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 on: Yesterday at 18:06:15 
Started by BazaJT - Last post by JDX
I like the colour...really suits it  :y

 on: Yesterday at 18:01:43 
Started by Tilbo - Last post by btc

 on: Yesterday at 17:40:57 
Started by laney101 - Last post by Lizzie Zoom
If you can find a dealer with stock or willing to source expect an eye watering price  :-[

119, with TC, when I asked last year ;)

The funny thing is that when I installed a new battery the warnings, that had been flashing up every so often, stopped :o :o :)

 on: Yesterday at 17:40:29 
Started by laney101 - Last post by ronnyd
Are the lights still functioning ok when you turn them on?, ie, go down then come back up again which shows self levelling adjusters are ok. I have the same message on mine and it passed MOT last month. I think the guy who does my car mechanics was quoted around 70 for a sensor from Vx. :-\ HTH.

 on: Yesterday at 17:39:29 
Started by BazaJT - Last post by Lizzie Zoom
Hmmm, pics could've done with being a bit bigger methinks.Forget what the paint code is but I was told by a body shop that it's listed as Graphite II Effect.Flags in the rear window are on a "sunstrip" which is stuck on the outside of the glass,it represents my fascination with Lord Nelson and reads "England expects" etc Grille badge is the Yorkshire[where I was born and raised]rose.

Like the car and the connection with Lord Nelson a lot! 8) 8) :y

 on: Yesterday at 17:35:07 
Started by addy - Last post by Lizzie Zoom
'Advisories are being replaced with minor fails. These are all pre written & approved by DVSA. You will still get a pass but they will be noted on your test certificate. Manual advisories are still being worked out but may disappear completely.'

How is that significantly different from the current regs? Advisories are shown on the current pass certificate, and if the vehicle still passes with 'minor fails' - well, I don't quite get it, unless I've missed something.....

Quite agree, and I have to say with my car going through the MOT only last week mine would conform anyway to all those suggested changes. Two advisories are also clearly shown on the Test Certificate.  :)

 on: Yesterday at 17:28:10 
Started by Tilbo - Last post by Lizzie Zoom

 on: Yesterday at 17:22:32 
Started by laney101 - Last post by amba
If you can find a dealer with stock or willing to source expect an eye watering price  :-[

 on: Yesterday at 16:55:14 
Started by grifter - Last post by terry paget
Make sure you have a couple of drill bits ready  ;)
Chrisgixer and I got through 23 drill bits changing the exhaust on TBE last year.
I have similarly made hard work of drilling out the old bolts. There clearly is a good way of doing it, garages do it with confidence, forum threads say' just drill them out'. Please advise.

Use good quality drill bits.
If the surface you're starting with isn't flat, make it so.
Make a heavy centre punch mark in the middle of the bolt.
Start with a 4mm bit, at the correct speed, with plenty of cutting fluid. Use oil if that's all you have.
Drill straight!
You should then be able to use an 8.5mm bit to remove what's left of the bolt.

Cheap bits, overheated or broken are the usual problem. Sometimes exhaust bolts can be really hard, which leads to trying to cut corners.
Thanks. I used smaller starting bits, which used to break. I presume the correct speed is quite slow. I shall try it next time the need arises.

 on: Yesterday at 16:49:40 
Started by addy - Last post by

As the law stands now, my understanding is; if you go in before the expiry date & the car fails the MOT, you`ll be driving without a valid MOT......

No it doesn't  ...... that's the whole point in being able to take your car for MOT a month before. If a car is dangerous, its dangerous both with or without a MOT

This is probably what he means . If the car fails the mot even thou the last one hasnt run out you have a car thats not in a roadworthy condition and cannot be used on the road .obviously this is from one extreme to the other ,bulb out or split wiper blade to one brake corner not functioning or a split/ cracked suspension arm etc.some faults would allow the car to be driven to a place of repair other faults wouldnt

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