Priceless !  ;D ;D ;D ;D

 on: Yesterday at 20:39:46 
Started by addy - Last post by Alnico Blue
I'm with Terry on this  . . . thinking that you probably have a small leak. The problem is a very small leak will evaporate & you won't see a visible leak or pool on the ground.

Black plastic sides & top  of the rad are a common place & often hidden from view .  Small HBV leak is another.

Coolant bridge another possibility.   

 I had a very small leak for a long time & just could not find it, although could often smell the leaking coolant aroma when hot.  Eventually on a very cold day after a decent run when the car had reached full temp, after  been parked up for 5 or so minutes , I lifted the bonnet to see a very small column of steam rising from the passenger side of the rad . This leak & resulting fine crack in the rad plastic was only visible once rad was removed . The top passenger side corner of the rad is a very common place to crack as plastic becomes very brittle with age  IMO.

Removing the 3 black plastic cover panels across the front of the rad area may help in visibly seeing it though

A coolant system pressure test would probably confirm you have an issue . Others will advise on this as never done one myself.    HTH :y

 on: Yesterday at 20:25:32 
Started by Raeturbo - Last post by Raeturbo
Reminds me of Brexit.....

 on: Yesterday at 20:15:55 
Started by Tilbo - Last post by Raeturbo

 on: Yesterday at 19:54:33 
Started by dave the builder - Last post by dave the builder
I must admit, the anti corrosion used on the Zaffy-A seems so much better than that on a similar aged Omega.  You don't see many rusty ones.

My 2002 model seems to be solid enough underneath.
yes , I was surprised how rust free the zafira was for a 15 year old car
also , disappointed with the p155 poor job opel did at rust proofing my newer omega
i'm improving on the rust proofing on the omega
i will wax oil the chasis legs,cills etc on the zafira too 

that intake clog you had was shocking  :o

the zafira has done over 300 mlles so far without issue  :)

 on: Yesterday at 19:35:08 
Started by Tilbo - Last post by ronnyd

 on: Yesterday at 19:35:00 
Started by addy - Last post by terry paget
Are you sure it is not a leaking radiator, like I suffered recently? A small leak in the header tank will be concealed by the radiator cover plate, and if only a pinhole will leak only when hot and under pressure, and not be obvious.

 on: Yesterday at 19:25:31 
Started by Field Marshal Dr. Opti - Last post by ronnyd
Nice colour, no, not the car. :D

 on: Yesterday at 19:05:54 
Started by Darth Loo-knee - Last post by aaronjb
Itís got the makings of electrickery. Just got to make sure you keep all the magic smoke in now :D

I have some original (new) Lucas switchgear .. so I'll order myself some of this in advance: ;) ;D

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