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General Discussion Area / Re: Cities of Culture
« on: Today at 01:20:22 »
Bloke from Dundee sounded suitably pissed..

Got told on Wednesday and were due in Lundun to do their presentation today.

Two years of organisation down the pan.

The EU are taking their divorce settlement in advance by indirectly costing people time and money... >:(

Good deal :y

Unfortunately since some tnuc at work stole my phone, I need a new one >:(

So will probably upgrade my Payg 3 SIM to a contract...

Omega General Help / Re: Self levelling shocks
« on: Yesterday at 21:35:11 »
At risk of stating the obvious, saloon and estate are different...

Shop carefully :y

General Car Chat / Re: MOT today.
« on: Yesterday at 16:46:58 »
Delphi ones are around 8-10 and last better than that :y

General Discussion Area / Re: Budget and Brexit
« on: Yesterday at 15:28:56 »
Three Leaves :D at work... charged every couple of days. Their primary redeeming feature is that they save us from ferrying the management around ::)

General Discussion Area / Re: What was in the budget for you?
« on: Yesterday at 15:22:34 »
You'd be pretty gutted if you'd just bought your first house in the last couple of weeks.  ::)
Or stupid... gamble either way so close to a budget ::)

Omega General Help / Re: Fuel rail fittings
« on: Yesterday at 15:10:38 »
Supply and return are different sizes ;)

Omega General Help / Re: cam cover gaskets
« on: Yesterday at 15:09:44 »
Yes, DBW or non DBW still same. Oil cooler is deep inside the V.

You'd need to take the injection manifold off to get to to the oil cooler, all that comes off for cam covers is the plenum  :y

You need the injection section out to as well to do the cam covers (fuel pipes run across the top of the 1-3-5 bank and the top of the casting is quite a way over the cam covers):

Forgot the injector rail needed to come off  :-[
It comes off connected to the manifold... no need to undo the fuel lines if you don't want to either :y

From memory, there is a pre-facelift variant and a post facelift variant.  :y

Obviously the 4 pots are not Servotronic so they are not suitable
The non servotronic system feels better during spirited driving. In normal use there's minimal difference between them... might be a touch heavier at low speeds with the extra weight of the v6 though :-\

General Discussion Area / Re: This cracked me up
« on: Yesterday at 07:25:42 »
No wonder he was sainted :o

It's witchcraft I tell ye......and all who use it will burn for all eternity in the fires of hell. :)
Still preferable to living in Lundun :D

Omega General Help / Re: Windscreen Washer Pump
« on: 21 November 2017, 13:24:16 »
I would be interested to know how plastic pipes could corrode ???

Saloon and estate are different  ;)

General Car Chat / Re: battery labelled DO NOT JUMP START
« on: 21 November 2017, 01:06:37 »
This is all news to me. My Volvo has battery right in the back. Never even looked at it, maybe I should.

So the risk is to your car if you are being jump started, not if you are jump starting another vehicle ?

Sorry for being so thick . . .
Read the handbook, but only ever use the engine bay terminals for jump starting purposes :y

Omega General Help / Re: Lack of drive from auto box when cold
« on: 20 November 2017, 23:04:28 »
Low fluid will eventually kill the box, and poor shifting/lack of drive could be either low fluid or a knackered box...

Change fluid first, and go from there :y

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