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Please play nicely.  No one wants to listen/read a keyboard warriors rants....

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I'm in need of one nut/ball stud type thing that the bonnet strut attaches to, also the same on estates for the tailgate strut , 13mm nut with a ball on, cheers if you can help

I over heard a very odd chap asking for eye drops at the pharmacy in ADSA this evening, lady asked well what type do you want? he just raised his voice to EYE DROPS, later saw him at the till with a right crank of a wife so Ii expect her cocoa might taste a bit bitter tonight  ;D

Omega General Help / Re: Sticky switches!
« on: 08 September 2018, 16:45:27 »
Nail varnish remover takes off the coating on the switch

General Car Chat / Re: Impact Wrench
« on: 08 September 2018, 16:44:20 »
If going cordless you'll need to spend a few hundred on one to get a crank bolt off but clarkes corded one is nearer 50 and is reputed to be a big hitter

Seconded on the ebay ones, decent quality when I did mine

If someone buys this and doesn't want the gearbox/flywheel/prop I'd be interested in sorting something out

Omega General Help / Re: Diesel gearbox on a 3.2
« on: 27 August 2018, 11:23:18 »
99% sure that box won't bolt to a 3.2 block, you'd need an R25-28 box

There's a member with a 3.0 breaker in Liverpool, engine has had the cams removed but good block and heads are there along with a good AR35 autobox, he'd take a reasonable offer on the car as a whole and you could scrap the shell to recoup costs 

Omega General Help / Roll pins
« on: 25 August 2018, 17:48:37 »
Need to replace 2 roll pins that hold the manual gearbox rods together but by christ what a pin in the arse it is, seems the hole is 4 ml ( sized with a drill bit) but can't get a 4 ml roll pin into the bloody hole, any specific technique required ? Tried squeezing it with mole grips to no avail

I'll have to up the price when I next get any breakers in  ;D

Tin snips and rip it out, bastrd things are just a nuisance

General Discussion Area / Re: Ancestry
« on: 21 August 2018, 14:38:53 »
The PTSD reminds me of an old guy who lived opposite us as kids called Albert, shell shock meant nothing to us as kids and we all knew him well enough not to be scared but he was a character in his own little world and made little sense to talk to but as kids we made sure no one gave him any grief. He lived with his younger brother a who had a torrid time as Albert's obsession was building a shed in his garden so he was forever raiding skips for bits and coming home with all kinds of crap, he painted the outside of the house blue one day just as high as he could reach though  ;D

It wasn't till a few years ago I found out the fuller story from a relative of his, they'd been informed he was missing presumed dead around 1941 when in fact he'd been captured by the Germans in France, he was heavily tortured and kept prisoner for a couple of years and when released was diagnosed as schizophrenic and was too violent to stay with family. He lived the next 25 years in an institution ,only being released when these started to close.   


I heard a lightning strike was possibly to would that be then ?

General Discussion Area / Re: Nearly did a big TB
« on: 14 August 2018, 17:23:33 »
That would flatten half of Merseyside :D

But would that really be a bad thing?  :-X :D

Behave..or i'll send my Father in Law to play with your nob hob  ;)

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