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Title: trouble with Camshaft Sensor 2.6 V6 2003 Omega (Y 26 SE engine i believe)
Post by: MW-Omega on 10 November 2017, 20:20:58
Hi Guys,

I am having some trouble and could do with some advice for my 2.6 V6 2003 Omega (Y 26 SE engine i believe)

Cutting a long story short.  The car cut out and later restarted then cut out again.   RAC called and said they thought it was the camshaft sensor.   I have sourced one, after some difficulty as vauxhall couldn't supply, and now have a lucas SEB969 part.   The sensor is located next to the oil filter at the rear of the block close to the bulk head.   I have got the sensor part out (lot of wiggling and WD40) , which i was told is the hard bit (apparently they can expand in situ),  and it is still hanging via lead. It winds up round the manifold (foil protected sheaf) and then comes out at the back of the engine somewhere.

My problems are:

1. I can't see where the connector actually plugs in the back of the engine (very little room back their) So topside i haven't been able to disconnect it yet.  Does anyone have diagrams? 

2.  There doesn't seem an easy way to get the sensor cable assembly out.  Very tightly would round etc and i don't want to just yank it.  Is there an easy way to get it out?   

3. Underneath it looks like i need to take off the exhaust manifold to free the assembly and on the topside it looks like i need to remove the engine bay trip below the windscreen just to get some room, to work / view etc.   Is this really necessary for changing the sensor or am i missing something?  It seems just plain daft to have to go to this much effort to just replace a sensor!!  And I really didn't want to be going to this much effort and thought it would be relatively easy  :(   

4.  If i do need to take off trim at rear of engine bay below windscreen, where are the fixings?   I have removed obvious one on LHS and the windscreen wipers (that fit through trim) but it doesn't seem to want to lift out and i am reluctant to be too rough for fear of breaking something?

5. Long shot I know, -  but if anyone is in the Harrow area (or close to) with knowledge and fancies giving me hand, please let me know as I am trying to get this fixed over weekend.   

Thanks guys
Title: Re: trouble with Camshaft Sensor 2.6 V6 2003 Omega (Y 26 SE engine i believe)
Post by: zirk on 11 November 2017, 01:47:32
Think you mean Crank Sensor, plug is at the back of engine, top NS rear, just plug new one in to see if cures the problem, if it does then worry about removing old (not really necessary) and securing the new in to place.
Title: Re: trouble with Camshaft Sensor 2.6 V6 2003 Omega (Y 26 SE engine i believe)
Post by: BazaJT on 11 November 2017, 07:55:55
As zirk says think you mean crank sensor.Be aware that general advice on here is to buy genuine only from a genuine dealership,however I see you've had problems in that regard.If you click on the maintenance guide section[I'm afraid I can't do links-I'm not that clever]there is a guide for V6 crank sensor-with a picture of the plug location-replacement,there may even be one for scuttle panel removal[I don't know I haven't looked for that bit]Hope that is of help.Oh,by the way as this seems to be your first post welcome to OOF :y
Title: Re: trouble with Camshaft Sensor 2.6 V6 2003 Omega (Y 26 SE engine i believe)
Post by: powerslinky on 11 November 2017, 08:32:34
There is a guide  "V6 crank sensor replacement"  in maintenance section  , look under V6 engine section   about 14 items  down the list of topics  ;) ;)

But . .
        To get scuttle off ( grey tray in engine bay at bottom of windscreen)   1 screw , which you say you hve removed, then 6 or so scuttle clips , (90 degree turn & pull, to remove) which are under the rubber seal at bottom of windscreen . Lift the lower edge of this rubber strip to see black fixings.. Wipers need to come off first though to remove scuttle.
The sensor you are talking about is the CRANK sensor not the cam sensor & plug connector is at rear of plenum below scuttle on passenger side.
Only use a genuine GM sensor  . . purchased from a VX dealer  . . . most advertised on certain internet sites as genuine are not IMO ;)  These usually fail within weeks ,  genuine usually good for 100k miles.

To get old sensor out  . . .easiest way is to cut cable & pull from each end .  Make sure the new one  is routed away from the exhaust ! (as per guide which you should really read up first)

Also while scuttle is out  . . you may want to check out your power sounder  . . ( see maintenance guide for this)

For your  future reference,  these sort of questions should be placed in the "general omega help " section of the forum  ;) ;)

HTH  :y
Title: Re: trouble with Camshaft Sensor 2.6 V6 2003 Omega (Y 26 SE engine i believe)
Post by: MW-Omega on 15 November 2017, 00:39:56
Hi Guys,

Thanks for your helpful comments.

"crank" not "cam",  yeah i did know,  sorry i was rushing.  Put it down to excitement on finding the forum!

I got it done and the lucas part (actually stamped Siemens) does seem to be doing the job.  Initially idled a bit lumpy but on several restarts and making sure it was full tightened (might have been a millimetre or so off fully in initially). Although i have to say that i am also an advocate of GM parts and would have used one if i could of got hold of one quickly.

Main problem was access -  unless you have very small hands it is an absolute nightmare and still difficult even with the scuttle panel removed.  Easy change if engine is out of car as with guide - although guide was useful to see location of connector.

Zirk - good point about connecting up first and then worrying about removal.

BazzaJT - thanks for nod to guides.  I had appreciated that there was so much available.

Essex Big Al - thanks for the phone support much appreciated.  See **

The real sh*t was that in leaning over the engine bay to replace scuttle panels i dropped my phone and broke it (awaiting new one).  Hoping desperately that i will still be able to get my numbers transferred across.

Thanks again Guys.  :)


**  Essex Big Al - note i may have lost your number if can't recover from old phone.  Please txt me at end of week so we can stay in touch and discuss the bits you wanted.