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General Car Chat / Re: Cambelt error
« on: Yesterday at 23:26:50 »
So, looking closer up.

What has happened, is that one of the E14 headed bolts (for securing the tensioner backplate) has been used in the bottom idler.

The correct idler bolt (with the smaller E12 headed bolt) has been used on the backplate.

The thread, length, and pitch of these bolts are actually the same, but, due to the larger head on the E14 one, you can see below, it doesn't fit properly into the bore of the idler:

As a result, because it doesn't go into it's recess, the amount of thread protruding from the rear of the idler, is somewhat less:

Not sure what the implications of this could have been - if any

I wonder how effectively the head of the bold was securing the idler, on the basis that, not being in the bore, it doesn't actually have much area to purchase on (on the idler face)

It's an academic question, because I've corrected it all - I'm only asking 'cos I'm curious :y

With far less thread engaged but presumably the same torque applied (but, let's face it, on this job, probably just a couple of grunts) the bolt would have been much closer to failing. The smaller clamping area on the pulley would have done it no favours either. That could very well have ended in tears. Good job you got there first. :y

General Car Chat / Re: Cambelt error
« on: Yesterday at 23:24:42 »
I don't like the angle of the top tensioner - belt tension should try to turn the tensioner clockwise (which would cause the centre bolt to tighten if it ever did move). That tensioner looks as though it is ready to go the other way and loosen the centre bolt - it looks as though there is one tooth too many on the belt between cam 2 & cam 3.

If there is one tooth too many between cam 2 & cam 3 then it will be one tooth short on the run over the spring loaded tensioner - which might explain why the orientation of that idler looks odd.

Yep, that's also true. :y

Omega General Help / Re: Failed MOT advice (Emissions)
« on: Yesterday at 23:20:20 »
James, I really think you're reading undertones that aren't there, to be honest.

We are all aware of what you've been through and I for one am very happy to see you able to working on cars again. End of story. I'm sure I speak for all of the forum regulars.  :y

General Discussion Area / Re: Viessmann Boiler pcb failure
« on: Yesterday at 20:11:10 »
Do you fancy having a look at mine Kevin?
I beg your pardon?  :o

Kevin will be fiddling with everyone's before long!  :D  ;D


Also, if you are fitting LED lights, I wouldn't bother with the relay on the 12V feed. Just wire the switched 12V to the second relay contacts via a fuse as the LED bulbs will draw negligible current.

Omega General Help / Re: Misfire on Cylinder 3
« on: Yesterday at 20:05:49 »
Not sure if a Catera of that year will have the later style coil-on-plug coil packs. They changed a lot earlier than ours.

If you are getting a spark on the other plugs, then it's down to the coil driver, which is built into the ECU, or maybe a broken connection between the coil pack and ECU.

General Discussion Area / Re: Viessmann Boiler pcb failure
« on: Yesterday at 20:02:25 »
Do you fancy having a look at mine Kevin?

I can do. Not come across a Viessmann before but I can check it for anything obvious if you like?

General Discussion Area / Re: Potholes
« on: Yesterday at 20:00:37 »
Colleague of mine got Kwik-Fit-Up yesterday. Went in with a puncture. 700 later.. ::)

General Car Chat / Re: Cambelt error
« on: Yesterday at 19:58:53 »
Hmm, and the shoulder on the bolt securing the bottom idler doesn't look like it's seated in the bore in the central part of the pulley.

General Discussion Area / Re: Viessmann Boiler pcb failure
« on: Yesterday at 19:17:36 »
Can't remember when mine last failed but it must have done at least 10 years now on the better quality capacitors.

I'll give you a shout next time I'm over. :y

General Car Chat / Re: Cambelt error
« on: Yesterday at 19:15:02 »
The orientation of the sprung idler looks a bit odd to me. Been tightened the wrong way to take the slack out?

OK. In that case I think you've drawn the contacts on the relay with changeover contacts the wrong way round. The common pin should be connected to the fog lamps.

Other than that, it should work. Remember to ensure that the feed from 12V is adequately fused. :y

General Car Chat / Re: TomTom NB1 Sat Nav
« on: Yesterday at 17:22:37 »
Satnav came about because women can't read maps.

Yes and it's strange that the voice is usually female.  ::)
Like they'd pay attention to it if it was a bloke's. ::)

General Discussion Area / Re: Viessmann Boiler pcb failure
« on: Yesterday at 17:21:50 »
Yep, they use cheap components and poor soldering techniques then mount the board where it gets hot. Replace the electrolytics with decent quality 105 C rated parts and check for cracked solder joints on the PCB, particularly on the heavy components like relays and transformers and it'll probably never give any hassle again.

To be fair to Viessmann, due to the design, these boards don't get very warm, and given the quality of the construction of the rest of the boiler, I guess I'm just unlucky. :y

I was speaking in general based on the boilers I've worked on. If the rest of the boiler is bomb proof, it makes sense to keep a spare board to future proof it. :y

Not thinking of a Potterton Profile perchance?  ;D
Well, now you mention it...  ::) Did you have a PCB you wanted me to repair, BTW?

Canada and Spain had a diplomatic spat a few years ago over Spanish trawlers operating in Canadian waters.  All the fishing boats here flew the Canadian flag in support of the Canuck fisherpeople!  :y

With regards to the so called transition period, it seems to me that if HMG and the EU Commission decided that we needed more time to work out the end state of BREXIT, then we should have gone for an extension of the A50 period and kept our place in the EU Council and our MEP's. 

With this half arsed transition or implementation period the EU could force all sorts of shite on us. Although I guess that when we are finally independent any shite we don't like can be repealed anyway.  :-\

Indeed. About the only concession we have is that we can agree (but not implement) trade deals. I can't see how they would be able to stop us doing so in the article 50 delay scenario you mention anyway.

As it is, the can will just get kicked on down the road with extension after extension, with us powerless to influence the things we are subjected to, because this deal is far from done anyway, with the Irish border and Gibraltar swept under the carpet in the hope that nobody will mention the fact neither of them are soluble problems as it stands.  ::)

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