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Please play nicely.  No one wants to listen/read a keyboard warriors rants....

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General Discussion Area / Re: Media Hysteria
« on: Yesterday at 20:23:06 »
And the latest name in the frame is................Aled Jones. Bloody hell, is nothing sacred.  :o ;D
Personally, I doubt he has it in him.  :D

Please not with the snowman, is nothing sacred...
That's why it melted :o

What has happened to manners, morals and ethical behaviour?


Because its all about me, and its that bloke Blair's fault.
Nah, it goes back to before that ineffective knobhead.  This is all due to the way we bring up our little baskets, and shield them from winning and losing, right and wrong, and refuse to properly discipline the little bastards.

So its a problem we can only blame on ourselves.

Obviously, there is a cure, but you'll all have to vote me as president, and "modern parents" will get very upset.

General Discussion Area / Re: Budget Predictions
« on: Yesterday at 17:03:47 »
a video conferencing system and call it something fancy like Skype?
Because it is utterly, utterly, utterly shite. And that's giving shite a bad name. Did I mention its utter shite?

Guess what shite system I have to use every single poxy day.  Did I mention its utter shite.

Its one saving grace is its easy, hence all the mongs use it, even though its utter shite. Hence, I end up having to use it. And its shite.

For those in any doubt, its utter shite.

General Discussion Area / Re: Mugabe.
« on: Yesterday at 14:01:54 »
Actually this 'coup' has been carried out with relative dignity, and whilst it is very early days, the powers that be seem to want to return Zimbabwe to its former glory  :y
Its when democracy returns that concerns me.

The army is essentially a dictatorship.

General Discussion Area / Re: Mugabe.
« on: Yesterday at 13:20:46 »
Whilst I agree, history shows us that replacing a (virtual) dictator with democracy never ends as well as is hoped.

I suspect a lot of instability ahead, that will spread into the rest of Southern Africa.

Where are you? I've an Elite one in silver.
hotel21 is normally North of the Firth of Forth.


From memory, its an Elite?  Elite mirrors are different to rest of range, so ideally you want an Elite mirror to fit to an Elite.

General Discussion Area / Re: Hotel wifi and iPad2
« on: 18 November 2017, 18:43:12 »
Next time it plays silly buggers, I will give it a go.  :y
Also, when it does, fire up Task Manager and check it has plenty of cpu/memory resources available, as most (pretty much all) wifi adapter drivers struggle under stress

Omega General Help / Re: Oil leak on v6 and sludge in header
« on: 18 November 2017, 18:40:40 »
As Migv6 says, the 2 issues are unrelated.

Fix the cooler issue ASAP though.

Omega General Help / Re: Another Crank Sensor question.
« on: 18 November 2017, 18:39:13 »
2.6/3.2 use the same sensor :y
Which is the same as the later 3.0l. Which is the cheaper of the 2, around 40 + VAT on tradeclub last time I bought one.

General Discussion Area / Re: Budget Predictions
« on: 18 November 2017, 18:37:13 »
This is a good thing as we need to stop using cheap single use plastics that end up contaminating our oceans.  :y
Whilst I most certainly am not disagreeing with you, I'd rather see a law whereby the arseholes who are too bone idle to properly dispose of rubbish are shot with no further discussion.

We really, really, really do need to get away from this opps you jack attitude that plaques this country.

General Discussion Area / Re: Hotel wifi and iPad2
« on: 18 November 2017, 18:32:20 »
I recently binned SKY interweb because it was shite. Went for BT fibre, only to find out it is even more shite.  ::)
Don't know if living in a far corner of rural Webs End is anything to do with it.  :-\
Must find out what they use at work, because my laptop works as I want it to at work.
Is it just shite on wifi, or when cabled as well.

Also, can you define "shite"

Havent tried cable option. Will give it a go some time soon. Shite, as in internet constantly drops out some days or is very slow. Other days it seems ok.
Defo worth, as a short term test, using a cable.  That'll prove whether or nor its the wifi or not.  Which will determine the next action :y

General Discussion Area / Re: Budget Predictions
« on: 18 November 2017, 13:37:10 »
It's 11,500, not that the extra 500 buys much in the way of anything ::)

Just a nice bottle of wine for Lord Opti's dining table.  ;D

I'm a 3 bottles for 10 man. :)
Wine is for batty boys.

General Car Chat / Re: Thankyou webby
« on: 18 November 2017, 13:33:20 »
I also what to say thanks to Webby the Bear for his help this morning, and the referral to a specialist place :y

Good to see you again Webby :)

General Discussion Area / Re: Budget Predictions
« on: 18 November 2017, 12:59:03 »
Tax on on booze. The poor pay proportionately far more.

Genuinely poor people wouldnt even think about spending their money on booze & fags.  ;)

If we weren't so addicted to welfare, and hadn't forgotten the concept of self reliance, we could all pay a lot less in tax. But then the state could be a lot smaller again and we would also need a lot less politicians, quangos, civil servants,so called charities etc. etc. and then millions of people would have to find real jobs.
So, the system suits a hell of a lot of people just the way it is, and us average mugs who go to work and try and rely on our own efforts to keep our heads above water just have to have half our incomes taken away and don't dare complain about it.

I feel most for the working poor who need their piss poor wages topped up by tax credits. In my view if an employer can not survive without handouts from the taxpayer in order to pay it's employees than it is not a viable business.

Many rogue employers take advantage of this. :-\
So cut all such credits, then the employers have to be more realistic.

As an added bonus, the lazy have to get off their arses as well

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